Scam Email(s) from Glover Martin Roberts to Nitt (Thailand)


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Letter 1

Its nice knowing you through the website, Am a new member there . Anyway i went through so many profiles on there and was quite fascinated by your profile picture on there and comment about yourself, thank you so much once again for giving me the opportunity to have you as a friend. First of all ' i would only give a brief introduction about myself and maybe in my next email, I will make it longer as its late night here.
I came from a family of 3, am the only son and had 2 Elder sisters whom are happily married now, I was married before but lost my ex-wife in a cancer heart failure in 2007' ever since then have been more focus in my Job as an Engineer, which am base in Ireland. Currently am in the United States with my parents, Mother is very ill ' so i had a break in my office' so i can look after my mom.
I also have a son , his 17yrs old now and living with my parents since his mother died, Am 176cm tall, 65kg, brown eyes, blond hairs.. I am a very simple man here and would really love to learn more about you.
Attached few pictures of myself here for your perusal, hope you will like them, They are comprises of myself, my niece, son , my sisters and my parents. Please take care of yourself there as i look forward to read from you again soon. Hope you tell me more about yourself and as well sending me pictures of you.
Your new friend

Letter 2

I am sorry to reply letter to you late, If you remember in my previous email' had mentioned that my mother was very ill, She had been suffering from High blood pressure and depression, Though she is feeling better now and should probably be discharged in next 2days, When she is recover' I will go back to Ireland. OK
Thank you so much for your prompt email, Thank you so much for telling me about yourself and as well those beautiful pictures, You have a very wonderful and loving family, I hope everyone is doing fine ? Please extend my greetings to them. Meanwhile' sorry to hear about your late Dad, May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. How about your son's ? I hope they are doing fine in their respective schools? Send my greetings to them also.
After reading your email' I realize that you must be a very good and well understanding woman, however sorry to hear about your past relationship as well, I believe no one who doesn't have a bitter experience of the past, We just have to move on in life.
Litte more about myself, My family, my parents whom you saw on the picture in my previous email ' they are now over 70yrs and lives here in New Port Beach, California, a county located in the State of the US . Both are healthy. They have retired long time ago but are still trying to do something to keep their life more interesting and valuable. Their marriage has maintained over 50 years (I remember celebrating their golden marriage few years ago ) but they still love each other. My Two sisters also you can see beside me in the picture' both lives in Ohio as well with their own family. The youngest does come around and looks after my parents whenever necessary. I do appreciate her staying with my parents such that i can live in Ireland to work .
My son was only 13yrs when his mother died in 2007, It was so painful for me and everybody then, But to be honest, I am proud of bringing him up alone in Ireland before he joined my parents here, not just for responsibility. he is a great kid just like every other ones, healthy and outgoing. He would be going to university this year, so i will have to keep work in my Job. During the past 4 years, my life could be considered as a kind of boring, kinds and work, work and concerns about family, but with no regrets.
I was originally from and educated in Seattle Washington. I am a Distinguished Graduate of Seattle University , I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in political science from Seattle University, a Master of Public Administration degree from the Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs at the University of Washington, and a Master of Arts degree in national security strategy from Salve Regina University.
After my degrees at the university of Seattle, I got a job in their science laboratory as assistance, I spent 5yrs there . I moved to London in 1992 to 1995 for research about Industrial Relationships and Personnel mgt . I later came back to the United States where i was employed as an Engineer in Emirates Airline, In 2004' I was transfered to Belfast Aviation Service in Ireland, still working as a Licensed Aircraft Engineer. I like my Job so much because i get opportunity to travel anywhere. I would really love to learn more about you and please i need to inform you that' I do not have any problem about distance, the most important is being faithful and sincere, I have really gone through so much pains about my late wife, and also have seen a lot through this internet dating of a thing.
Anyway' I like the Thailand Culture' especially how they usually take care of their parents till old age and as well giving much respect to their husband. I hope you understand me.
I am only looking for a sincere and honest woman, to spend the rest of my life with, I hope you tell me more about yourself in your next reply,
God Bless You.
Yours sincerely




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