Romance scam letter(s) from Michael Middleton to Johny (Greece)
Letter 1

Hi, I am glad that you contacted me. By way of Introduction, I am Lieutenant Mike Middleton, British Citizen and Soldier serving as commander of Special N.A.T.O coalition force with the United Nation troops in Afghanistan. I am going to arrive within 14-17 days from Afghanistan.
I am currently working on my date of arrival and check into your apartment to make sure it tallies with the available time. Actually, the reason for my visit is because I want to buy some properties in good locations...about 3-4 properties. And I am willing to pay at any prize. Do you really know how i can go about this? You know any Estate agent i can meet? Or as an apartment agent do you have some houses you put up for sale? They must be in good locations. I also need someone who will take me around to these properties if they are available. Let me know please. Thanks
Letter 2

Hi Thanks for your acceptance to really help me in this. I am Interested in buying Apartments for renting, Private Villas and Resorts if any. I would need you to be my back bone in this business. I want us to work together in achieving this. I promise to give you whatever commission (s) due to you. I will like to work with you on 100% trust I am serious about buying 3-4 good and big properties/houses and I really need your help in doing this because I trust you can help me handle this matter. I am going to compensate you very well for your assistance in helping me. I have in my possession the sum of 3.4 million dollars which I want to move across to invest in property business. So this will let you know that I am serious and not joking here. Please reply me. Best Regards
Letter 3

Dear, Please in order for you to understand very well the kind of business I want to do with you. During one of our routine patrol along Kandahar, a suburb few kilometers from Kunduz, we intercepted terrorists with suitcases of dollars which they made from the sale of opium which is thriving now due to the terrorist upsurge. From that singular exercise, I have in my possession the sum of 3.4 million dollars which i want to move across to you for investment in properties and real estate because i do not wish to go back to fighting these terrorists as soon as I get this money safe with you. I am not from any authority that would want to put you in trouble, am in urgent need of your assistance and I can assure you that you will never regret your involvement in this project. Based on the suffering we undergo here some of us do meet such luck.
With the assistance of a German comrade, I deposited this box of money with International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) here informing them that I am making contact for the real owner of the box. It is now under my power to approve whoever comes forth for this money. I wish to use this money to pay for your property and also invest the rest in real estate and other lucrative business investment in your country and i will need your assistance to achieve this aim to a successful conclusion. I have a 100% authentic means of transferring the money through diplomatic courier service. I just need your acceptance and all is done. I have put the logistics for the delivery of the cargo to your doorstep so you have nothing to worry about. Please if you are interested in this transaction then I will give you the complete details you need for us to carry out this transaction successfully as all you need is to follow my instructions and directives. Where we are now we can only communicate through our military communication facilities which is secure, so nobody can monitor our emails. I will only be able reach you through email, because our calls might be monitored. If you are interested, then let me know so we can proceed as time is very important to me. I am doing this on trust; you should understand that as a trained military expert I am a very careful person. This money is my life and I am willing to give you 20% of the total sum when the money arrives under your safe custody. I wait for your response so we can proceed immediately. In less than 6days the box of money should be in your safe custody, and then I will come over to meet you as soon as you confirm the safe arrival. I look forward for a future business and family relationship with you. Regards
Letter 4

