Romance scam letter(s) from Edward-Kelvin Duncan to Elizabeth (USA)
Letter 1

Hello there hope everything is okay with you.I really enjoyed reading your profile and it seems we have a lot in common.I love poetry, books, walks on the beach and cozy candlelight dinners. I enjoy movies, television, music, traveling, the desert, the quietness of the mountains, the ocean, sunrises and sunsets.I like to chill out with a good book or watch a movie and its even more fun when you have a special someone to do this with. Im very easy to get a long with and a very good listener.. I am an honest heart that's looking for a stable relationship. I understand it is important to lay down lasting foundations for a lasting relationship. I am an active person who enjoys cycling and running best. I believe keeping fit is important. I am not interested in games or drama. I have been single for 3 years now,i don't have any children.I am a gold and diamond dealer,i basically buy and sell gold and diamonds.It's a very great business but it involves a lot of traveling.I was born and raised in Germany,i moved to the US 10 years ago and i have been living in Battle Creek,Saint Paul for a year and half now.My father is an American and my mother is German,they are both late.I am currently in Germany now on a business trip i guess i have already told you that. I like getting out and checking out local talent and live concerts, here or anywhere. I enjoy movies and music for relaxation. A quiet night at home is also enjoyed and welcomed. I am open to try different activities and up for the challenge.I love spontaneity and being a bit impulsive. I am continually attempting to function from the inside out and to go with my intuitive impulses, because sometimes the spontaneous actions are the most fun, not expected and purely delightful.I generally try to live a somewhat healthy lifestyle, exercising and some sort of jogging, 3-4 days a week and eating healthy, (trust me, I love sweets and pastries, but try not to over do it).I would also like to find a like-minded female where we can participate in activities together and encourage each other to pursue their interests as well.I consider myself to be a fairly honest and truthful person and expect the same in return; I'm not wealthy and don't expect someone to attempt to deceive me or "play" me. I believe that time spent apart helps keep things fresh in a relationship and makes the time we DO spend together even better. I'm not one who cheats in a relationship; one woman is enough trouble ; I don't have the time or energy to juggle 2, 3, or 4 at the same time - haha.I am a very open minded person, someone who accepts people as they are, I am a fair individual who adapts to changes in life and enjoys life to the fullest,and looking to meet a woman that i can spend the rest of my life with in good times and in bad times as well, A woman that I can love and cherished with all my whole being and heart.I'm proud of myself in being honest and most trustworthy, I seek that in a mate, someone who is compassionate yet understanding who has a calm behavior and a great personality.Please ask me anything else you want to know about me and I will surely get back to you as soon as I can. Have a good day Lisa and I will be hoping to read back from you soon.Take very good care of your self..!
Letter 2

That was a very long email,how did you type all that lol.Are you a machine?I am sorry about the death of Scott.It hurts to lose someone you love so much.Let me tell you more about my late wife.She passed away 3 years ago through breast cancer,hope i have already told you.I was married for 10 years. We were extremely compatible so being married to her felt like we were a natural balance to each other. She was my best friend, no one ever been as supportive or had my back as she had and I've never been happier. I did everything that I can to take care of her too and to build her up when she's feeling down and let her know she's appreciated and i was so proud of her.we traveled frequently, so that probably adds to our happiness. I always smiled at her and i loved making eye contacts with her lol.I listen to her,i wasn't stingy i provided anything that the family wanted.I never did anything behind her back cus i didn't want to hurt her feelings i loved her so much.We got married for the right reasons in the first place.We didn't rush it,we never expected marriage to fix any problems.We had a pretty good communication when i am in the states or deployed.I never yelled at her,played mind games and i never insulted her.One secret that led me into a great marriage was i never used the "D" word and i always did the "F" word lol.What i mean is "Never threaten with divorce (the D word) and always forgive (the F word)." Marriage is a promise to be best friends forever unconditionally. Many divorces happen because a married couple stop being best friends just as what got them married in the first place. Divorce can be avoided when both couple dedicate to maintain the relationship and remain best friends. When one slacks off, the other one is to defend the matrimony by encouraging to get back to the commitment; this might mean fight for the relationship.A good and healthy marriage is when the couple talk about everything. Have fun together and enjoy one another company. Communication is the best key.I had a very great relationship with my late wife,she was the best.I hope to make the woman that i fall in love with happy like the way i did to my late wife.I have gotten over it now,she's gone and i need a new woman in my life,someone who will accept me in her life.
Letter 3

