Romance scam letter(s) from George Summer to Anna (Lithuania)
Letter 1

Good morning to you Inese am glad to hear from you. I want to also say thank you for sharing about yourself and your family with me. Am so sorry to hear about the death of your husband… I know how difficult it is to lose someone you love and live with. I have also lost my wife to a heart disease 3years ago. We have both lost people who are dear to us. Very sad! but what can you do? we just have to move on in live because life goes on! I do perfectly understand all that you have written to me. Everything that you said in your email I understand you perfectly. I am happy that we are able to share in such honesty about each other. I must say that having read through your long email, I have to say you are a very hard working woman. I know how difficult it is to be a Journalist . Even your to and fro movements in the day and the week is a lot. I like it that you want to try your hands on something new. I will like to hear more about the corporate world. Like i try to explain in my previous email to you, am also into wood work. i build mobile log homes. Am glad that we are both in Europe. So have you ever been to Germany? I was born in Germany, Frankfurt. I have my mom living there now . She is 86years old.
I have never been to Latvia before. But now that i have a friend there now, I think there is every reason for me to try snd get on a plane to come to Latvia :) Ok talking about establishing a new company ,what kind of company is it that you want to establish if I may ask? I know you have a couple of weeks off that you are using to study whatever you want to do. I like it that you are studying before you go into it. Tat is very important and I must say i like your attitude towards the business. I am also here in the UK to have a branch of my business established here to serve my customers in the UK. I have a branch of it in the USA Texas ,Dallas to be precise. I also have a branch in Canada. I moved from Dallas,Texas to the UK 6years ago. So i will be in for the next many years to come because i have to see to it that the business here in the UK is doing well. I have my assistant called Eugene in the State managing that one there. I have 21 people working for me in Dallas ,Texas. That is where I have the headquarters of my company. Here is my website address ( HLLSC.NET ) google it up to see for yourself what I do . You are also able to read more about my work and my family background. Talking about children I have only one child in my life. His name is Joseph. He will be 17years old. he is in boarding school so he only lives with me sometimes. I am not looking for more children in my life. Are you looking for children? Just like you , I was also introduced to online dating by my best friend. He met his partner on Soulmates. They are married for over a year now. My friend is happy and i also want to be happy. That is why I decided to join too. So lets see how we get along .

Now, I want you to get to know more about me and I believe that by the time you finish reading this mail you might have learned more about me. I will also remind you about my website. try to google it up to see and read more about me. I have attached some family photos to this email for you to see. I want you to know all the important people in my life. I am sharing some family photos with you. The first photo is me with my dog coco .I love animals. This is a recent photo taken just this lat December 2015. The Second photo is my son Joseph who will be 17 this year. The photo was taken just early this month before he left for school .He is in boarding school. The third photo is my parents. My mom and dad took this photo in Australia in 1990 when they were on a vacation over there in Australia. They were very happy together. They were married for 47years . The last photo is my best friend Thomas and his partner Judy who met on Soulmates and are happily married together now. They were the ones that got me introduced to online and am also giving it a try. So I am happy that you and I are communicating to get to know each other. Feel free to ask me any question that you would like to know about me. I hope i have shared enough for you in this email. I will end it here so I can wait to hear from you. Have a happy Sunday.
yours Truly ,
Letter 2

Good morning ,how are you today? thank you for sharing . i am also very impressed about the family photos you shared with me.your children are wonderful .Am glad you are able to also look at my website. Yes my day did a great job. I have never worked for any other person or company in my life. I have always worked with my dad. I have to tell you that I like the woods. I also like the smell of woods. I choose England because I have a very large customer base here in the UK. The people in the UK like mobile log homes. The market is huge over here. That is why I have the branch establish here.Yes the Timber and log home business is a big business. And I must say I will love to come to Latvia to come see how it is over there. I have never been to Latvia in my life…lol. But I can see from your photos that is is a very lovely place to be. You are a very good looking woman. I am already excited getting to know you. Yes i agree with you that it is much easier when you talk the same language . But that is what I have tried all along and now I want to try new things in my life. So Latvia now is a good ground for me to try new things. Yes! and i have to be honest. Yes i will like to come to Riga to see you there. Lets plan for it. I can plan and come next month. to come spend some weekends and then get back. So we can meet to see how we get along in person .I will let you think about it and if that is ok with you then we fix a date in February to meet. I am happy we both have European backgrounds so i know we will click. Besides seeing what i can see from your photos ,you are lovely. yes you are and i like you so much. Lets connect to get closer. .I enjoy giving attention, affection, getting out to the beach,swimming,cooking , gardening ,listening to music and life bands.there are many more stuffs that a partner can share with me to involve in to have fun. I like to laugh.I'm an easy-going man with lot
of respect for my partner and women in general.I respect diverse opinion no matter your background and where you are coming from . I
like to catch fun to the fullest and love surprises.I love nature and
love to enjoy it. No am not looking again on Soulmates. Now that you and I are in communication I do not want to go and look again. What do you think? As to how I feel about Soulmates, I think it is a good site. It is very credible website here in the UK. So I am not looking for other options. I want to concentrate on you and meet so we can see how we get along. I see you love animals. yes and i like your cat. I like cats and dogs.
My son Joseph I do miss him when he is away in school. Yes its lovely when they are around you. For the weekend I did my laundry ,cleaned my kitchen,bedroom and the indoors as I am not able to do so during week. I don’t go to work on weekends. So i relax myself and clean the house. When I feel very very lonely I try to watch TV . I like to watch comedy shows. OK i will end it here now and wait to hear from you.
yours Truly ,
Letter 3

Good evening to you Inese. Yes your email certainly found me well . I got home this evening to pull it up. Life is the UK is good. With the weather being bad with so much snow in some parts of the country. I do not have to worry too much about snow. I live in Plymouth in England. It s just 3 to 4 hours from London by Train. My home is near the Plymouth Port ,where they have the Brittany Ferries. Its a nice area . you will love it. I also have a busy week . Am glad am home now as I send you this mail. I will be going to get dinner after i finish writing you this mail. I am currently working on a bid proposals that is coming up in Phoenix Arizona on the 22nd of January . I have to finish it up and have it faxed to my assistant in Dallas,Texas so he can have it presented on the 22nd Jan. So that has been keeping me really busy during the pass days and weeks. Hopefully I will finish it up tomorrow then have it faxed by the close of day tomorrow.
I totally agree with you on the issue of talking than writing. Yes me too it is much easier to talk than write. I have been looking at my schedules and I think ai am able to meet you on the 20th and 21st of February. Let me know what you think on that weekend. Or do you think It should be the last weekend which falls on 27th and 28th of February? That is just the end of the months. Besides the end of the month is good for me so lets think about it and if you are ready and you think I should start getting myself ready, then you just let me know so i can begin to work on my flight .
Well you ask why i cannot find someone here in my location …. You see, i have always dated American ladies in my life. but after the death of my wife , now i want to try European love.:) I want to date European woman. I have a taste for European women . So I am very happy that you and I are getting to know each other . Yes Thomas is my best friend and we have known each other for the pass 7years. No we are not working together . Thomas is an Auto Engineer. I do not have many friends here in the UK. And also , the people I meet mostly are for business purposes ,customers that i meet everyday for work. I wish I could be there so we can all sing happy birthday for your daughter? We must always be positive in life. Yes i agree it brings good things and results. I am also looking at this 2016 for a very good year. i am very positive and am happy to meet a positive woman like you. Ok will end it here. wishing you a lovely evening. …Question.. What is the meaning of Soulmates??
Letter 4

Good night my dear. Going to bed now. thinking of you.
yours truly,
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