Romance scam letter(s) from David Trevor to Janine (USA)
Letter 1

Good morning there,
How was your night? Mine was restful. Much thanks for sharing your email address I think good communication is key for any venture to be successful.
It is a pleasure to be hale and hearty this beautiful morning typing to you. My years of living have taught me that nothing happens by chance; there is a purpose to every event. I always say a good experience leads to a pleasant memory and a bad experience leads to a good lesson!
I am a bit of a mummy's boy still beholden by notions of fantasies and princes and princess professing love to themselves. And I am not one to shy away from my fantasies or dreams we shall call them in this case. Growing up as a young man when I became acutely aware of my place in the world around me I projected an image of the man I wanted to be like. Loving, understanding, financially well off, cultured and all that hoola baloo. And I am at that place now. I had an image in my head that I worked towards. This is why my dreams never scare me. I have always regarded a dream as a perfect form of ourselves in our minds. If only each and everyone of us understood the power is within us to make that dream a reality the world would have more positive vibes hanging about.
The whole essence of the rant in the previous paragraph (pardon me if it was long winded!) was to point out to you that here's a man whose projection of the future is not big enough to scare him rather to spur him on. And at this point in my life? I see myself with one that I truly love in body, mind and soul. I see myself with a partner who I can come to with anything without fear of reproach. I have been married once and unfortunately the death of my late wife ended that but I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that the 'Holy grail' of love is quite 'findable' unlike it's literal counterpart.
When I'm old and shaky and can't see straight anymore I want to know there is someone by my side who is old and shaky and can't see well too and is my better half. Sometimes I think this sojourn called life is just to find that one person that completes you and makes you happy in one million ways. Someone who fights you with the ferocity of a tiger but loves you with the tenderness of a hen. Someone who will stand with you when you're shaky and soar with you when the going is good. I have grown to understand that love is an embodiment of many things. Patience, communication, understanding (direct consequence of communication I believe) and forgiveness (boy o boy! A LOT of forgiveness). Life is not a bed of roses the adage goes. But it is not a bed of thorns either! Love is navigating the thorns while smelling the roses.
I am going to end this here as I feel my blood racing and my eyes gazing wistfully into nowhere. I just wanted to do my best to answer the question I posed and also share some insight into the type of person I am. I hope we are on the same wavelength but I can accept if we are not.
Have a fabulous day and good vibes all the way. I have attached one photo myself taken last month; Dinner. Hope to hear from you soon Regards,
Letter 2

GoodMorning Janine, Thanks for sharing more about yourself and family with me. The wire jewelries you created are fabulous! Thats a talent there I must say. You said you have done stand up comedy also? Thats awesome also! You are very interesting Janine and I love the fact that you are a California girl. You asked for my interest and what I do for fun. I love to swim. I have always believed in the expression 'Be like water; Every flowing, never forming, easily adapting'. It is what has kept me young at this age. I'm no Michael Phelps but then again I am not his age either so no contest there. :) The pictures were taken back in NZ in. I also found me a sting ray! They're one of the deadliest in the water so I stay away. I am not really a thrill seeker. Although I love to fly. Lol! Listen to me. Searching for string rays, loving to fly. And claiming not to be a thrill seeker. I do not feel I am anyway. I do what I do because of the calm and peace. Not the adrenaline. I used to have a tiny cessna. I was a pro-amateur car-racer also. I sold some of my race cars and I have not partook in any competition since the loss of my wife though. I still have my porcshe 918 and Porche 911 still though even though I now drive a SUV I also love to read. I do like to read almost anything but focus more on books that stimulate my desire to want to be better. Now and then I can pick up a book just for quality of the literature though. And finally I love to cook. Lol, sorry I am on a roll here. I started typing just to share the pictures of the dive and I do not know how I have ended up here. Anyway I love to cook. Mum actually taught me the finer points of domestic living quite well and it has only bettered all these years. I'll take your taste buds to cloud nine wity my cooking if you promise to partake of my NZ Sauvignon Blanc blend. And after you're lucky after dinner and I'll sing and play the guitar for you. Lol! I wish. Perfect image but I cannot play the guitar. Welp! That's all for now. Find pictures attached below. Can you please send me your phone number and a good time to call as I would love to call you. Regards
Letter 3

