Scam Email(s) from Rick Maxwell Burr to Pat (USA)


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Letter 1

Howdy Patricia

Although meeting you was fate,becoming your friend was a choice though friendship is the best thing that comes to life. Friends will always be there for you. Don’t worry about the wrongs one that come and go,they weren't meant to stay,it's just a passage we to know who God has destined to be us.Worry about the people who had your back from the start and never treated you wrong. Always remember they are your real friends. Don’t ever take them for granted because one day you’re going to lose a good friend by the way your actions are. When you see a good friend,stick to that person...

I'm Major General serving with the Australian Army Force as a senior officer and also in United State Army Pacific,i joined the Army Force in 1982 but currently I' here at Aleppo city of Syria on peacekeeping mission after my last one in Iraq and Afghanistan also talking about my family i lost my dad when i was very young and i have aged mom who is living with her sister in Canada but i don't have siblings because the only brother i had cause my divorced with my evil minded wife whom they having sex intercourse when i was away at work till a fateful day my son caught them on the act and told me about it and my ex almost eliminate my lovely son with some poisonous substance...

my Hobbies are reading newspapers,watching TV and my favorite color is White and Blue,i like listening to music like blues,Christian and Country songs and my favorite musicians are Don Moen,Don Williams,Michael Jackson and John Legend,Sport particularly Swimming,Travelling most on tour and by Religious I'm very dedicated Roman Catholic,my plans for my Future to find a woman and settled down now i found you in my life,I want to settled with you honey

I enjoy movies, music, fine dining,a quiet walk or just talking over some wine and soft music with someone special is always a great pastime too,also I love to relax, shopping and sightseeing.Maybe go on a weekend mini trip or to a sporting event or Christian concert or Church functions,it's what we as a couple decide that works for us.For instance,you might like to play golf on Saturday's and I might just putter around the house cleaning or reading,In the summer,it is to go swimming or rather float around in the pool with a good book to read and a cool drink,I like to play volleyball and tennis as well,visit with family and friends movies or dining out.

I reside in Washington D.C while i'm in the state but we can move and get or build a new house at your desired place when I'm back home to meet you and i have some great intention to go into good investments like real estate or oil and gas business after my retirement which will be next year or so,to enable us build a happy family together when we are aged,talking about my occupation,i have told you this before though i work in the Military in the US Army Pacific as the Deputy Commanding General-Operations and also in the Australian Army as a senior officer and with the United Nation on Peacekeeping missions..

Bubbly,outgoing with a great sense of humor. I'm willing to help anyone in need and when I'm in,I'm all in.Not necessarily a happy personality but a funny personality I guess.I would describe my personality as very outgoing and social. I am easy to talk to and a good listener. I understand people and I make friends very easily, I'm very compassionate,I am fairly easy going. I am willing to help anyone at any time. I do not like to be taken advantage of also I'm a kind-hearted caring individual that looks out for others.I try to help in any way possible and I am always looking out for my family. I have a good view on life and I am the happiest I have ever been.

I would tell them that I'm a honest and hard-working individual. I am usually busy and like to pursue my goals wholeheartedly. I don't have tendency to hold on to things from the past and always live to forget the ugly past...I'm an extremely determined person. No matter what, I will push through limitations and adversity to try and get what I want, and what is best for myself and those around me. Beyond that, I am extremely compassionate and kind and will do everything and anything for my friends.

I'm a caring,honest with a God fearing heart and intelligent person. I would do anything for my family and everything I do is basically looking out for their needs. I love children a lot and am always looking into everything that has to do with them.Like finding new crafts, events or activities, fun recipes to make for them, or new findings in development or strategies for teaching. I love reading all the time whether it be to my children or enjoy a good Stephen King novel or reading recent studies.I also really like to cook! I'm always looking for new recipes to make or foods to try. I'm also pretty well known for having the Food Network running in my house. You can never have too many ideas!

I am a very happy and compassionate person. I enjoy sharing things and talking to people about a variety of things. I have a quick wit and love to laugh about everything under the sun. I can be quiet at first, but once you get to know me, I don’t shut up. I am fun loving, but serious when necessary. I have a logical mind but understand and feel emotions as well and I'm a calm and reserved person too

I will look forward to get your reply and hope you find this interesting because i really want to build my love life with you...

if you do care to know more about me

Best Regard,

Maj Gen Rick Maxwell Burr

Letter 2

My Darling Angel

I know there's an ocean between us and I wish that it weren't true,for every day when I arise,I yearn to be with you. Though a lot of distance lies between us,you'll always be in my mind and my heart And every night beneath the stars,I pray for the day we'll never be part.

Every day I will be thinking about you. When my eyes are closed, when I sing and dance to a love song, when I'm checking my email, I will be thinking about you. When I go to sleep in the loneliness of my room and give in to wonderful dreams I will definitely be thinking about you.

I know someday we will meet and spend our lives with each other. I have waited for someone like you, and now that I have found you I will never let you go. I love you so much,my darling!!

Love Always

Rick Maxwell Burr

Letter 3

My Love,

A very good morning to you. You are the essence and charm of my life. You mean music to my ears, concern to my heart and add value to my life. You are worthy of all love and praise from the bottom of my heart.

I have never been lucky much in life and the world has not been so loving and caring to me. But your presence has brought fragrance to my life and I have started loving life as never before. You have added a meaning to my life. It has never been like this before.

You are the loving companion I always wanted and adored in my life. You are the most beautiful woman on earth and any man would love being with you. I appreciate you have chosen me.

We will always be with each other in every mode of life, in all ups and downs and in all untrodden paths of life. I promise to give you the life you always dreamt of. We will surely make the best couple on earth. We will have several adventures of life together and even promise you the most wonderful intimate time. You too will remember me always. I love you more than any other man on earth.

I want you to promise being with me always. I cannot survive without you. You are the one whom I trust and with whom I can share the most loving and most bitter experiences of life. I long for the time you will be in my arms and we will spend hours together.

The most important thing is that when one has a loving friend like you becoming a life partner, what can be greater than that. You are the one who can understand me, know me, be with me, help me, love me ...

You will soon realize how strongly I talk from the bottom of my heart. I promise to share all the burdens of life together and have a wonderful time together. I promise to be a good and responsible partner and best father in future. Hope you have the same committed attitude towards me. Love you sweet heart.

I have so much to offer you and I have been holding the feelings deep inside my heart. I have tried to open up a little but there is a lot more in the pool for you.

Your eyes reveal the feelings from the bottom of your heart though you are always shy to speak it out. You can take your own time to order your words.

Love You My Queen....As The New Year Approaches,
May Your Life Be Filled
With Lots Of Celebrations
As Well As Happiness;
Wishing You Superb
And Prosperous New Year.

Rick Maxwell Burr

Letter 4

My Darling
Loving you is something I just can't stop. There is no controlling my heart. It has yearned for you for so long, the only song I sing is of you.
In every cell of my body; in every corner of my being my love for you fills me.
Whenever I am with you, it is like having my emotional batteries recharged with joy. Your smile radiates into me. Your touch sends little shivers through my body. Your presence pleases my mind and your soul pours peace on mine.
I love you ... madly, sincerely, completely and with no reservation, in a way that is blissfully wonderful.
I love you for being yourself, and I love you because of the person you made me become.
How blessed I am to care so deeply and more so to be loved as deeply in return.
Rick Maxwell Burr




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