Scam Email(s) from James Harrison to Sara (Italy)


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Letter 1

My Queen,

I just wanted to inform you that you are the best thing that ever happened in my life. You have been the most trustworthy person and you stood by me all the times .your unconditional love makes me closer to you.

Your positive attitude and your strength to hang on during difficult times are amazing and I just love you for that. You inspire me with your positive thoughts and right attitude. You do things what you believe in and never get carried away with what people say. Your determination is exceptional which makes me feel that I have been lucky to get you and I thank god every day and pray that you will be there in my life all the time. Sweet heart you are the precious thing that happened to me. I am writing this to acknowledge that I am amazed with your behavior and modesty. I might have told you this one million times before but thought to write that you are an inspiration to me.
Thank you for being there all the time

yours Husband forever.

Letter 2

The only thing I can entertain from you now is the payment slip if not I don't have time for your bull shit, your respect my foot I have a lot of pets your cat is not better than them so if you said I am not better than your cat then your cat is not better than my pets and so are you. Bye you can go to hell. Those are my numerous pet in the pictures below do you really think you are my class? if not because of my present condition you can't talk to me.

Letter 3

Good morning Sara,
hope you are having fun,but remember your husband is here troubled at heart just because of you.i am going through hell sara. do you have to threat the one you love this way? please think!
Frank keep writing to remand me of the dateline giving.what do i do my love? do come online am here waiting.I miss you so much.




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