Romance scam letter(s) from Lorenzo Franco to Trish (USA)
Letter 1

Hi Trish
Was nice chatting with you over the site, and feel i would share with you more about me
I am Lorenzo an easy going single man with no kids and never been married,I'm originally from Republic of Panama, and came to south Africa 2 years ago
I come from a small family- I have a sister who passed away 6 years ago,I joined the dating site hoping to find that special woman i can spend the rest of my life with,
I am self employed in the building trade. I work using contract for property investment portfolio. i buy distressed sales and renovate/upgrade finishes and resell or keep in the rental portfolio, depending on the property.though my work take me to places ,i make the houses more functional and have the best flow possible. I love resolving space, it gives me such a thrill to see a boring house transforming into an amazing space :-)
My job is to resolve the interiors, and make sure all the work is done on time, and to exacting standards. High end properties have to be perfect.
It's a cool job, I love it.
OK, I think it's your turn! hope to hear more about you
Spills some beans! Talk soon
Letter 2

Hi Trish
Good morning, hope you having an awesome day, sorry for writing you now, i left home early this morning for work,glad you respond to my email and I thought it would be helpful if I shared what some of my interests are. This will give you an idea about the man you are communicating with
I have a variety of interests as I enjoy the outdoors. I enjoy walking, swimming, anything having to do with outdoors
I like many things as I am curious and eager to try new things. I am also a flexible person.I do enjoy traveling and thanks to my job I get to do much of that.
I have a strong work ethic and I never give anything less than my absolute best. I trust that you are having a great day at work,I would love to hear from you and if there is anything else you would like to know or shares, do not hold back,I am glad we are having this conversation. please share with you, what you do at your spare time , your likes and dislikes Lorenzo
Letter 3

Good evening Trish
Thanks for the email, i like reading from you and getting to know you, i want to concentrate in getting to know you,
do you believe respect for each other’s in a relationship?,do you put family into consideration when you make choices?,do you believe in honesty? do you get angry easily? do you get jealous? how do you handle matters when you angry? do you smoke or drink?
please tell me your view of relationship? and answer some of the question if you can
have a beautiful night rest
Letter 4

Hello Trish
Thanks for the email, i'm sure you'll be sleeping it was really touch day for me at work ,
Honestly, I really like you and hope we can get to meet and take it from there, i'm tired of living alone , i need someone to call my wife and spend my old age with,

Do you have a middle name: ??? Please kindly give me a brief answer to all this questions, i really need to know more about you??

Would you like us to get married when we get to know each other more and meet? lol

What cheers you up?

What irritates you?

Would you like to travel with a man ? This you already know: I LIKE YOU your personality

I will attached more of my pics for you.

Hope to hear from you soon Have a beautiful evening
Letter 5

Hello Trish
thanks you for the email,
I like you, I want to know everything about you. Your favorite color, beach,song,drink, and everything you would love share about you with me , i will like us to communicate sometimes on phone,
i would like to share some of the qualities and values i intend to measure in a woman and hope you won't be upset with it. and hope you share some quality you need in a man as we getting to know each other, i'm just honest and easy going man , here are some of the qualities that i like in a woman I like i and my partner to be there for each other, for us to have our life together we have to be honest , caring and understanding always there to support each other .
I love a woman that is passionate about life, about the little things, about love.
we must respect each other opinion and work as a team,this is all for now
hope to hear from you and let me know if you agree.
have a great evening
Letter 6

Hi Trish,i appreciate every single mail you sent, it give me joy each i read from you,I've never been so happy as i'am ever since we chatted i really want to appreciate you for the friendship you offer to me ,i pray God should give us the wisdom to understand each other and build a better relationship. i love and cherish every minute you spend sending me email. you are a special woman send by God to fill the space in my heart and i promise to be honest with you once more thank you for been there for me.have a blissful weekend
Till i hear from you
Letter 7

Hi Trish
I will be happy if you share with me what you want and need in life. I think it is really important to know everything about someone that you want to build a relationship with.......... I am a very passionate person.......I LOVE TO LOVE...... I need a woman who understands me........ I Love to hold and cuddle my partner. I love to make my partner feel like she is the only person that is important in my life. I want to be able to sit and just smile at you and you will know what I am thinking or is a deep connection of knowing each other without having to say anything.
There is a respect that grows in a good relationship........ how you treat each other and how you respect each others space. I Love deeply........I have to speak to you every morning when you wake........ it makes me connect with is about communication that makes a relationship work........never keep something from me...... always tell me what is wrong.......if you are worried......share.......if you are sad.....I will cry with you. If you have something to ask don't leave it till tomorrow......because tomorrow is never promised.
I want us to take time away from our busy jobs to sit and talk and eat together and connect.......WITH NO PHNE OR LAPTOP.
I want to explore out there and I want to make memories together. I love to help people and be able to give to others.
I try to do my best to fight the tight against animal local shelters. ME...........
I love to smell nice all the time....... so perfume is my weakness. I am very selective and have day time and night time fragrances......but these must make you happy aswell........after all you have to smell it.
My favourite colour is Blue and Lime green.
I am grateful for what God has given me......some people are less fortunate and I count my blessing every night.
My workers Love me and I Love all of them for being in my life. There is one thing we need to remember that building a relationship is grown over have to work it everyday......
I want to make you lunch to take to work and put little messages in the box.......that is what love is about........leaving a note on the fridge that says I LOVE YOU....... IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT..........
Letter 8

Hey Trish
i have chosen you to spend the rest of my life with and don't care what it takes and how long.
Above all, I really want to thank you for being so perfect for me..I will forever and daily THANK GOD to have offered me SUCH A WONDERFUL GIFT AS YOU....YOU ARE SO SWEET - Did not expect so much consideration from Heaven.....I can see that GOD/JESUS have been VERY attentive to my wants and so beautifully answered my prayers by fulfilling my heart with so much of divine gifts.....I WILL ALWAYS BE THANKFUL TO HIM FOR OFFERING ME NOT ONLY A PERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL WOMAN, TO LOVE/CHERISH AND SERVE WITH A HEARTILY, FATHERLY HEART..... I Need YOU and these three little words have such an INTENSE meaning now.....never before have I experience DIVINE LOVE with somebody. YOU ARE MY ANGEL....and my promise is to love/cherish, serve, obey, understand you,I'm so delighted at the only thought of being worth today because of your friendship and care for me.Surely, GOD blessing is pure and perfect love......from up above...HE SHOULD BE PROUD OF US - AS WE HAVE SO SIMPLY OPENED OUR HEART TO EACH OTHER AND APPRECIATE EACH OTHER SO BEAUTIFULLY. YOU ARE IMPORTANT to ME (never forget about that), please take good care of yourself,,Enjoy each and every moment we are spending together now and forever till we meet...I know, this is hard for you, same as it is for me not to enjoy the physical part of our relationship but let us treasure the little things that life is offering such as me and you being in love with each other.......THAT'S WONDERFUL INDEED. Alright, I will end up here - Kissing you passionately - Hugging you intensely - Caressing you sensually with intense and forever.... LOVE YOU ETERNALLY
Letter 9

Good evening Trish
How was your day
Sorry for the late response,I would like to tell you something that has been on my mind for quite a while. I got to know you over the week we've been exchanging message and I see a beautiful, charming, intelligent person whom I like very much.
Would you be more than friends with me? My heart sees your heart is warm and beats a touching rhythm of enchanting attraction. I'd like to be with you more often, more seriously and even plan for the future.
Would you be my sweetheart?
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