Romance scam letter(s) from George Summer to Sally (Canada)
Letter 1

Honey, how are you now? thank you very much for your emails and prayers. I cry and think about you always I returned safely yesterday evening, but i sustain a bullet injury on my legs. I am currently taking medical care at the clinic base here in our military camp. I did not write to my son, because i do not want him to cry or the shock to disturb him in his school condition, you know he is still a young boy. There was a very big problem at this mission but thank God I finally made it at last. Our goal was to eradicate all drug barons, the terrorist in the northern part of Syria, our aim is to stop an oil merchant Mohammad Ali-Jawal who is the leader of the Taliban and also responsible for all the suicide bombing going on here in Homs, Syria. My Love, this man have a lot of followers who are ready to take a bullet for him .The gun battle was very heavy and lasted for about 40 hours at the end of the day we prevail and killed all, although I lost some of my men in the gun battle. during the shoot out my ADC Capt. Frank Jones was killed, may his gentle soul rest in peace. I am very much sad because I am the Godfather of his first son Ryan Jones.The successful soldier who came back from the war mission are the Heroes and the United Nation have compensated each soldier with 500 thousand US dollars. I'm still in the hospital receiving treatment on my injury. The security situation in Syria is very high, due to the killing of many Taliban's and their sponsors. I can't go outside our camp to go to any bank for security reasons the next thing i did was to arrange the money in one of the gift luggage's Baby, i have made up my mind to send you this money cuz of the trust and love we share hence i will be coming to you after my treatment in the hospital. This is my last assignment in the military I am coming over to meet you. This money is the fruit of my labor in the military service, however it is a hug sum of money and I would use it for a good cause when I come over to you. My Love, I repeat it again no one knows about this money and you must not tell any one about this money for our safety in the future. Also, I came to this conclusion, In the respect of our true love and strong believe that my money and my life is safe in your hands. I want to send this money to you by an Agent from a security company because there's no other way I can transfer this money through one of the banks here in Syria due to the crisis and You also understand that we don't go out here for security reasons of our life. I trust you so much that's why I am sending this money to you. I will be coming to you immediately after my treatment in the hospital. Indeed your love and prayers have save my life and I am coming down to meet you. On Friday, I have submitted a letter of retirement and the military congress have proceed with the procedure without any deployment.I want to be by your side, to hold your hand, to treasure you in the morning and in the noon-tide, to be next to you, to be held close to your heart now and for the rest of my living years, to comfort you, dry your tears and calm your most frightening fears, to fight your battles and show no shame to scream my love for you out loud all over the land. I have arranged the money in one of the gift luggage's, i will send it to you through one of the courier company here.The luggage's are two with different colors blue and black, one is for Jeffery and the other is for you and I,I have to remove some of the clothes in the blue luggage and arrange the money under it so that no one can see or notice there is money inside the luggage. I love you so much. I really appreciate your coming in my life, I love you so much and I can not stop loving you even in the grave I would love you. You have completely changed my life and I always thank God almighty for bringing you in my life. You are really a very lucky woman and the first indications show that I am a happy man and indeed I am now. Honey, I'll just stop here and hope to hear from you. Take care my love and always remember I love you so much. Meanwhile, I need you to send me all this information to enable me give the Agent that will deliver the luggage's to you. I will start coming to you immediately after my treatment. 1) Your Full name...............................(2) House Address................................ (3) Telephone number.......................................... With lots of kisses and hugs from yours ever,
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