Romance scam letter(s) from Robert Davidson to Laura (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Laura, i just sign in my gmail account and would like you to message me
Letter 2

Dear Laura, Hey Beautiful, I just wanted to do something simple to say I can't stop thinking about you and to put that smile on your face. I want everyone to know how much you mean to me. Ever since you have entered my life, I've been flying on rainbow and I have not come down yet. I still don't know what I did to be so lucky to have you in my life, my dream come true... I am so thankful though. In this short time that we've been together, we have grown so much and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us. Laura, i have told Anthony a lot about you and also shown him some pictures of you,i think have really made his day by telling him more about you because he did Congratulate me and was so happy to know ,please tell me if you are truly serious about this relationship because i can't stop thinking about you and don't want to be hurt anymore. Thinking of you makes my life complete. You're my golden clouds; you're my smile. You are all the soulful love songs within my spirit, like an angel calling me... Am writing this letter to let you know how am feeling and what's going on with me because i think it's time for me to spread it out for you to know how precious you are in my life now.Anthony and I has been invited to a friends party that i informed you about and i want you to focus on your baking today ,have time for yourself because i think we will be home late, talk to you tomorrow... I wanna stop by on here and would like you to respond to my mail..Can't stop thinking about you Laura ..... James
Letter 3

Dear Laura Good Morning my Love, I am very happy another morning is here and I have awakened feeling really good after having a good time with you yesterday. It has enlightened my heart with the hope of our union which is going to happen very soon with the way things are happening with us. I just feel great joy deep inside me for being able to meet the right woman and not just the right woman but a perfect woman, someone who understands my feelings and my reasons for wanting to be with her. You have shown me lots of love and caring and I know it's not just going there but you are going to make sure I become the head of your heart. I feel I owe you a great deal of everything, and I am sure I cannot pay back so the only thing I have that's greater than any sacrifice in the world is the Love to share together because that's what matters.My love there's no anything in life that can stop me loving you not even death, am feeling better this morning and was told by the doctor to rest for more...I'm having a lot of rest for today,so that we can meet tonight and chat for more ... Laura,You look so peaceful and my love for you grows. When you look at my pictures with those beautiful eyes I feel nothing but the love you have for me! How could I ever possibly let you leave my life? Sometimes I don't understand why I love you so much, but that's the greatest gift of love, you don't have to understand it, you just need to enjoy it and return the love that is given to you. I want to thank you so much for allowing me to feel the greatest feeling I have ever felt, and I promise to cherish it and always love you and do my best to keep you happy. I just wanted you to know how much you mean to me. Thank you for everything you have done for me! And I am looking forward to the life we will share together. I LOVE YOU LAURA
Letter 4

Good morning to you mommy,this is Anthony and how are you doing.I hope you get this message
Letter 5

Hello mommy are you there?I want to talk to u but you are not here
Letter 6

Good morning Mommy, Am doing good and you? mom i just wake up from bed and daddy is gone to Canada. Mommy i asked daddy why do you always smile in your pictures ,i like them all . Mommy i want you to get me hover board and Samsung Galaxy note 5 phone for my birthday for me to use it to learn and playing game. Mom will you come over our house for my birthday,i want to see you there.. Am here waiting for you mommy... Love you too Mommy
Letter 7

Hello Mommy,i am doing good and how are you too ...Jerry is here with me ,mommy daddy just call that he is coming for me ,so that we go home..Mommy my birthday...I am going to have my bath now. bye
Letter 8

Good morning my love
I just wake up from bed but so shocked to receive such a message from you..Laura am not asking you to do something that you don't want to do
Letter 9

Hello Laura am really disappointed in the message you sent to me this morning by telling me to go and find a richer mom for my son..Wow i never knew you can neglect my son because of the money you are sending to buy his birthday present and i will like you to know that my Son and I are not here for your money or properties so thank you very much for your words...
Thank you once again for your words and i will never disturb you again because i need someone who will accept my Son and I in her life not someone who will love me and pretend to love my son...
Good bye for now and good luck to you ...Thank you very much for bringing so much blessing into my life and i will always love you till the end of my life..
Our flight is ready for now ...
Your words have really hurt me so much ...
Letter 10

I will always love you till the end of my life..I didn't ask you for money
Laura am never here for you money nor your anything and i didn't expect you telling me to go and find richer woman to be with in life
You have really hurt me because you pretended to love me and my son

Letter 11

This is what you said James, I have stayed awake most of the night thinking. I could not sleep. I have to be honest with you. I did not buy gifts this year for anyone, I made all my gifts. I was not able to afford bought gifts last Christmas. I am sorry, but if you want Anthony to have the extravagant gifts. You will have to buy them. Or find a richer mom for him. I have my monthly bills coming up.
Water, electric, gas as so on. These are due every month. I can not just forget about them... I will have a gift here for Anthony when he comes to visit, if he comes, but I will not send money to Africa. I am sorry, But that is how I have to do it. If you do not understand, I am sorry for that also. I did not promise Anthony any gifts. You can look back at the emails that we sent. I have not even talked to him about his birthday other then asking what he wants. I do want him to have nice things, but I can not give them to him. I have to go. I am running late for work. Love Laura Laura i wanna know if you truly love me because your words are hurting me ..
Letter 12

Then Laura what's happening because i did asked you how much do you have but you never answered
Well my son and I are not here for your money but he asked you to buy him something for his Christmas and i hope he didn't forced you but am sorry to introduce my Son in this relationship
Laura thank you very much for your words..I have to go now
Letter 13

I'm really hurt Laura because never dream sending money for Anthony's birthday is going to end up this relationship.. I'm never hear for you money nor properties because i have been through a lot and don't want to go through my past anymore
Thank you very much for your love and time ...I will never forget you in my life and will love you till the end of my life
Letter 14

Good luck and wishes you the best because i never thought money can ever be a burial for our relationship and want you to know that am not here for your money
I know you have responsibilities to take care of by paying your bills and other stuffs...You shouldn't have tell me to go out there to find a richer woman for my son..That's really bad
I don't care on spending on you but it really hurt if you find out the woman you love most pretend to love your son
My flight is ready now bye
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