Romance scam letter(s) from Nicholas Arnold to Linda (USA)
Letter 1

I am Bryan A. Walker. I do live florida, . I am originally from united state but I was born and brought up in Dublin, Ireland. hence i got their accent I'm a widower with a daughter Ella who is 20years old. I am an Engineer. I do like what I do because I spent some good time for myself. Family, and the whole country I am the only child to my Parents, I loved them so much, but they left me alone in this big World. I don’t think about my late parents again because I have a life to live and make a Better family too, I do hope you understand my point of view, My Wife is Dead, She died during child birth, she was a nice woman, she Advises me and put so much smile on my Face, it’s about 7 years since I lost my wife. I do know everything happen for a reason so I have to hold myself and move forward in Life. I just have to move forward in life because I am a man and I have to take care of my only daughter as well because she is the only family i have got now. i love her so much because she knows how to make me smile she is a wonderful and intelligent kid.but there comes a point in a mans life when he has to pull the bull by the horn and take a bold step so i have decided to take the chance i have lived all alone without a mother a father no uncles nor aunties but i believe its time for me to make my own wonderful family back so i am here in search of my true bride who is not only going to be my wife, but my mother my sister and my best friend. will also love to know more about you if you will give me the audience thank you for your time and God bless.... and also am so sorry for using a fake identity on you i have been hurt several times hence the fear i care about you so much and looking through your pictures i have found nothing but true happiness i am sorry for all the wrong and pain i must have caused you trying to reveal my real self below is an attachment of my real self take care and i care..
From a heart that cares to his pretty and adorable angel. BRYAN .A. WALKER
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