Romance scam letter(s) from Adams Hegh to Nathalie (France)
Letter 1

Dear Nathalie, First of all,it surly gladdens my heart each time I get on here to your messages knowing you are alright and secondly,I hope this puts a smile on your face cause you deserve to be smiling every minute.I am happy hear you had a wonderful weekend filled with kindness and family.My weekend was an okay one but I try to enjoy and make the best of it.I spent sometime working out at the gym,did some meditation and yoga,long walk and also got some work done here at home.I enjoy sorts of food from seafood to Chinese,Indian curry,continental dishes,meats (sorry you do not eat meat but I always work that part off at the gym) and I am not scared to try out new stuff.I love to cook but honestly not the sort of thing I enjoy doing alone cause I tend to lose the appetite alone,have not done any cooking in a long time.I came from a very small family being the only child and strange enough my parents were both single kids.My mom was not in the picture and my dad never remarried after that but guess he has his own reason.I know what it feels like losing a spouse and honestly some people never get over such loss. I am unable to use some facilities on my work system as a result of the configuration and security but You can use the yahoo messenger on your apple mac OSX EI Capitan,you can not download the messenger cause it already has that.I am glad you already registered a yahoo email address which is the first step. 1. Now you click on the Message icon on your mac (blue color with the white circle in the middle) 2. Open up the Message system preferences and click on the Accounts Icon,then you click on + sign to add your personal account. 4. You will be provided with different options,select the Yahoo option which should be the second on the list.After that click on configure and you will provided with a space to add your Yahoo id and password to set up your messenger.After that,click on done cause the messages option is automatic. That is all you have to do and you are ready to connect,send me your Yahoo email address for me to add up and you can let me know a good time for you to give the messenger a try.Let me know how that goes and if you encounter any problem,(youtube how to add yahoo account to OS X messages app in OS X 10.10.1).That should do it for you! I love to visit your animal shelter someday if I am invited,you should have noticed by now I love animals too and will be honored to have a tour.By the way thanks for the pictures but I love to see your smily face,is that too much to ask? I have also attached another picture,these are within my surroundings and where I have some quite time too. Have to run now,a quick one to wish you a wonderful day and a productive week.Take care of your lovely self and hope to connect with you soon,keep the smile shinning for me.. Sincerely yours (No one has ever told me that and you move me beyond words) Tons of hugs and kisses, Brad.
Letter 2

Hey babe, Are you okay? If only you have a single clue how much you move me,how much you melt me with such words and the ability for you to make such a difference blindly to me is divine.You are heaven sent cause you are the only light shinning in my little world and I miss you in a way like I have known and had you a thousand times,taking away everything in me but I know our time will come for sure. My weekend was an okay one,I spent a couple of hours at the gym working out and thinking about you cause you never cease from my thoughts no matter what I do and it is crazy but crazy in a special way.I hope this puts a smile on your face and warms you up cause you deserve to be happy and be smiling every single minute with or without me but I feel honored to be sharing this with you.Got some work done here at home and saw a few movies in the evening,could not help thinking what it would feel like seeing a movie here on the sofa with a bottle of wine,WOW! Thanks for being here for me and hope we connect again soon.Take care of your beautiful self for me and looking forward to hearing from you soon.You never skip my thoughts for a minute no matter what I do as a matter of fact.Tons of hugs and kisses.. Warmest regards, Brad.
Letter 3

Hey Nathalie, I could not sleep last night and I really have no idea why cause I know I am stronger than this but guess that is the way it is.I guess at this point,I know my feelings are already on the line and probably a sign of my weakness but I never told you I was superman.Sometimes a lot don’t make sense in words and yes I know I suck at the moment but I do know I am a work in progress,I take responsibilities for my actions and I really know how much my life has changed lately but I am really scared now.I am being honest cause we all have our moments but what is meant to be will always be,that much I know about fate.Here is a snap shot for you and another one from early this month before an inspection on a stressful day.I hope that helps the huge voice in your head that has taken over cause I feel I am talking to the voice and no longer the Nathalie I have been talking to for sometimes but it is okay to realize patient is not one of your virtue.Now you can identify the color of my eyes even though I really don’t know yours and a shaved version of me (lol). I hope this makes sense and at-least you know I am thinking of you here at work as a sweet distraction with how you sent me off to last night.I sincerely hope it makes a difference and lightens up your day.Take care of your beautiful self and enjoy the rest of your day.Have to get ready for my meeting with these damn Scottish team,bye for now..Xoxoxo Brad.
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