I travel frequently to a lot of places,my wife's name is Kate.I have traveled to a lot of places for business.Some in the states and some out of states.Talk about places like Ontario,Texas,New York,Nevada and a lot more.Outside the states i have been to Brazil,Turkey,Paris that's were i mainly did business when i was living in Germany full time.I have been to spain,sometimes i go there for a vacation and also business.And also other countries in Europe,i have been to Dubai,Seirra Leone,South Africa and China. I travel in search of gold at a very affordable prices and some stones that are hardly in the system.It's a very good business and i make a lot of money out of it.I sell it to big time jewelry makers.In my free time,i watch movies or read.I love to travel. It is my hobby and my biggest passion in life.As a traveler, part of the excitment is exploring somewhere new. I don't usually go to the same place twice. The world has a lot to offer and I want to see as much of it as I can. My core belief is to be a good person and help others. It's not really that hard.What scares me most is the death of a loved one.I like so many books! Suspense and Horror (Stephen King Mostly) I like a good biography, or a political book, I like classics, Books that help me look at myself.I also like to read romantic novels. My favorite band is Linkin Park,i love them so much.They play good music,My favorite song is a classic- Let It Be by the Beatles. Not highly original, but it's just an all around good song and one that speaks to me and has been helpful to me in certain trying times in my life.I like to dance and i would like to dance with you on day. I am an open book and always been, I can be very trusting to others, always expect the good from them and rarely get disappointed, I listen to my intuition all the time, trust my instincts and love spontaneity, I believe that good communication is the key to long lasting relationship, Compassion toward others is what bring me happiness, I am a giver in nature and I am learning to enjoy taking too. I am a very good listener mostly because I really like to hear people’s stories. I believe that I can learn much from others and their stories. I have gotten better over the years at speaking up about my needs, I used to be a little mousy. I am an honest person who can be trusted. I would never cheat on my partner, I can’t imagine it. Ed
Letter 4

You wrote a good deal indoor email and it's almost easier to say "Yes, I agree; Yes that's me too; or Yes, I can relate!" We seem very well aligned and compatible on the points you bring up. I’d like to give some information about what I think, what I desire and what I long for in life. Maybe it will give you better imagination about what my inner world is. It is always difficult to tell about it self. But hopefully I can give you an idea about my soul and my character. I Will try to write a little bit about everything what, according to my opinion, at first sight is to be noted. It would be of course better, if somebody could tell about me from my friends. The opinions of other people have the bigger role than I will tell about my self hours and hours. Ok, I will try to tell you more simply things and try to give you an impression about me... The most important, what I would like to say, that I am a quite normal person. I have good side and bad side of my character. But for me the most important, that people accept me, as a person with both sides. In my life I have always believed the best. I have always trusted the people, also when they would not have earned it. I have given the chance to such people over and over again, so that they could understand a lot and understand and has excused them hundred times. One would maybe have to think about whether these people would have earned my forgiveness and I would be right. The people whom I meet in the life know very well: if they needed my help, they could find me always. I am always ready to offer my hand even in bad situations, if the person understands and perceives that he will further avoid these mistakes and return in the real life. I would characterize myself as a good and loyal person. Honestly and sincerely... As a man I am romantic affectionate, who will trust in love and heart stays open for everyone. I am looking for a woman that can be my best friend and lover.

A woman I can share everything with and who I can support and be supported from.I can say that I am of a somewhat romantic nature. I am bright, warm-hearted, passionate, sensible, and full of joy and gaiety but I can also say that I'm a man of character. I have a lot of love to give, and I believe that with the right person, I can build a happy life that is full of love and caring. Of course, love is not that easy to obtain, but I have great hope that it is possible. Even after meeting the right person, it takes a lot of caring and giving to create a happy and loving relationship. But if two people want the same thing, then I am confident that it is definitely possible. It all begins with friendship, getting to know one another better, and that should build a strong foundation.

I believe in the idea of a relationship starting as being friends, with till you should become each other's "best friend". As with a best friend, your partner should be someone you can trust, to be open and yourself. When you are with your best friend you do not have to pretend to be something you are not. Someone you can talk to about anything and they will not be offended or threatened. Someone that understand you or at least accepts you for what you are. I also believe for two people to be special to each other, to be the two halves that form the whole, "soul mates" this needs to be based on compatibility in interests, philosophies, outlook on life and morals as we as that indefinable physical, emotional and spiritual attraction. I believe that a lasting relationship is based on commitment, intimacy and passion. For a successful marriage, both need to have the determination and commitment to try every day to make it work, a willingness and ability to communicate thoughts and feelings. Men and women are very different in the way they think and it is so easy for misunderstandings to happen. I do think that mutual understanding, respect, communication are the ingredients for a successful relationship. What do you think? I truly believe that love can be forever if you trust and give all your love to the other. I believe that honesty, trustworthiness, and loyalty are the most important factors in a relationship. It’s wonderful to feel that you are not alone. Mutual love is the most precious gift of life. When you are in love the sun seems brighter, you are always in a good mood and you are eager to share your happiness with everyone.

