Romance scam letter(s) from Timothy Coffey to Renee (Canada)
Letter 1

Hi dear, I read through your profile and i must say that it is nice and i will like to be friend's with you. According to your bios you discovered yourself and you seem to feel comfortable and confident. I like this and many other things about you. I find you very interesting. Thank you for being you. It would be nice to hear from you. What can I say, I’m a romantic at heart. I love the idea of finding that perfect person for me, someone I will devote my life to and put the effort in to ensure she feels special every day. I’m attentive, I am ready for my next adventure in life. I will love to chat with you. Tim
Letter 2

Thanks for your kind reply to my message. I hope you are having a lovely weekend? We are quite a a distance but i want you to know that distance is not an issue when it comes to developing a bond for me as i believe true friendship knows no distance or lapse of time. I will want us to continue chatting through my personal email as i am not always on the site and my subscription expires soon with no intent of renewing as i have not had a good experience on the site so far. My personal email is and i will be looking forward to reading from you. Have a great day. Warm regards, Tim
Letter 3

Dearest Renee, Thanks for your wonderful email to me. I hope your day started wonderfully and you had a good night rest? I read your profile online and i truly liked it. I liked the calm and inner peace i felt when i read through it. I enjoyed reading your email from top to bottom and i must say you are the type of woman i am looking for. I like a woman who is confident and still knows how to be a woman and seek her man's arm for comfort. I also see we have a lot in common from your mail and i will like to build on that. Here is more about me and i look forward to us being great friends. What you see is what you get from me. I am open and expressive.I am honest and caring communicator. I love to laugh and appreciate the joy of friendship. I am loyal and dependable, family and good friends mean the world to me. I strive to be generous with my time, talents, and other resources that I've been blessed with. What can I say, I’m a romantic at heart which you know already...Lol. I love the idea of finding that perfect person for me, someone I will devote my life to and put the effort in to ensure she feels special every day. I’m attentive, I am ready for my next adventure in life. I am originally from Australia, I like to walk on the beach or park, hike and explore, and in Winter, I like ski and snuggle, gardening and in Summer, I like going to the beach, golfing, camping and any activity on or near water, ocean or lakes. I will like to know more about you, like what you like doing for fun, your likes and dislikes about relationships, family, and lots more. I have a daughter who is 20yrs old and she is married to her high school sweetheart and i envy them sometimes. They both live in Australia and I am always alone with a lot of time to play around when am not working. I originally live in New York city but i work in Brighton and i have been here for the past five months and counting. I intend to relocate here as i live alone and my home in New York is always empty and the bills keep running. I am from a small family, I am an only child and I have a cousin brother who lives with his family in Australia, he has two daughters and i enjoy my time with them when i get a chance to visit. I always visit them during Christmas but i will not be going this year as i have lots of work at hand. I am divorced, i left my wife 6 years ago. I have been single since my ex left home and i feel it is time to have a relationship again. I have been trying to have a relationship for the past one year but have not met any lady i like or feel chemistry for until now that i met you, I want a serious relationship that will have meaning and can lead to us spending our life together if we get lucky. I have been on the site for 3 months and it's been a terrible experience until i saw your profile. I am a civil engineer and i am into repair of oil rig, ship and lots more. I also like to volunteer when i can. I work with independent firms on contract base. I just thought i should take a look at my matches at my last minute on the site when i saw your profile and I was very pleased with all you wrote and thought i let you know how i feel about you.
Please tell me about your experience on the site so far and how your single life affects you. You look so beautiful and i wonder why you are still single, getting a good match is very difficult i guess and not everyone wants to be committed. Where are you originally from and do you have a middle name?
Please tell me more about yourself as i would love to know you more and become good friends with you. Please feel free to ask me all the question you have for me as, questions and positive communication will help us a long way.
Enjoy the rest of your day. Warm regards,
Letter 4

