Romance scam letter(s) from Carlos Moss to Nicki (UK)
Letter 1

How are you from the site?
Thank you for your answer on the site. It makes me happy!
Affinity is a good starting point. But nothing replaces the exchange and direct communication to discover our commonalities. This is why I allow me to contact you. I look forward to learn more about you. I am a widower for 3 years and without children, I want a sincere and serious lasting relationship that will allow me to completely forget what I experienced in recent years since the death of my wife and my only son helped a lot affected, so I stayed for years without people because I believe that I had not yet finished to forget that pain. But now I have taken taste to life. I try to rebuild my life without waiting! So I'd like to know a sweet woman, tender, sensual, very simple, real, funny, sincere as I am. I take care of myself, I practice many sports which allows me to keep the line and to be even younger. Hope to hear from you. Good Night. P.S: I've put a picture of me, I hope you enjoy it and that I receive too.
Letter 2

Hi Nicki, I hope you are well and that you spend a good day. I just arrived in Paris, France. I just love this city, I think it is the city of lovers. When I think and I see our relationship evolved it makes me happy. You are very beautiful in the picture that you sent me, I can say that I am lucky to have met you. I got up this morning with you in my thoughts like for some time and I am writing to you to know you better, I hope I do not mind? I do, after this beautiful dialogue that I had with you yesterday, it's obvious that I sleep well. I took the time to make you this message out while trying to get to know you even more because you seem really be the star that will shine on me again. You know I really looking to meet someone with whom (like you)I could establish a relationship based on a number of common affinities having initially no relationship with sex, and then obviously more if were to a certain attraction confirm. It really would be happy to continue the dialogue with you because to talk to you, I have great pleasure.
Like I said yesterday, I, I do not insist on the kind of woman, I prefer the one I would have the goodness of the heart, I mean it beautiful inside, because I'm I also want above all it has enough love to give and it is ready to receive and it can give me confidence, I will in any case fulfilled. I really trying to rebuild my life without waiting! I will therefore do what Quiz to know you even better: 1 / What do you like in you?
2 / What are your plans?
3 / You love anything in a man?
4 / You do not like anything in a man?
5 / What activities do you want to share with your future partner?
6 / What are your religious orientations?
7 / For you marriage is important? I also attached a picture of me, you could look at ...
I wish you a beautiful late afternoon.
Kisses and hugs. PS: I will not be available this evening to talk on Skype. I have to go to a dinner on the job. I miss you already and I think of you all the time of my dinner. Take care of you. Jean XXX
Letter 3

Good morning Nicki, I hope you are well and that you slept well, I just woke up and as usual for a while, I do what makes me happy in the morning (I think of you and I send you a message ). I must tell you that you are a very special person who has just returned in my life with fullness of joy, thank you for all happiness. There, I will prepare myself and then rush to work. You'll be all day in my head and my thoughts. There are times when I wonder what you do without me knowing, with who you are. As if I fell in love of youth. I do not know if this also happens to you but this is something really crazy. You're the one with whom I want to wake up in the morning to offer her breakfast. I will not be long, I'll keep my words tonight. I make you lots of kisses all over your body. I send you a video, I hope you will look at it and it will please you. Take care of you and Have a nice day. Jean xxx
Letter 4

Hello Baby, How are you You know, it's like a ritual for me when I feel lonely and I think of you I come to you a message. You are such a wonderful and amazing woman, I think you only give me back happy and at your side I would resume life I reapprendrais the definition of certain words such as Trust, Sharing, Sincerity, Love and Loyalty. You are the love I wish I had one in my life with whom I want to live and I want to make her happy you every day, I would live with you, give me to you, offer you everything I have faithful, forget everything and leave in a deep sincerity. I think about you a lot and I'm ready to go with you and I want to build my future see your tears, to see you smile, feel you sleep, this force can have it together and you will see I'm sure we not make mistakes and for me the love and heart is together and I am even ready to die together what I found my happiness in the forbidden law My life angel.
Every day that passes so that I will love you more, and I did not think one day feel a great love. It's very hard to live so far from his love but we will soon be reunited and that for a lifetime. You always know how to keep hope for love often happens when you do not expect it and it's so wonderful to know give and receive and that's with you that I wish to continue my life. You're a really wonderful woman who really deserves to be happy with those who appreciate and especially to love you for eternity you like me I am doing. My life will depend on a single woman (YOU) Now, you make me live what I dreamed and you bring me happiness and you're magical, before you enter my life everything was sad and useless without you have given back a taste for life in no time. I know life close to you will be a river of love, when it is mutually shared, it is the most wonderful of all feelings in the world because it brings hope, joy, cheerfulness, tenderness, complicity, happiness. God said let there be light and there was light, God said that night and the night was either. I say that our love lasts, I'm not God nor soothsayer I can not guess what will happen but what I am almost certain is that our love will last. I would tell you the secrets of my heart and ask just a finger on your lips, also tell you that your smiles to carry me to the sweetest delicacies unsuspected landscapes that I discovered thanks to you and your love. The taste of our desires resonates with me as if I were under a waterfall of fun. My eyes in your eyes, I want to confess all prohibited murmurs of my dreams. What is not told anyone, tenderness ashamed and that will make you capsize of Happiness. I want you to whisper "I love you" infinitely more then you dare tell me I do not believe you pas.Chaque passing second I think of you and the passion we one step closer both. I adore you more and stronger every moment, every breath and when I feel that you think about me, I like a shiver of pleasure that slips over me. Thank you my angel for all that you are, for all the love you gave me, thank you for being there for me, to make me happy. Have a nice day Take care of yourself. You'll be in my thoughts all the day. Jean xxx
Letter 5