GoodMorning Janine,
My favorite holiday was when as a family we went to Thailand and we all got sick so we had to stay in our hotel room for about 4 days. We bonded so much over that time it was so amazing. My favorite with me alone was in Dubai. I was invited by one of the brothers to the prince and I flew in a private jet and stayed in a suite that cost about $8,000 a night. I went sky diving, para sailing, golfing and gravity training. It was amazing One thing I would never do again is fly a small plane again because I was lucky to be alive the last time I flew myself. I value Loyalty the most in frienship I watched one funny one with my daughter and grandkids recently again! Home Alone. It was hilarious Since I had some free time here now. I was pondering on some life circumstances and our conversations so far, so I came up with the questions below. I have really had a good time getting to know you to this extent and I really think you are one amazing person and you guard your heart so closely which is great! 1. Would you be so kind as to tell me 3 behaviors or traits in Men you find intolerable?
2. What is a common misconception that some people have about you?
3. What is some of the most useful criticism you've ever received? I would be a gentleman and start by answering it. Hopefully it would shed more light on me and thus you knowing me better! My answers below:
1) Three traits I find Intolerable. Nagging, pettiness and 'The damsel in distress card'
a) Nagging: I do not like when something is drummed in my head multiple times. If we are going over an issue and you have told me twice and I have not responded, chances are that I am not ready to respond. Saying it over and over again will not get me to do it and will just cause an issue.
b) Pettiness. Some things should not just turn to issues. Sometimes my mind is clouded and may forget to tell you you look stunning. Does not mean I do not think so. Only means I forgot to say it. I am a big believer in quarreling only when the case truly warrants it, not quarreling for the silliest reasons.
c) And this, annoys me. I do not like when women act so docile and meek just to get a sorry when they are wrong. I know women are tender and I treat them as such. I am not a bully. I am more than loving and maximum respect is given to who earns it. But you find in some cases where a woman is bang out of order, they play the 'damsel in distress role' to avoid apologizing or retracting earlier said words. Not cool. 2). Common misconception
People THINK I am proud. This is because I am a man of few words and do not talk unless I have too. And also because I love to observe and think a lot. You cannot think while talking and as such I'm assumed to be haughty. Earlier in life I used to care quite a bit but I realized that anybody who took thirty minutes to just watch me or listen to me will realize I have no airs at all. I'm plainer that....whatever is plain. So I just decided that if you are not going to take the time to actually know me, you do not deserve to be explained to but there you have it. I'm misconstrued as haughty. 3) Most useful criticism
'You are not the smartest person in the world Jo'. Hahaha that's it. From my late wife. Why? I think things through a lot. And usually for people like this when we come to a decision it is pretty hard to set us off course. I can take a day to mull over a ten minute issue. This is because I want to see all angles and place myself in the other's person's shoes. By the time I have done this, I feel my conclusion is fool proof and as such no one else can have a better opinion. I have been called a donkey more than once by family (only family or special people can see this side of me obviously). Sometimes I am right with my conclusion but you must imagine when I am wrong, I am spectacularly wrong! I get too many I told you sos and those hurt! Lol. Anyway, my late wife sat me down one day and gave me a history of how many times I thought I was so sure and I was not and as a result, I should take a minute and think of what would be now if I had just bent a little and listened to another's opinion. I found she was right. Stubbornness does not really get anybody anywhere. Maybe persistence or determination, but no stubbornness. So this is a part of me I have strived hard to work on with success. Well! My brain is on fire! I hope I have taken another giant leap in letting you know me better. I love sharing with you. Your turn and please take your time, because I took my time. Have a wonderful day,
Letter 4

Merry Christmas Sweetheart, Thanks for the lovely christmas song you shared with me. I sent you a christmas card to your email. I hope you got it. My grandson cannot order with form Amazon because it would take like 7 days. I hope your voice is getting better this morning. Do you think you can go to the apple store for me today or tomorrow to get the laptop and phone for me so you can ship it out here with private courier. Today has been productive for me so far. The drillers and equipment got here already earlier in the morning and it was taken to the exact site. It is all being fixed as I am here in my hotel now. Its about 2:00pm now. I already went to mining association office here today and I selected 30 workers that would be working for me 2 shifts ( day and night) I want work to move as fast as possible thats why I got workers to work round the clock. I'm paying them daily wages in US Dollars because the Turkish currency has dropped recently. A couple of months ago a 100 US dollars was 180 Lira now it is 250 Lira. You know the official currency here is Turkish Lira. Now they are trying to rip me off by making me pay for everything in Dollars when thats not their official currency! We finished all the papers works for the workers contract and mine lease, electricity for the high power drillers and other miscellaneous some hours back. It was all good and work would fully start by tomorrow. We need to go about 800-1000 metres deep and the driller I am using can do that under 1 week. So we when get that deep, we would start the blasting process. The blasting would take about 3-5 days. I would be done by then because my buyers want the garnets in the raw stage. I am already in talks with some buyers in Saudi Arabia that want to buy everything I get at this mine site. It would be better for me because I would not have to sell them bits by bits which may hold me back a lot more longer on the other side of the world. I would give you the good news when I conclude with the Saudi Arabia buyers because we are still negotiating on the down payment. Hope to talk to you soon,
Have a wonderful Christmas!
Letter 5

GoodMorning My Sweet woman, I hope you are feeling better today. I have concluded that your voice serenades my soul because I am in the best mood when I speak to you! It is very important for me to express to you how much you really mean to me Janine. I wish I could do this in person while holding you in my arms and gazing into your eyes. But since we are physically separated by miles of emptiness, this expression must come in the form of letters such as this. Janine, It is really hard for me to not be with you in person these past days. I really want to hold your hands, kiss your lips, hug you tight till you beg me to let go. Hahahaha . Life seems to be full of trials of this type which test our inner strength, and more importantly, our devotion and love for one another. After all, it is said that "True Love" is boundless and immeasurable and overcomes all forms of adversity. In truth, if it is genuine, it will grow stronger with each assault upon its existence. You are my enchanted Princess , and I am your devoted Prince. I cherish any thought of you, prize any memory of you that rises from the depths of my mind, and live for the day when our physical separation will no longer be. Until that moment arrives, I send to you across the miles, my tender love, my warm embrace, and my most passionate kiss. Get well soon!!

Letter 6

GoodMorning Sweetheart, I need something from you urgently today. I need iTunes gift card of about $300. I need it to get some new softwares on my laptop that I need for work. You can get the gift card at walmart bestbuy or any apple store. 50$ gift card in 6 places. Thanks
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