Dear Renee, I hope you are having a lovely day and your activities where successful? I was thinking about you all through the night. I have not met a lady like you and i am very keen in getting to know more of you. I know we are at a distance and it's not helping matters a lot. I want you to know that i will love to come meet with you when things are right with us. I want you to know that you are the only woman i am chatting with from the site as i have deactivated my profile, I am a monogamous man and it is only this way you can truly get to know someone. I think you need to take your time to know people and not judge after a date. Not everyone is them selves during a first date.
I see you know what you want in life and i like that about you. I am a very adventurous man and i think we are very much alike. I will like you to send me some photos of your self as i will like to have your picture on my album. I love to laugh a lot and make things work. I have worked various people in life and i will say i am quite sociable.
I am very glad you are a family person and that makes me like you. Family is the most important thing in my life and i can't do anything without family being involved. I don't live with my Joey but we talk every day. She is the source of my happiness and i miss her a lot but it is time for her to find life on her own and i am very supportive to her. My daughter lives in Sydney with her husband. They relocated to Australia after their marriage and they are doing great. They are both doing their masters and having fun. I guess Australians are very loving people that is why everybody fall in love with us and use the accent as a leverage to like us.
I do appreciate all you said about yourself. I know we are at a distance and it is a bit hard for both of us but i want you to know that i will do my best for us to keep contact and get to know one another better. You are everything i want in a lady and i will do my best to make you happy. I think you are a very good person and i am happy to know more about you. I want you to see this time we are apart as an opportunity for us to get to know more about each other and hopefully get to fall in love with one another before we meet. I want us to meet like old friends so we would not feel awkward when we are together and we would know the perfect things to say to one another. I am a one woman to one man type of man. I am a true Christian and i believe we must be honest with each other at all times. I like you and i want things to grow positively between us. You are an amazing lady, i will want to make you mine for the rest of my life. Since the day i saw your profile, i have not been able to get you out of mind. I wake up every morning with you in my heart and i want you to always be my source of joy. I do not want to play games with you and i want you to know having a good man is not by how many dates you rush to, you must not let any man hurry you to a date and don't be in haste to get a date with man. I am not a man to go out to a bar to look for a lady and i guess online is the only way for us that do not go out a lot in search of a date. But the bottom line is we all need to be patient with our self and it will come someday. True love might not come from a first good date as it flies with out wings and sometimes it's right in front of us and we don't consider them because of our human factors. I want you to know i am very honest with everything i say to you as you have made my dream of having a loving partner come true. I will want to take you to a dance someday. I do like you and i will like to be your new best friend. I want to know how your day went and what made you smile or unhappy during the day. I will be looking forward to reading from you again and i will appreciate it if you send me your phone number along side the photo so i can call you and get to hear your voice.
I wish you the best of always and all good things come your way. Loving regards,
Letter 5

Good Morning Renee, God said Call My name in the morning and you will hear Me whisper, “I love you” Seek Me when you open your eyes and feel My presence near you. Whenever you reach for Me, I will extend My hand of mercy to you, for My mercies are new every morning. Though at times it may feel I am not near you, I am. For you are my love and I will never forsake you. I will keep you warm when the world is cold. You never need to wonder again if I will be there in the morning when you awake as i will always be there for you all day long. Thanks for your reply to my message and i must say it is lovely to learn more about you. I just woke up and said my prayers and thought i share this inspirational message to lighten your day.
I will be looking forward to us being good friends and getting to know more about each other. I have not dated in a long time and i am a little rusty at this and don't know the right thing to say sometimes but i want you to be patient with me as we get to know one another. I am in this for a long term relationship. Do you have any other man you are chatting with? Tell me about your experience on the dating site and the things you like to do with your man. Enjoy your day and i will call you tonight before going to bed so i can get to hear your lovely voice if you will give me your number. I also attached pictures of myself so you know it's me and why would i be someone else? We also eat roasted turkey covered with cranberry sauce and some salad. I might be working this Christmas as i have a project which i am making research for. It is my last project before i retire and i want you to add me in your prayers so it comes through for me.

Warm regards,
Letter 6

H Renee, Thanks for your lovely email to me. I like the honesty in your mail and i must say that i am happy we can communicate on such a lovely way. It is easy to write to you and i know we are at a distance and it is not really helping matters but i want you to know that religion is not a criterial for me to have a relationship. I do not want to be involved in any online dating again. I want to take my time with you and get to know more about you. I know i am a bit rigid with the things i write to you as i have never done this before. I always meet for coffee and take it on from there. Most of the ladies i have met even my fellow Christians where not interested in a committed relationship. I do love my religion but am not the type to bend people to my ways. I believe one should be allowed to live life outside religion ethics. I like the confidence and knowledge your email passes to me, I do want to be friends and see how it goes. I am not head over hills to rush into any relationship and i am sorry if my compliments to you where too early but i just thought i expressed myself to you. I want a lady that i will love beyond life ethics, wealth, and religion.
Please do send me some pictures of you and the Christmas tree which you bought. What are you doing for Christmas? Are you going to have family over or you are going to meet them?
I have a child charity program that i am going today and after that i am meeting with the board of directors from C&N Petroleum. I need to collect a contract biding form from the board. You said you work for the government as a self employed project manager. Can you please throw more light on that, I want o know what you do and if it sometimes involve field work. What is your dream job? I have always wanted to be an engineer and i love what i do for a living. I want you to still give us a chance in getting to know more about each other. I see we both like to same fun things like, camping, hiking and going to the movies or theater.
I wish you have the best out of today and try not to work yourself a lot. You can send me your number so i can check up on you sometimes as you have a lot of time to yourself and i will want to occupy you sometimes. Warm regards,
Letter 7

