Romance scam letter(s) from John Micheal Upton to Rose (USA)
Letter 1

Dear Rose,

Interesting you got back to me swiftly regarding John's inheritance as you are aware I did mention in my message that the procedures must commence immediately.

However I am a bit embarrassed as you are indirectly trying to request for my call to bar certificate but at the same time it is good you asked as there are lots of scammers over the internet but be rest assured that John Upton would not have made me be in contact with you if I am not who I am or not for real.
So I will oblige you not to be skeptical about this or me,soon you will get to know more about how straight forward I am ,though I will find time to get an identification scanned to you when I get my scanner fixed

As for now,let's face getting the affidavit without delay latest in two days from now.Do let me know if I am to send you details of how you will get the affidavit fee sent across to me.

At your service always,

Johnson Guyan (Esq)
Letter 2

Dear Rose, In lieu of your e-mail dated Mar. 2, 2016 regarding John Upton in-which i see to be inquiry concerning his inheritance claim(s) procedure.
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mr. JOHNSON GUYAN (Esq) and I am the personal attorney for John Upton. I am currently representing him in his claim procedures with CHEVRON/SHELL on Crude oil shares that amounts to $3.1MILLION US, which has been held for so long after her late father's (MR EDWARD UPTON) death.
I have already told him that any delays in the claims procedures might lead to the confiscation of the fund from the crude oil shares as the date required for her Affidavit of Oath of kinship showing that he is the bonafide beneficiary to the said Inheritance/Estate as it may be explained is already due. Be given to understand that there will be need for financial involvement in this procedures for the whole legal paper works and every necessary paper works acquired during this claim will be mailed or forwarded to you via e-mail attachments. For now I will be needing $215 from you for the Affidavit of Oath of Kinship in his name and Letter of Administration. However I will need to get form for his Affidavit if you agree for me to continue from the court to be filled and submitted to the relevant offices.I will expect a swift response from you as soon as possible if you agree . At your service always, Johnson Guyan (Esq).
Letter 3

Dear Rose, Respectfully I understand your feelings but have told you not to be skeptical because I have promised you that I will never want to jeopardise my name,personality and dignity legally but we need to act fast about the fee for the Affidavit as I already mentioned. I will advise you send the fee via Money Gram or Western Union Money Transfer without delay as I wish it could be sent right today in the name of my secretary below. Name - Linda Wilson
City - Marysville
State - Tennessee
Zipcode- 37803 However,I will like to know if you do have any instant messenger like Google talk or Yahoo Messenger so that you can send me request on or for us to be able to chat as I have some time now to chat and could have lots to discuss with you as well,but for now can you try all your best and get the fee sent and get back to me urgently. Your swift response would be appreciated. At your service always.
Johnson Guyan ( Esq)
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