Scam Email(s) from Andrew Phil Shields to Laura (USA)


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Letter 1

Hello my dear how are u doing i have been expecting your mail since he told me about you and how u guyz met each other,you two must be lucky to find each other and i am so happy that my son is finding happiness once more.....well he already told me a lil about u but i will like to know more 'woman to woman'...well yes my grand daughters birthday is on monday but he said she wont be celebrating it and Nicole have to cry all day for that but now that u wanna send some goods down here for her i bet she will more happy....i will ask the hotel manager about the package okay and how it will go cos i dont know much really okay...I will be expecting your mail okay..

Letter 2

Hi thanks for the mail my dear i am so happy that i got your mail and so happy that my son met a woman like u on the internet..well as for me i don't believe in all this internet stuff cos they are so many scams like you said but i know that you can tell who is who but now that Andrew is finding interest in it guess i will as well...I am so sorry about your mom,Nicole also lost her mom to lungs cancer and all i want now for her is a woman to give her what her mom didn't had the chance of giving her which is love and care....
Well about the package u wanna send to Nicole for her birthday i talked to the hotel manager and some onmy friends,they said getting the package will be hard cos i will have to spend some money in gettng it and it will be stressful for me as they said and i bet i don't want any of that for my body cos i am old lol and besides i dont have money to spend much so its better everything stays calm okay i can explain to her okay but if u feel for her u can send the funds down here and it will be easier to get for me and then we can get all the things you wanna get for her down here okay...I will be expecting your mail okay and have a nice day.....
Talk to you later...

Letter 3

Oh my dear thanks for mailing me once more well its okay and besides it i don't want a birthday party to come between a lovely relationship that's about to begin.....She will get to understand even if she has to cry for a while lol,Laura i want you to try to mail me recently so we can get to know more better and i want you to also know that you can share anything with me okay like i said woman to woman .....Will be hoping to hear from you soon




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