Romance scam letter(s) from Daniel Gudson to Eleanor (United Kingdom)
Letter 1

I truly believe that the overwhelming power and strength of a woman is her ability to excite a man's imagination; this is an instinctive trait but only the cream of the crop know how to use it over and over again.I am a hopeful romantic, I was married for 24 years, and my wife lost her battle with cancer.I am looking for someone who is authentic, genuine, kind, honest, loving, fun to be with, with a good sense of humor, loves the simple things in life and appreciates the moment.
Letter 2

Thank you so much for your email.How was your day?Am a gemologist,I deal in gem stones and other minerals.Am a successful man who is desirous of finding his true soul mate for an exclusive long-term relationship.My interest are many but will say I like gardening,I am warm,tender and affectionate, playful,pet lover, very romantic and spontaneous.I am confident, well established, stable, owner of a woman's fashion company. I am funny, I have lots of character and I am truly sincere. Romantic at heart. Extremely responsible, I do what I say. I would like to meet someone who is intelligent, sensitive, sexy, truly caring. Someone who enjoys beautiful places.I am supportive, thoughtful, passionate, idealistic, open minded, strong-willed, easygoing, creative, imaginative, intelligent,seeker of knowledge and truth.I rarely worry about the future and trust there is a divine plan for my life.I do like watching TV and falling asleep as well. Its easy to fall asleep watching a boring programme. I do go to bed sometimes late when I have to keep in touch with business contacts who are in a different time zone.I am looking at just getting together to do fun things and to see if a solid friendship can develop.Would like to meet a fun, smart, attractive woman who is doing fine on her own, but would like to meet someone to share fun times with and see where it all goes.I absolutely love helping to choose my women's cloths ....yes at the malls !! It's my way of communicating my passion for my lady lol.I know somehow, somewhere that person exists.I just can't wait for you to tell me more about you.I hope to hear from you soon.
Letter 3

Well Shoosh i have been single for a long time and am tired of being single i want to love again i miss bring in love and making my partner happy.I want to be the best husband to the right woman.I was born and raised in Norway and lived all my life in England i have lived in Manchester for 9yrs and been in Glasgow for 5yrs I have no kids as i was not blessed with one but okay with me.You look very beautiful and i would like to get more pictures of you in you next message.I lost both parent in 2001 and now i have no family as i was the only son of my parent my Job was inherit by my grandfather,my father and now me so i have been in Gold Business for a long time.I have seen your pictures already and i will never run away if i meet you love is not about looks is what the heart feels for each other am ready to have an open relationship with you if you give me the chance to prove my self to you.I love cooking as well. what do you like to do for fun and how long have you been single.what are you looking for in a relationship and what are your likes and dislike in a relationship.Tell me about the history about your name.
Hoping to hear from you.
Much Love
Letter 4

I don't understand why you even thought of this if you cant trust then i dont think you should join a dating site.what in my emails made you come up with such word like that.I will never force a woman to be with me am a successful man and dont need anything from a woman. am not bragging i worth more than a million each year when i have contracts.take care and if you want to go further with me dont say such thing in your messages.
Letter 5

I will never reply to your email if i was not interested in know much about you.You said you dont know me what made you contact me and why?am not offended.Have a lovely day and keep smiling
send me some picture of you as well. Daniel
Letter 6

Well Shoosh I have been single since i lost my wife in 1992 but had a few relationship which never went well and i had to move on and work kept me busy and never bothered to have a relationship but i cant make love to work and cuddle so i have to be with someone i can love and cared for..I enjoy outdoor cooking reading dancing swimming and snow skating.I dont really like to talk about my past life with my late wife as i want to move on with life.I was born in Oslo in Norway.I was looking for the pictures i finish reading but i just received it lol.Nice pictures and your photo is nice as well.If you really wants to have a great relationship with me you need to put the past behind you.I will love to introduce you to my work if you will be interested in.Its a very profitable business.
Hope to hear from you soon Daniel
Letter 7

Good Morning Love
How was your sleep been thinking about you all night sorry i was not able to reply to you very tired and slept when your last message came in.Thank you for your wonderful video its been a long time i felt loved like this thank you for coming into my life.What will you be doing today?
much love Your Half
Letter 8

Hi Honey
I don't have a special food as i eat everything which is well cooked and healthy,Yes i will try and ring you tonight hopeful,I will be happy to join you at the Party if that will be good for you.I am trusting you so i will tell you something i never want to share until i meet you but i feel comfortable with you to say everything.I was expecting 250kg of Gold from China which is supposed to be delivered on Monday.I just tracked the shipment and got to know its been hold for me to provide a document for the release of the Gold. so i have to leave to Belgium where its been held right now. And i have to go by 6pm today so i have to give you a call now or later when i get there. This is the company website and the tracking number of the shipment can track it,let me know when you track it i will call you.Am having a bad cold and headache but i just took some meds and resting for a while then i book for my flight.
hoping to hear from you
Your Half
Letter 9

Good Evening Love
You have no idea what state you have putting me in to right now with such a touching words. I have never shared tears for a long time after i lost my wife and you made me cry today.i want you to know i had a safe trip and you are in my mind i will turn on my roaming so you can call me on same number okay.I want if i get paid on this contract i will get a bigger house for us both by the riverside so we can always have fun together.Am making ?10,000 on each bar when i sell them and i have 250kg so you can see how much am making honey very profitable. Going to have some rest call me tomorrow Have a good night and sweet dreams . Your Half
Letter 10

I then wrote to him …. Daniel, I am more than a little concerned. A friend rang me this morning and told me about an article in the Sunday Mail about being conned on Internet dating sites. She said I should beware. One of the ‘hooks’ is that people declare their love without even meeting the person and want to move things on too quickly and often say they are getting large amounts of money and want to set up home together, again without getting to know somebody. I feel that this is happening with you. I would like to believe all the things you say, but you are a little too good to be true, very good looking, romantic, lonely, and professing love for a fat old woman you have never met. I have told you before that you will never get any money or property form me. If this is a con, then you don’t even have to contact me with protestations and indignations, just don’t contact me at all. It has been fun daydreaming, and I thank you for boosting my ego after my op, but I don’t deserve to be treated badly by any person or persons who are out to con me. You may say that I don’t deserve to be loved if I don’t trust, and I shouldn’t be on dating sites, but that is my business, and whatever you say won’t make me feel bad. If you are a con man/men then this will be water off a ducks back and you will move on to another woman.

Letter 11

I really hate what you just said am not feeling better to talk about what you are saying
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