I have smooth plans for safe delivery to your doorstep. I will be honored to work with you if you are trustworthy and honest with me. I must re-assure you that we will achieve this deal in a matter of days, if we work with honesty and sincerity. I'm willing to prove myself to you and the reality of this project as i understand your fears and concern mostly when you don't know who you are dealing with but i can assure you will never regret your involvement in this project. I do not want you to disclose or tell anyone about this business or the content in the box which will be delivered to you via the diplomatic delivery of the cash. I want you to assure me that information I am passing across to you through this medium will be treated as TOP SECRET. In other words....Please do not share this information even with a close person. In moving the funds to you, the best method to execute this deal without any hitch during registration or delivery of the cargo is to use the help of the Red Cross to move the cargo across to you through their diplomatic delivery method as Category B cargo. This means that the box cannot be returned back to its point of Origin once i register the box in your name. The Red Cross agent will move the two trunk box as category B cargo because they have diplomatic immunity which covers them from being inspected or search at any port of entry or departure. These are the method which our men here send out precious findings which they discover here to US or Europe. Am therefore planning to use the help of a Red Cross officer to get these two trunks box across to you, because this is the only way to avoid any hitch during delivery. I assure you that the delivery which will be made by Red Cross officer will be 100% risk free and efficient so long as you follow all my instructions and advice. I have thought about how this project will work over and over and I came up with this idea which i have shared with you to enable you reason with me on the best option to deliver this cargo to you. I believe this option will be the best method of moving $3.4 million in two trunks Box from this war zone you. Remember am serving under the United Nations troop in Kabul, I am not permitted to move around with money or the chance to keep this fund under my custody which i want to move into investment in your country. My promise to you is that you will have no single regret assisting me in this Project. I know that we just came to know ourselves but with time we will know more about our respective families in person. Meanwhile, I will advise you go through this option carefully and once you confirm to me that we can proceed then i will have to start the registration of the cargo in your name as the real owner of the cargo box with the Red Cross which i think is the only safer way to deliver the box to you without having any problem or hitch along the way. You have to assure me of your capability of handling this cargo when it gets to you because it will be your sole responsibility to monitor the cargo as soon as it leaves here until you receive it in your country. If you agree with my Ideas and terms then i will advise you to furnish me with the required information below for registration of the cargo in your name. Remember time is of great essence because it's no longer safe with me here in Bamyan camp. Information needed to register the box in your name are as follows: 1.Full Name/Address:
2.A Scanned copy of your international passport /driver's license/ID for
identification only.
3.Marital Status:
8.Country Of Residence:
9.Telephone Number:
11.Company: As soon as i receive this information, i will prepare the necessary legal document which confirms you the legitimate owner to the two trunk box and will inform you as soon as i conclude with the registration with the Red Cross. Like I told you, I will be giving you 20% of the total sum as contend in the two trunk box at the end of this project and will also rent/buy any property you provide. I hope that this is clear and fair enough, otherwise feel free to express your concerns. In a nutshell, do take this project very serious and reassure me that you are going to put your very best to protect and keep the box safe until i join you. This is a Top secret of An American force; one passionate appeal i will make to you is not to disclose this information to anybody. Hence I want to use this opportunity to inform you that this project is risk free if we go by the option stated. In less than 5 days the box should be in your possession if we work with honesty and trust as partners. Looking forward to receiving a positive response. Thanks in advance. Best regards
Lieutenant Mike.
Letter 5

Thank you for your mail and the information submitted. At this point in time I cannot ascertain my booking of your flat because I just filed for my exit from this military camp. So I am waiting for the approval of my exit. Once it is approved I can be able to tell when I will come and if I can book outrightly. So I appeal to you for your little patience on this. For your information, I cannot commence the registration of the delivery without a scanned copy of your ID. I advise you proceed and send me this ID to enable me proceed with the registration. When the registration is done and we are sure of the time frame for arrival of the boxes, then we can arrange how you would take security of the boxes. I expect your email soonest with scanned copy of ID. Thanks.
Letter 6

I understand your carefulness in every day-to-day human dealing but one thing you have to know is that your protective disposition, character and logic will definitely be an obstacle to the commencement of this project because the security company will never agree to do the registration of the delivery to you without a copy of your ID. ID requirement is a very important prerequisite as this is a form of verification of Identity at the point of delivery. This is what the diplomat will also use to identify you before he will hand over the boxes to you. This is to avoid delivery to a wrong person. Furthermore, i wonder why you see it as a risk to give out your ID. This makes me feel like i fool because i have the desire to even send you all my details and ID as a proof of my genuity in this project. I don't understand why you should feel insecure with this project. The following are details of me. Mike Middleton.
United Kingdom Nationality.
I am a Lieutenant serving as commander of Special N.A.T.O coalition force with the United Nation troops in Afghanistan.
Lives in Kabul Army Base Afghanistan.
46 years old.
Widower with one daughter (Lost my wife to cancer.a terrible experience indeed).
Studied at University of Oxford.
Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) Attached here with this email are my personal pictures for your perusal as well.
I believe the information above will satisfy you. I request that you reply to confirm receipt of this email and my pictures which I sent to you. I look towards hearing from you. Best Regards,
Letter 7

It attacks my pride and professional statuesque when i read the distrustful lines in your choice of words.
I wish to be straight, transparent and very sincere in letting you know whatever information/secret you should know because I see you as part of me and I part of you in this project. So I am not going to hide anything from you. I am sending you (in attachment) classified information of the existence of this money. This classified information is pictures of this money in the trunk boxes and also a video confirming when the money was counted. This pictures and video was recorded before the entire was deposited with the security company as a clear evidence and crystal proof of its existence. Please I beg you in the name of God not to share this classified information with anybody whatsoever. They are for your eyes only. The reason why I am sending them to you now is for crystal proof that this is not a joke or a Child's play. Please confirm receipt of the attached pictures and video. God bless. Greetings Mike.
Letter 8

I didnt hear from you again why? have you decided to quite or what? Mike
Letter 9

Happy new year to you. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and new year celebration? I have been waiting for your response with regards to the proposal that i made about helping me with search of properties in your country. Please get back to me as soon as you can let me know as i am still in need of purchasing about 3-4 properties. I await your response. Mike.
Letter 10

It amazes me that until now i have not heard from you in respect to my previous email with an investment proposal that will strengthen your real estate business from my client. Kindly re-visit that very mail and get back to me for further clarifications. Thank you. Moataz Hegab
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