I am sure that my wife will never be bored. Our life will be beautiful and sincere like a fairy tale. I want a romantic person by my side. I’d like to enjoy simple things in life. I need to recover my passion. I’m a man with deep feelings. What about you? My biggest dream is to build a family again with that special woman. The happiest moment of any day I think would be when I can spend moments with someone special, and although I don’t have anyone in my life at the moment I think this can be a great opportunity to know the woman of my dreams.

I always follow my heart and my feelings that is why I joined this site. I am feeling as though I need something that I don't have now. And it is the love of a person who will accompany me in all my life. As food is needed for the body, then same way love is needed for the soul. Food strengthens the body while love strengths the soul. A person is incomplete without love. What do you think? Is love as important in your life as in mine? I believe that real love can be found but to reach it one has to make the first step. I am a very affectionate man who's not able to betray and have never accepted the same to me. I say that I'm not completely happy because I haven't found my love yet. But I need love! It is one of the most important things in our life especially if it is a mutual feeling. I want to be together with my beloved woman, and to give her tenderness and care. I hope that our relationship will turn into a true love and we’ll be happy together. It’s great if you have the same point of view. I have so much to tell you! I am happy with my lifestyle except some days when I am alone and I think about the ideal woman and how life would be by her side, how nice I would be to talk to her, laugh and spend a nice time. To be completely honest, I want to feel this special kind of love for someone who deserves it. I dream about meeting my second half, with whom I will have a relationship based on love, respect and mutual understanding. I would like to find , faithful ,honest and reliable woman. I am looking for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage. I search for a woman she would be interesting and reliable. Intellect, and self-respect - that is what I like to see in people. I’m looking for a nice, reliable woman, who is honest, intelligent and sincere. Who is slightly impulsive, with good sense of humor, kindness and respect Who takes life, world and other people as they are and who is able to get the best out of life Who is mature enough and isn’t afraid to make serious decisions in life. Who doesn’t play games and who dreams about having a real, wonderful family based on love and respect.
I have many different interests. There are many things I would like to deal with. I love nature, pets, culture, movies, and music. I read books and sometimes I go to visit my friends. Actually I am not unhappy. And the only thing that I miss is a woman of my dreams who I can communicate with and enjoy life with. I would like to develop a relationship based on honesty, respect and love. I hope I am not asking too much! I do appreciate open and warm relations. I’m happy, but I want to find my love so much! I want to have a caring wife and to do everything for her sake. My friends say that I'm a kind man. You'll see it yourself. I want to meet a woman who will be trustworthy, reliable and faithful, with a feeling of proper dignity. I think that the most important thing for a woman is to be a good wife and mother. If you become my woman you'll enjoy spending quite evenings at home with me. I’d like to talk about love because that’s what I truly want out of life. Love is a strange factor in this life. It is the most sought after emotion in the world. Unlike wealth, which everyone wants but most can not attain, love is possible for everyone. Yet, there are no lotteries with love as the prize, there is no love banks where you can apply for a loan, there are really (though maybe perhaps) jobs where the salary is measured in love. Love must come on its own, and it can leave on its own. If a person abuses the ones that love them, then they can find themselves bankrupt of love. This is reality but let's pretend there is a fantasy place where love is possible in such a way. Would it be as valuable or as wanted or as needed? It seems it would not be so. Some people would say that money is easy come, easy go but the real truth is money is hard come, and easy go. Love also is very often hard to come by but if it is treated right, and then it will only continue to grow and multiply. The dividends it pays are a priceless treasure. In today's society, we need money to exist and survive but on the planes of human happiness and completion, we truly, truly need love the most.

