Scam Email(s) from Tristan Kareem to Bertha (USA)


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Letter 1

My Dearest Bee,

I don't know why I keep crying each time I remembered the best and most perfect love we had for each other. Ever since i lost contact with you,it has been difficult for me.
All I see and think about is your sweet ,beautiful face ,am serious…I can't forget you that would be impossible .

How is your children?
Good morning my dear.
Yours ,

Letter 2

Well, I had my heart broken,when I read your mail. I'm not afraid to take a chance again and faithfully hold on to the idea that everything will be alright.
Remain good

Letter 3

My Dearest,

How is your health please?
good morning .

Letter 4

What do you really think about me?

Letter 5

My Bee,
Can you still remember those in the pic?
I can't resist thinking about you each moment of my life.
I keep my humble promises with you despite all that i went through and the death of my child.

Letter 6

My Dearest,

Honesty and truthfulness is the biggest demand for every person who looks for a better living.
I deleted my profile ever since i found you and notice the high rate of scammers in the web.99% are scammers,while many pretend. You can only give them chance when you keep replying their mails and proves interest.
Bee,i don't wanna loose you.I keep all my love and heart for you,no other.
Please come back to me.I love you so much.
some times i can't sleep nor eat thinking about you.
I remain yours and wish to remain yours forever.
take care and have a wonderful weekend.
Still yours




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