Romance scam letter(s) from Richard Waddle to Nancy (Bahamas)
Letter 1

Hi My Sweety Nancy l am more excited to read your email and you made my life a full of enjoy and happiness. l wish to meet you soon, is my heart desires.l am working very hard to get money to visit you soon so that we can have fun. when l come to your country will l stay in your house or hotel ?. my sweet Nancy pray for me to get money to come soon My full name is Richard Waddle ,l am 5`11 (1,802 m) tall and 76 kg is my weight . l was born in 29 April in Belgium.
l have lost my father he was 81 years and my mother live in Belgium now with 86 years. l have a sister she have getting marriage in Belgium she is 51 years old now.
I have 2 daughters that is Sandie and Catherine. Sandie is 16 years old and Catherine is 20 years now.
l studied in university of hamburg Germany as Bachelor in international business. l have nieces and nephews.l have nieces she is marriage and 2 nephews they are not marry.
l like food and my best food is hamburger and pizza . I enjoy hiking,sailing,hunting,sports,football,cinemas,music,holidays trips. l dot have any pet Enjoy your day sweety. Richard love
Letter 2

Hi My sweetheart l always dream to meet you . l always think and care about you ,you are the woman l want to spend the rest of life with. your present in my life have bought enjoy, peace,happiness and love in my life. l am so happy to have you in my life and l thank God for that. l do you have a heavy Belgium accent but l have sexy Singapore accent because l grew up there. You can call me and we can talk were. l lost my partner 6 years ago l stayed for 4 years without any woman and l met a young lady from Singapore. she was 39 years old. she always disturbed me with money, she dot cook for me,she always want me to take her out and her ex boy friend were disturbing me where and there and l decide to break up with her. for now l want to meet you and get marry with you and l am serious about this. l am still working in the orphanage organisation as sponsorship coordinator. My main jobs here is to look for sponsors and donation for the organization. l always dreams of having you in my arms and kiss you deeply into my heart.l need to meet soon Richard love you
Letter 3

Hi sweet Nancy
You dot need to apologized l know how love feelings specially when you didn't hear from your love for some hours l understand you all right. l want tell you that no matter what happened l will never turn my my back to you. l am always yours and is for forever l love you more than the way you loved me because l am crazy about you. All my love, my care, I pledge to only you to be faithful and sincere all life to you to love you in pure truth, never lie to you. To be the best of lover, just for only you to turn your frown to cute smile for you and to make you forever happy.I am so lonely I can hardly bear it Where this will lead me, see, I fear it. Your love is my best attire, now I need it Your all is what I need to live, I do know it. I love you, my shadow. Your love is all I want, your love I seek. without you in my head I am just so sick. Just be mine forever, not just for a week or moths
I love you like seriously. Richard
Letter 4

Hi My lady how are you doing today ? l was having small problem with my laptop battle l should have reply you long time l am sorry for delay message. l know how to cook well. l like cooking a lot, l will evening cook this evening. my best dish is hamburger,pizza ,sandwich,sushi,rice and chicken. l enjoyed hiking,sailing,hunting,sports,swimming,cinemas,music,golf and l like holidays trip too. l have my own house in Belgium. for Malaysia l rent a house a lone and my house help come there every 3 days to clean my house for me. my height and weight 5`11 (1,802 m) 76 kg. my eyes are very happy to see you Nancy l am very cool and gentle l dot talk much and l am not quick temper. l go to church every Wednesday and Sunday l read my bible any l feel.
Richard love you
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