The main for me are the personal values and features. I think that the family is the most wonderful and priceless thing in our life which any person can have. I want to share everything with my beloved person. At first I look at the character of the person, at her actions but not at the appearance. I like to travel and it's easy and interesting to associate with me, I have a nice character and sense of humor. I am not a bad psychologist and I understand people very good. I like to make pleasant surprises and to get them of course :))). Lisa, I don’t want to bother you, I know it's a long letter, I will stop here and in the next letter I will tell you more,Hope to hear from you too, kiss kiss Ed
Letter 5

You are a very nice woman also and i think about you a lot.I like the way you sound,you must be a very sweet woman.I can't imagine how my life is going to be so sweet and fun with a woman like you.I think about you a lot and i imagine doing things with you.I think i am developing feelings for you i am not trying to move fast but this is something i need to be honest and admit to you.I look at your pictures whenever i feel lonely.I hope to meet you very soon Lisa. I want to play with your hair.There is just something about having someone play with your hair.Scalp massages are the best! I want you to kiss every part of my body. Only if you start slowly, little by little. I want you to make me feel as if nothing else matters. My favorite color is blue because it reminds me of the beautiful color of the sky.My favorite food is rice served with pasta and chicken.I was living in Florida until i moved to St Paul 1. What are you afraid of?
2. Do you like animals - which is your favourite and do you have any pets?
3. Where was your best camping experience and why? What is your longest camping/hiking trek?
4. Jeans or suit? Sweets or savoury? Summer or winter? Coffee or wine?
5. If you could have any job in the world what would it be?
6. Do you live in a house, apartment, condo?
7. What are you going to cook for me on our first dinner together? Ed
Letter 6

Anything can happen through emails so it shouldn't scare you,you should rather be happy that this is happening my dear.I am honest , sincere , faithful and very loyal . I like to speak the truth even if the truth will cause harm to me.I am a man who love only one woman and i do not want to have any relationship with any woman if i already have a woman and i am satisfied with all what my woman have for me. I do not get annoyed easily and i do not get mad when any body approaches with words which can make me mad and i try to forgive any one who does anything wrong to me . What do you do when YOU need comforting?
I Snuggle up to the person I love and talk to them while they hug and comfort me. If that isn't an option I call my friends, listen to music, take a bath, go for a walk, start a fire-wrap myself in a blanket- and watch a romantic-chic flick with a hot cappuccino or wine. Are you like most men and get very needy when you get sick? Or do you just curl up in your bedroom and act like you are dead?
Fortunately for me (maybe for You-lol) I rarely get sick. When I do, I am not a Whiner. I just live with it and carry on. Sleep usually solves it.
From you though, I would expect to receive flowers, have my food and meds served to me in bed, you wrapping my blanket around me Do you go to the doctor when you need to? (ie. sick more than a week, colonoscopy, physical)
I don't needlessly run to the Dr. I only go if something major is going on. Are you afraid to show your emotions? Do you cry or do you bottle it up?
I am too grown to be crying like a baby lol.I am not afraid to show my emotions What do you think of public displays of affection?
Hugging, kissing, hold handing yes! Heavy groping, getting sexual- Get a room! Do you discriminate?
I try not to, but sometimes yes, if certain people display certain actions. I keep my thoughts to myself though. What would you like to do with me?
Initially, hug, hold hands, walk, talk all day/night and find out everything possible about one another. Where would you like to take me?Not sure at this moment of time. More information is needed. I am used to going wherever someone else wants to take me. What places would you like me to see?
I would take you to the areas I like to walk around and to my favorite restaurants. Same questions for you Ed
Letter 7

Our first hug will be like a navy man returning from his deployment .I will give you a very long kiss and and a very deep one.I like the kind of kisses that start off slow and tender running my hands through your hair and holding your head in my hands. With the kisses increasing in intensity i start to gently run my fingers down your neck and our tongues gently but surely start exploring each others mouths until we feel like we're two people merged into one. The outside world disappears and all we can feel is electricity, and the heat from each others bodies.The type that I can feel your heart beating fast against my body and we're just lost in each other. My hands start to move down your body gently brushing your breasts and you can feel my big manly body pressing up against yours and my hands moving down and down until i grab your butt. I love fondling the butt of the woman i love so much. I feel like I've shared too much information! Sorry,hope you like it!! That's how it's going to be when we get together.YOu still need to learn more about me right?Let me tell you more.My favorite red wine is Turley Hayne vineyard and white is Ramonet Montrachet.My favorite champagne is Moet. Favorite desserts I love American, French, and German desserts, such as angel food cake, doughnuts, fudge, red velvet cake, sundaes, cupcakes, pudding, devil's food cake, German chocolate cake, dampfnudel, buchteln, dominostein, stollen, opera cake, croissants, and eclairs.I think i made myself hungry lol.My favorite evening snack would have to be apples and peanut butter, so I guess its fairly healthy. Right now I am reading "How to think like Leonardo da Vinci",a book in the self-improvement genre which I rarely read. It has some good and novel ideas to make one more curious, rational, scientific, artistic, creative etc, with some great suggestions of exercises to improve ones senses to appreciate life better. You get the idea? I might not ever finish it.I have subscribed to Entertainment Weekly,Rolling Stones and Time. As I wake up every morning, you're the only thought running through my head Lisa.Any warmth from my bed sheets makes me think about how warm it will feel to be wrapped up in your arms tightly.I smile at the thought of being in your arms.Although my smile just grew because every time you're on my mind I am smiling always.As thoughts of you, so delicate and beautiful flow through my visions I hear my heart beat faster.I want to reach out and touch you.I dream of your kiss from your soft, sweet lips.And i can't wait to kiss you and look into your eyes and smile Lisa.
Letter 8

