Romance scam letter(s) from David Magid to Bente (Sweden)
Letter 1

My Darling ,

Thank you for the songs they made me happy ,I apologize for my late response ..I have been sick because of the situation of my luggage and the ship .Thank you for thinking about me in the church it made me happy .You think am like the other men that ask you for money ,I want you to know that my feelings for you is not base on material things .I care about you and I want us to be together .I am very honest to you and I expect you to be same .You said you can not go to the bank for my seek is ok but love is been there for each other .We are still working on the ship hope to fix the problem pretty soon
Enjoy a beautiful week
Sweet Love ,
Letter 2

My Love ,
How are you hope good ,your mail makes me happy .I am so sick ,I worry about my luggage ,please darling why you don't want to help me do you want me to loss my luggage ?I promise you will never regret helping me .Take care and hope to read from you soon
All My Love ,
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