Good evening my baby, I hope you are well and that you had a good day. I spent all day thinking about you and our relationship is defined a little more time. My heart races when I think of you. You are so special to me. Right now, I'm at a dinner while I make you this quick email to tell you how much I adore you and I think of you. You are special and you mean to me. Have a good evening. I am eager to meet you tomorrow to talk. Take care.
Thank you for the music that you sent me, I loved to listen. I even added to my playlist. Jean XX
Letter 6

Good morning baby, I hope you are well and that you spent a night. I spent a wonderful night, I remembered all that was said yesterday and I must say that it is with a big smile as I woke up. You haunt my thoughts day and night, when I'm not with you I ask myself questions. It's true we had not seen yet but I know what I feel for you and they are not just words. These same feelings, I felt it once before I met you and I am very happy to feel it again. I can not imagine my life without yours, I can not imagine my days without you, I can not imagine my evenings alone away from you, I need you, need you so much, I'm addicted to you I'm depending on you. You are my drug, it is you who make me live, it's you who make me laugh, it's you who make me love you, you're doing that I'm me. So how can I get a moment to live without you? It is impossible, without you I am no longer myself, without you I am dying, I rebuke that the second I see you arrive at the second I hear the sweet sound of your voice. I need you my love, need be only thee, thou be to me, need to be with you and nothing but you. I love you so much, I want to spend my life in your arms, I want you to be on mine forever, my happiness is you and from you, my life is perfect and I am the happiest of men. I love you to my wonderful darling folly. I think I have to tell you what I feel for you. I do not know hide my feelings because I think that when one is in love, he must let the person know that we love loved. I think I have beautified you wake my beautiful thoughts. I now wish you to spend a nice day and take care of you. You will be in my thoughts. I give you as many kisses as there are bubbles in a bottle of champagne. Send you this: Hope you'll like it. See you later ! Jean xxx
Letter 7

Bonjour La femme de ma vie
, I hope you are well. I apologize but yesterday I fell asleep at the computer. I was so tired I did not even feel that I closed my eyes. I woke up in the middle of the night and I noticed you were gone. I just read the messages that you sent me, I ask you not to worry. I just fell asleep. As you said it's like the theory right now. I'm currently trying to find a date that would enable us to meet both of us and finally realize what we started. I know I've told you but I repeat it again, I feel something very hard for you and that thing is love. It would be blind not to see it great and wonderful woman you are, this sweet woman who has nothing but love in her and thinks only one thing to be loved in return as much as you like you. I feel so lucky to be the one in your mind and your heart to be one that is your life, to be the one you chose to love beyond all. Perhaps in the eyes of the world you are only a single person, but to me you are the world, you are my world and I more than ever no one will love you love you. My whole life is made only for you, it is dedicated to you, I was born to be with you and nothing but you. If necessary, I would fight for you, to protect you and keep you, I will give everything to you because you're everything to me. You are my princess thousand colors of happiness and love, the one that keeps me alive and without whom I would be nothing. I love you my angel, I deeply love you strong and know that I will never stop loving you. Be mine, be my wife and I will honor you all the days of my life. I have to help my uncle's wife in the kitchen and then I'll come and see during the day if you're available to talk. Have a Nice day bebe Take care of you & Think of us ! A song for you: Je t'aime Nicki ! See you later Jean xxx
Letter 8

Bonjour mon amour , Je te remercie pour ton gentil message qui me va droit au c?ur.
J'ai decide de t'ecrire en Francais aujourd'hui bebe. Pour moi c'est la langue de la romance. Je pense a toi, je me demande bien ce que tu peux faire a ce moment precis , je pense a toi tout le temps en me demandant qu'est ce que tu es entrain de regarder, ce que tu es entrain d'ecouter et est-ce que toi aussi tu penses a moi... Je t'imagine a ton bureau entrain de travailler, je te regarde alors amoureusement et admirativement tellement tu fais cela avec passion... Je pourrais passer des heures comme cela, a te regarder, puis de temps en temps venir te deposer un tendre baiser amoureux, te serrer contre moi et respirer ton odeur... La vie est si douce et si parfaite avec de toi, je t'aime tellement ma cherie, tellement fort. Je te souhaite de passer un excellent reveillon avec la famille. Prends soin de toi et n'oublie jamais que je t'aime
Jean xxx
Letter 9

Hi my love, just tell you that I'm dying to take you in my arms, hold you tenderly and lovingly above. I'm dying that one basks both in our bed, we do last time ever, we are coaxing, we tease, we kiss, that one caress. Want to feel the weight of your body on mine, my face in your hands and lips that do not leave mine. I want to love forever in your arms, like to spend my life like this, just you & me entwined in the arms of one another, that nothing and no one can come because we are two separate soulmates two lovers who love beyond everything. I want you and just you you
I love you so much my beautiful darling love of my life. I miss you so Take care Jean xxx
Letter 10

Good morning my love, I hope you are well and that you had a good night. I just got out of the shower so I send you this message to tell you how much I love you and I care about you. Right now, at this moment, I will give everything to be in your arms. To be nestled snug in the softness of your arm, wrapped by the tenderness of your love and lying on a cloud of sweet kisses you give me love without measure. I will give everything and anything to bask me against you, so that one is lying against one another to exchange amorous glances that say more than words to whisper to you all gently how I love you.
I will give everything, really everything to be there with you all and enjoy every second that passes, be in love and forget the outside world and our times of pain. Just so want to be with you, to be in your arms. I love you tenderly strong my wife so sweet. I will not be long my heart tonight, I'll just wish you have a nice day and take care of you. Have a nice day and think about us! I make you a tender kiss on the lips. See you laterxx
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