Scam Email(s) from Maritn Joel to Jackie (USA)


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Letter 1

Hello dear, thanks for your reply to my message. hope you are doing good? I am happy to hear from you. I am sorry for not making proper introduction at first, I came across your profile page while searching for an old friend here on Facebook using friend finder as people you may know and your beautiful pictures and charming smile just described my type of woman and i was in a hurry to request for your friendship because i know you are a nice woman, i have a good feeling deep inside my heart, thank you for accepting to be my friend. I do understand that you don't know me neither do i know you, but i am determined to know you more and be your best friend, Please do not consider distance, age, race and language as a problem because i don't want them to come between us. I am Martin Joel 47 years, 6ft 4 inch tall born in Ohio, US and a US citizen, I lost my parent in a car accident at the age of 14 so i was raised by my uncle alone....I studied Chemistry and i work as a chemical analyst here in US and i got my first job in Poland with the help of my uncle who died in 2004 and he was the only family i had.....I wish i could say more about my past but its hurt me so bad that i don't like to talk about it.... because the only person that was there for me all this time was my ex-wife, but she started seeing someone else in 2011 and filed for our divorce in 2012 after living with me for 10 years, we have only a kid for 10 year because she had fertility problem so it was difficult for her to take in, our son Dylan was just 4 moths old when my ex wife divorced me. It hurts me so much whenever i remember my past, i did not want us to divorce because i loved her so much because am a man that loves to be happy with my love and maintain only her without cheating, but she insisted that she needed to divorce. It was just 2 months after we divorced that she died in a car accident but i was so lucky that she left my son at home, i was only able to have my son because of she died and the government gave me my son back, that's why my profile is showing divorced because as at the time she dead she was no longer my wife. i have searched no other happiness than to be happy and enjoy life with my son......I do travel a lot from one country to another due to the nature of my job as a contractor and also as a chemical consultant....But right now all am seeking is a woman who will love me and always be there for me because am left alone in this world.......i hope you will understand that i am really going to be more than happy if you choose to be my best friend...I am so glad to meet you here on Facebook, well seriously speaking i am also looking for a partner in my life, someone who will love me sincerely, who will live with me till the end of my life... who will accept me for what i am.....I am willing to give out whatever i received, love, respect, kindness, compassion, loyal, humble and understanding. Please i will like to know more about you, are you married or currently in any relationship?....hope to hear from you soon. Martin.




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