All my words come from my heart,i have you in my heart.Yes i have listened to the music and i really like it,i would love to listen to them with you babe.I am passionate about most things I do, I love to tell people that there is hope, love to tell them they are loved and I love to be happy and make others happy...isn't that enough passion.Cuddling with my partner and a full body massage turns me on.I want you to know that i will always be there for you no matter the circumstance honey.I am a catholic but not very religious. A perfect sunday morning for me would be to wake up with the love of my life, drink an incredible cup of coffee, listen to some classical or jazz music while reading the NY times or whatever we fancy, while cuddling on sofa or in bed, or wherever we feel like being…And then a visit to the gym or out for a workout, and wherever the day takes us from there. I realize that the strength in a relationship is founded on mutual respect, time together and time apart, but always with the knowledge that we have each other’s backs. Love is vulnerability. Love is being merciful and choosing in every moment not to use power over someone in order to feel stronger or more powerful yourself. It is truly encountering the other and being present to their mystery- that which they do own or know about themselves and that which they are yet and you are yet to discover. Maybe love is joining vulnerably with another and acting in concert as you explore the world together. It is this aspect of joining with another that I miss so much in my life right now.I want to explore the world with you and make you happy always Lisa.I have you in my heart now so you shouldn't worry,it isn't an imagination.I love you Lisa Ed
Letter 9

Why should you have doubts babe,i am all yours.My heart belongs to you and you need to keep it safe.It's very good that you are being honest with me.I will help you quit smoking babe,trust me.You need trust to love, but first you need to love in order to trust.To love someone is to understand each other, to laugh together, to smile with your heart and to trust one another. One important thing is to let each other go if you can't do this.I can and i am ready to do all this for you and be happy with you forever.I will let you know about my return date okay,don't worry i am not going anywhere and i will not let you be alone. True love is the greatest thing that you can experience; it can weather any storm. Loving, trusting and respecting each other totally can bring you to true love and happiness.What i want to show you forever is true love.Hand in hand, heart to heart; my love for you will never part.I know with all of my heart and every passing day that we were meant to be.Hold your heart and soul with mine to comfort me. True love is not about the hugs and kisses, the 'I love you's' or the 'I miss you's', but about the chills that hit every part of my spine when i think about you.. I don't have your steel control where you can ignore me and thoughts of me, I can't ignore you or thoughts of you.I just wanna see you,hold you,hug,you and kiss you.Even though I'm unsure about most things in life, I am certain that I love you and will continue to love you forever Ed
Letter 10

