Romance scam letter(s) from Martin James to Palma (Hungary)
Letter 1

Hello dear, it feels so great reading your message...well its really not being easy here in Afghanistan, but is okay. i think i will love to have a real and quality chat time with you, do you have a working Skype? please add me up if you do or better still send me your Skype name, so as to get to know a bit more of you and i will be so glad to tell you a lot of myself. here is my Skype name kkkkkkkkkk7960. it will be nice to get a quality chat with you and also a quality time as well.. do have in Switzerland.. cheers James. A
Letter 2

A very good and peaceful afternoon to you dear, how are you doing today? i didn't hear from you, i hope everything is fine! please let me know okay. take care and have a lovely day alongside that smiles of yours....cheers James. A
Letter 3

Hello dear, am so happy to read from you and to know that you are fine......i hope you had a nice weekend? well it will be so great that we chat on Skype, i really want you o do me the Favor of us talking on Skype because i think its so fast and a bit very easy....i really wanna see that pretty face of your and the smiles. please my regards to your son, how old is he?,,,,,,hope to hear from you and get along on Skype. Have a lovely night rest with great smiles James. A
Letter 4

Hello dear Palma, i feel so happy again to read your mail. it will be nice to start up a quality chat on Skype with you, i will be online after 8pm your time waiting for you add up...i hope you have fun with you friends into the woods...i look forward to your son's 10 years birthday come February 2016,,,,, Anthony my son is January 13th 2016....i wist to tell you more when we start up on Skype....have a nice time today and great fun........cheers James.A
Letter 5

Hello dear,
I must say am so happy to hear that form you it makes me feel great to know that my happiness and love is taking a new turn, i sure hope to do my best to make you so happy because you have made me feel like a complete man again....please dear can i address you by this tittle (my love) ? i will love to hear from you soon dear and make sure you are having a lovely time celebrating.....cheers James . A
Letter 6

When i thought i have completely lost my happiness, you showed up and gave me a million more reason to be happy.....I am so grateful to you my dear.
I promise to always be there for you and to also stand by you, because you have put laughter on my face.....i wish you a lovely and peaceful day today my love.
--Good morning---- dear James . A
Letter 7

Hello dear, i feel so flattered by those words of yours.. well i must say thank you for making me smile again and i promise to make you so happy and show you the love that you have missed out only if you will give me the chance have a lovely night rest and sweet dreams too...cheers honey James . A
Letter 8

Hello Palma.
Good morning, i am so happy that my dad still cares for me....sorry i have not replied to you since i got your mail.
I am having slight cold, please when you have any chance to write to my dad tell him i miss him so much and i wanna play those games we used to play when he is around and that i love him so birthday is February 2nd and i will love to have him around, also i will love to get a new laptop for my school assignments and researches... thanks Mrs/Miss Palma i look forward to meet with you some day...i love playing basket ball game and football. thanks for your care i wish i have a mum that is here for me
Thanks Palma. God bless you and greeting to my military father( that is what i call him) hahaha Anthony..
Letter 9

Hello Aunt Palma, Good afternoon. am fine now and have now returned to school....thank you for your love aunt Palma, i will love to meet with your son Julius. i hope he will love to be my friend and we play football together. please help me to tell my daddy that he should reply my mail that i sent him yesterday for i will be needing some materials in school. Thanks aunt Palma, i love you and my friend Julius. please tell him about me bye and Gods blessings.
Letter 10

May I come into your world?
I bring no flowers, No cakes,
But wishes to keep you fresh,
Prayer to keep you healthy,
And love to keep you smiling…
Good Morning…i hope i am the first person
to send Good morning wishes!!
Love you Palma, and know your love
for me is now a source of strength.
Cheers and my regards to
Julius... James . A

Letter 11

Good morning love, how was your sleep? i do hope you had a peaceful night rest!!!! of course i know my angels did took very good care of you all through the night....wishing yo a wonderful and blessed day filled with great love....i love you so much dear and i promise i will always be there for you..... James . A
Letter 12

Good, Good , Good morning my heart, i hope you had a lovely night rest because i was by your side (kiss) watching you sleep, singing love songs to you and drifting my fingers round your hairs.......hmmmmm ...wish you a lovely and peaceful day today my love..... I love you so much and hope to chat later today. cheers
Letter 13

Good morning my love, how was your night? i hope you did slept well.....i can't sleep although the night just thinking of what you said to me last night and the doubt that you have
Got for my love for you....Palma i have to tell you that i do love you from the dept of mt heart and i wish to get my dispatch from here in the base and come over to Switzerland and meet with you my love so that you know how serious my love for you is..please take good care of yourself for me okay and Julius...Honey what i need from you is your true love and trust because that is what will strengthen any good relationship, i have trusted and have got confidence in you and i want you to do same. thanks i love you so deeply from the bottom of my heart. James . A
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