Romance scam letter(s) from Carter Ham to Diane (UK)
Letter 1

I am writing in respect of Gen. Carter Ham who was arrested by my team, he was en route to London, United Kingdom and we just had some one who fits his description that leaked some vital information to the public and also for his role in Libya. Our orders are to arrest and court martial-ed him but he has explained to us. I have agreed to release him if only you send the sum of 2000 pounds. Please do this as soon as possible. Best regards,
Dr. Damien Coast
Regional Director
Letter 2

Hello my love, I guess you saw the email the terrorist unit sent to you. They gave me a few minutes to send an email to you. I am in a bad state now. Please just try and raise some money even if it is half. I won't be able to talk you regularly. I can't even log on to my skype, I am counting on you please. My life and reputation are at stake here.
Letter 3

Is this not a respond from you, so why are you saying my emails can't be responded to?Is just a network problem from your side. I love you and I can never hurt you.
Letter 4

It shows here you replied to my email and you have being replying to my emails subsequently. Like this message is the 9th message, and your message to me didn't come as a new email. is follows subsequently. So I rely don't understand what you are saying. My email is straight forward. My love, I don't have any reason to lie to you, so please stop been suspicious it hasn't done us any good. My love, how much are you getting next week?
Letter 5

What errors are you talking of? You have to trust me. I came all the way because of you and I can't go back or forth except you send the money. You should know that if I am investigated, you will be involved and I know you wouldn't like that. I guess you know what happened to Gen Aleen and David Patreus. I know you won't like that unnecessary publicity. Please just trust me the last time for our own good. I have never lied to you and I stand by this statement.
Letter 6

Hello Madam,
We are writing in respect of Carter Ham that is still in detention. Please when are you sending the money? We are running out of time and it won't be nice if he is court martial-ed. You will also be investigated and invited. Act fast while we still have time. Thank you
Dr. Damien Coast.
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