Ed is short for Edward.I don't have any doubts about you because i know you are the right woman for me.I feel it always whenever we communicate.I can remember two times in my life when I seriously asked my self the question “What are my plans for the future?”I havn't found my meaning in life as such but i do have goals and aspirations. A friend once told me that we are here for one reason - to fulfil our purpose and when you figure out what this purpose is, we die. It's a pretty bleak way of looking at things but it's also quite interesting. I'm not too sure if i agree with him, but as i said it certainly makes one think. As long as you're happy, that's the main thing. We are nothing if we don't have happiness. All the other things are material things that we don't necessarily need.My aspirations in life is to be happy and grateful with what I have and stop longing for a fabulous outcome. To be ordinary and fully self actualized. To feel so comfortable anywhere that I can see beyond my own preferences to enjoy the world and other people exactly as they are. My greatest aspiration as of today are to love as many people as possible,be loved by as many people as possible and to make my partner very happy.I've lived a life in which I have been able to do most of the things I set out to do.My goal in life is to perfect myself (be exactly how I want to be). This should be the obvious main goal of each being. I look forward to the simple moments this year will gift us. The moments where I get to admire you when you are unguarded, or unaware. I look forward to the morning coffees we will share in bed, to the space that will exist between our heads when the sun wakes up our tired skin and I get to kiss the sleep from your eyes. I look forward to getting to know you on a deeper level, for there will always be more to discover within your bones. I look forward to thinking that you’re the sexiest human in the world at one moment, and then thinking that you’re the grossest person ever at the drop of a hat. I’m looking forward to almost expecting you to eat something off of the floor before yelling “five second rule,” and to having you convince me to make sure that weird mark on your back isn’t something serious. In return, I look forward to all of the nights you will kill a spider for me at 2am, I look forward to the fact that you will get accustomed to seeing your favourite oversized t-shirts turn into my pajamas for the night. I look forward to our firsts, to our seconds. I look forward to the traditions we will create, like eating at the same place whenever we celebrate our first date, or visiting your grandparents every Sunday. I look forward to saving money with you so we can start investing in our future together. I look forward to all of the dreams we will inspire. I look forward to making things work. I look forward to our fights, and our apologies, because it will mean that we are building our foundations, that we are figuring it all out. I look forward to our rough days, to knowing that I can always find refuge in those arms of yours no matter what. On the other hand, I also look forward to all of our highs. I look forward to the days you will come to me brimming with excitement, to the days where I will get to support you and stand by you. I look forward to being there for you the whole way, to encouraging you, not only for what you are in that moment, but for what I know you can be. See, I look forward to blocking out the world with you, to discovering a new show on Netflix and marathoning it for a shameful amount of time, to eating pints of ice cream in bed and using the same spoon, or texting you from the couch to bring me more popcorn. I look forward to falling asleep halfway through our favourite movies, to all of the moments you’re going to grab my hand in the middle of the night, to all of the adjustments we will make before finding the perfect position to doze off in when we’re both exhausted. I look forward to laughing with you, to never taking ourselves too seriously. I look forward to the moments you’re going to walk into my room in one of my dresses just to make me chuckle; to taking hilarious photos of you when you fall asleep in the car with your mouth wide open. I look forward to having our play fights turn into beautifully quiet moments, to always connecting with those breaks and thinking about how much I care for you. Most of all, I look forward to hanging out with my best friend(YOU LISA) for another twelve months, to creating memories I will remember for the rest of my life. We may not do everything we hope to do this year, but I do know that we will get stronger, we will grow, and that excites me, for it means I will get to fall even more in love with you everyday, it means I will get to experience the magic of who you are for another perfect year and the following years to come.Another chapter to our book,i am tired of typing all these but i am always ready to get tired to do something for you to smile.I love you Lisa Ed

Letter 11

About the dress and the one's you are confused about you should know that i was trying to be funny.What are you thinking?
Letter 12

Why must you be confused i don't understand,i thought you might just read it and then laugh over it that's all.You need to read it again very well.If you have a vivid imagination must not make you think i am a mob or a hitman or whatever.I see nothing wrong with the email.
Letter 13

Darling, you have no idea of how brightful you made my life with your love, of how happy you make me feel at each day and of how lucky I feel for having you by my side someone so amazing! I love you more than you can imagine and with all my heart, and my heart is yours. You are my soulmate, my other half, and with you I am complete! With you is the only place I wanna be, always! I love you! . Baby I love you,I love everything about you without you I'm not okay when ever your not around me I feel lonely right away.But I know you will always come back for me I love you honey love you so much...............I love you now and I know I will love you forever. Cause forever is the length of time that I wish you to be with me. This love that I have for you is coming straight from my heart. You are my dream come true.I will always be here for you baby and my love will always be true and forever yours...........Baby the thoughts of the time we chat always consume my thoughts & dreams, you are always with me & I want to always be with you. I love you & want to look into those eyes of yours & share so many more memories with you. You are so sexy, & wonderful & that person I want to always dream about. I don't know how to say this but you are "Hot" "Sizzling" & my passion and desire. I Love You Lisa...........I love you with all of my heart.I know we haven't met face to face yet.I know once we see each other.It will all come together of how much we truly love each other.Our life will become stronger when we do. Again I love you so much Ed
Letter 14

Hey Lisa, I have this idea and I am going to try it and if you don't like it then you can delete it or whatever. I wanted to be able to give you some way to let you have something positive to think about when we can't communicate directly. So, if I could, I would want to spend some time with you and, of course, since most of this is "in our heads" anyway, I wanted you to have some way to relax and think positively about me and maybe us. So, think of this as guided imagery, or something,but that's how i want to spend time with you to please you.I haven't ever written anything like this before, so it's being made up as I go along. When you have a few minutes to yourself and can let yourself relax, this is how I would like to be with you in my imagination. I walk up to you smiling, "Hello Lisa."
"Do you have some time you can spend with me, now"?
I look into your eyes and continue to smile. I reach up with my right hand and run my fingers along your jaw line. I pull myself up to kiss you softly. You tilt down so that I can reach your mouth.
"Will you please sit for me"? Then while facing you, I continue standing and start your scalp massage. I whisper in your ear.
"Just relax, Lisa. Let me have some fun and you just enjoy it, okay." I rub your scalp and all around your head and step behind you so that I can work my hands down your neck and on to your shoulders. I reach around and suck on the lobe of your right ear, then breathe where I have wet your skin. I have strong hands, Lisa. I work your tight shoulder muscles and work the knots out. Sometimes you shift and move to adjust. I press hard and work down your shoulder blades and back and press you forward so that you feel the muscles release the tension all down your back. Then I tickle your back softly, not to make you squirm, but so that you feel relaxed. I tickle you all up and down your back, then I smooth out your skin and wipe away the ticklish feeling. I drop a kiss on your left shoulder. Then I step back around to face you and your eyes have been closed and I kiss you on the forehead. "Shall I do the front, Lisa."? I kneel down and unbutton your shirt and peel your t-shirt off over your head. You don't need to say anything. Just let me have my fun with you.
"Can you lay back where you are, or do you want to stay sitting up"? Now I massage your shoulders from the front and work my way down your chest. Although I give you a massage, I also enjoy touching you and run my fingers over your skin. I can't resist and rub your nipples and follow up my fingers with a suck of your nipple over your heart. I feel your heart beat thrum under my lips and open my mouth and breath across your wet nipple. I can't help but smile and look up to see you watching me.
"Shall I keep going"? So, I kiss down your belly and give your belly button a lick until I reach your waistband. "Can you stay with me longer, Lisa"? We can stop now if you want or if you are tired and just needed to relax. If have the time, I will keep going if you let me. I move to your feet and i pull up your left foot behind the ankle and pull it up on my right knee. I run my hands over the top and bottom of your foot. I work on the bottom of your foot and massage it, then work on the top and massage between the bones of each toe. I rub the length of each toe and press on the ball of your foot and work my way down your instep. I rub the edges of your heel and hold the back of your ankle and rotate it clockwise a few turns and then counter-clockwise the same number of turns. I set down your left foot and move to life the right way. I give your right foot all of the same attention as the left foot. You should feel pretty relaxed by now, Lisa. If this is all of the time that you can spend with me, why don't you stop now and just sleep and rest so that you can be prepared for whatever is next. But if you have the time, I have the interest in spending more time with you. "Lisa, can I have my way with you? Will you let me? Can I do whatever I want to you"? I don't want to hurt you, I want to spend time with you and give you pleasure. I'm being brave and bold, here, so just let me do what I want. This is how I have greeted you in my Calvin Klein boxer. It's all I am wearing. No one can see me, only you can imagine me doing this with you. "You have to cooperate with me so that I can get your pants off." I unbutton the top you are wearing. "The underwear too, please." I want to touch your bare skin. Now roll over on your tummy so that I can massage your legs and fanny. Yes, I am totally delighted. I stroke your skin from below your right cheek to your ankle and back, then I rub your legs like I am kneading your muscles. I feel for the tightness and wherever I find it, I rub it out. You walk and run so much, I work longer on your calf. Then I switch to the left leg and rub it as well. Then I move to your lower back and rub deeply into your butt muscles and smooth your skin with my hand afterward. I am slowly rubbing circles over your butt cheeks and you are getting more relaxed. I bend and give you a little bite on your left cheek. Just so you feel my teeth, not to mark you up. Then I kiss you in the same spot. "Now, would you roll on your back for me"?
This way I can work on the fronts of your legs, each leg in turn from your hip to your ankle. Lisa, I don't know for sure if you have enjoyed my attention or not, but this is my imagination and I am having fun. Since you haven't stopped me, I am becoming excited and aroused, I want you to know. I like touching you and I like that you haven't interrupted me and I am enjoying the chance to do as I like with you. I am going to work on something that I have read about but haven't had the chance to do ever. I want you to get wet I mean really wet reading about me doing this to you baby. I want your body hurting badly, nipples hard and your clit swollen and throbbing before you insert anything into it. Ready for my cock. Want to hear about my cock? Oh yeah you do. I'm incredibly hard, babe, and thick. I can barely make a ring around it with my thumb and third finger. Yeah,seven thick inches ready to slide up your tight wet pussy. You're gonna have lots of fun with my hard cock, babe. Playing with it, squeezing it. Feel how hard it is in your hand. Scratch my balls with your nails softly, yeah. Can you imagine my cock in front of you? My heavy, erect cock promising you hours and hours of hard fuck pleasure? Yeah, you like how that sounds? Hours of hard fuck pleasure.I'm gonna have so much fun sliding my cock in you. I'm gonna slide my cock in your pussy.I'm gonna slide my cock in your mouth.I'm gonna slide my cock in your ass.I'm gonna slide my cock between your breasts. I know you're so wet now. Babe I'm going to give you a hot night of fucking. A whole night of my hard cock. Your pussy's wet and ready, babe. You're ready for this dick. I want you to suck my cock first, babe. I want to see my cock slipping in and out of your pouty lips. I want you to lick it all over, and then suck it as hard as you can, until you are gasping for air. I want you to kiss my dick, then deepthroat it all the way to my balls, because you're a naughty girl who likes to suck my cock. I know you want it. You want to suck on the part of me that will fuck your pussy later. You want to be on your knees kissing and deepthroating my dick while you furiously rub your cunt. You want to feel my cock at the back of your throat. You want to suck my long, hard dick until your jaw aches and your knees hurt. You want me to push your head down deep over my cock and hold it down until you're gasping for air. You want to feel my dick sliding against your lips as I slowly pull it out from your mouth and then slam it in hard again. You want me to take my hard cock out and tap your swollen lips with it. You want me to hold your head in place and fuck your mouth. I'm gonna play with your big, beautiful breasts baby. I'm gonna squeeze them and feel how soft and heavy they are in my hands. I'm gonna reach down and tease your nipples while you suck my cock. I can't wait to lick your hard, excited little nipples, sucking and biting softly down on them while I slide my hands inside your panties to finger your pussy. I want to rip off your panties and look at your pretty little pussy. Your wet, excited little pussy. I can't wait to kiss the swollen, pouting lips of your cunt and then suck your clit as hard as I can, making you scream with pleasure. I'm gonna spread apart the moist pussy lips and lick you deep with my tongue, kissing and tickling it until you squirm under my mouth. I'm gonna tickle your clit with my tongue while I fingerfuck you, pulling your clit with my lips and lapping that pussy with my warm, wet tongue. I'm gonna eat your pussy. And after all that baby, that's when the real fun begins. You're gonna sit back on the couch and spread for me, and I'm gonna kiss your sweet lips until you sigh in my mouth, smiling because you know what happens next. Don't you babe? Yeah, that's right. I'M GONNA FUCK YOU ALL THE WAY TO MY BALLS. I'M GONNA FUCK YOUR MOUTH, ASS, TITS AND PUSSY. I'M GONNA GIVE YOU MORE DICK THAN YOU CAN TAKE. COME OVER NOW.I WANT TO BE WITH YOU NOW BABE SO THAT ALL THIS CAN HAPPEN. I love you Lisa As I said, if you don't like it, you can delete it. But if you print it out, when you want me to be with you and help you relax, maybe you can read it and if you are feeling frisky, you could read all of it. Please, Lisa. If you think it's dumb, don't laugh and show it to your friends, just delete it.Kisses Ed
Letter 15

Honey why are you talking like that.It hurts me when you sound like that.I have a place in Minnesota Lisa.If i wasn't in Ghana how did i receive the money you sent me.It's just that i got in a situation that i had to ask for your support.I love you and you know that very well.Why would i scam you out of money babe. Happiness is the only thing on earth that cannot be paid by any diamonds, gold or money.Money and love aren't the same thing. The more you spend money, the less you have, the more you spend love, the more you get in return.Love doesn't cost money, but it does require the payment of your heart.A man can inherit a house and money from his parents,but only the Lord can give him a sensible wife.Love is when money and materialistic things no longer matter. It's when you're holding the hand of the woman you love and you feel like the richest man in the world - you have everything. With money, we can buy all things, but with love, we find everything that really matters.It isn't money, fame, or power, no, the greatest adventure in life is love.Power is one thing; money and power are two things, but love is everything. I don't love you for money,no,that's very wrong and sin.I wouldn't do anything to hurt you,why should asking you for money break your heart babe.Please don't leave me,if you do i will die,i will not be able to eat much.I will grow lean,i want to come home and spend quality time with you my love.I love you so much Lisa and i don't want you to go. Don't let this money issue sit on our happiness.Babe think about the book we've written so far.Don't you want us to have all those adventures together.All i think about is you Lisa,you made me sad when i read your email.You are my life and you are my everything.I love you Ed
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