Hi Renee, I hope you had a lovely night rest and you are having a beautiful morning? I am sorry if i scared you with my mail. I do not mean to sound obsessive and am sorry about that. I am a responsible man and i can take care of myself. I do not need you to feel responsible for me. I still will like us to get know each other. If you do not mind, we can start afresh and forget about our previous conversation and see where it goes.
I wish you lots of fun and happiness in this weekend. Tim
Letter 8

Dear Renee, Often in life we come across many people who have helped us, made our lives better and taught us good lessons. They may or may not be family but are truly cherished. On Thanksgiving Day we express our gratitude towards them. Let people know how much they mean to you. Pen down what your heart says here are some thanksgiving wishes wording. Thanksgiving is more than the festivities, it gives us time ponder upon what lessons we have learnt and how we can spread happiness around, to look back at all the great memories and good people who came in our lives. Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and your loved ones! Tim
Letter 9

Dear Renee, I hope you are having a lovely day and all is well with you? I am glad you had a lovely thanksgiving and you had fun with family even though it's not your thanksgiving period? The weather was very nice all through the holiday and it made things more easier. My daughter occupied all my time during this thanksgiving. She took me bowling, then we went to see a movie, we both worked at my garden and i also made her watch the football games with me. It was a lovely holiday and i loved every time i spent with my daughter, as we have not had a lot of time spend with with each other during the year. Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday, followed by Christmas. What is your favorite Holiday? I have been thinking a lot about us and i thought i ask you a few question and also try to tell you more about me so we can get to know more about each other. So here is a list of questions from me to you and i hope my questions don't drown you. What made you decide to try online dating vs other options?
I am not a fan of online dating but i don't know where to go and meet people who want to be committed like you. I tried the church but almost all the ladies in church are married and am not a man to ask random ladies out. Do you have a bucket list of things you want to do in life? Does it have an order?
Yes i do have a bucket list of things that i want to do in life. I think retiring by the end of the year is at the top of that list, then relocating to a lovely environment with my partner if God blesses me with one. Maybe You as i truly like you a lot. If you could travel anywhere in the next year, where would you go and why?
I have been to a lot of countries as my job takes me around the globe but i will love to visit Scotland again. Go for sight seeing and enjoy the lively environment. I am sore of traveling now as i have been doing that for a long time now. I have been to China, Greece, Mexico, Qatar, England, Russia, Belgium, India, Northern Ireland, Spain, Scotland and Switzerland. Favorite meal = breakfast, lunch or dinner?
Mine in breakfast -such a variety of foods that qualify as breakfast foods. Brunch is even better; : ) Favorite cuisine?
Mine is probably Italian and my best meal is Mac and cheese made from scratch. Dietary restrictions or beliefs?
I eat most things but not oysters or liver,heart, tongue. Although I've had great Steak and Kidney pie in Scotland! Favorite music band?
Tough to choose. I love all music, except for rap and heavy metal. Probably The Eagles will be my best band of all time. Favorite song?
Mine - Your Wildest Dreams by the Moody Blues (ignore the video on you tube - just listen to the words) Song you cannot stand?
Mine: Money by Pink Floyd - There's a story that goes with this one.
Where were you born? I was born in Gold Coast city in Sydney. What are some recent places you have visited?
I have visited lots of places as my work takes me around. I was recently in Texas Houston and also went to China on a business trip. If you have one wish to make, what would it be and why?
Mine will be to have a happy family and watch my daughter grow into a woman and have a family of her own. How do you feel sometimes when you are lonely?
I love to take a walk in the park or go walk by the beach when am lonely. Marriage they say "Is For Better, For Worse" do you believe in this principle?
I believe in it and hope to be married again someday. I hope my questions are not boring for you? I thought this might be a way for us to know more about each other and become better friends.
I will be looking forward to reading from you and i will not mind answering a list of questions from you aswell.
I am going for a contract presentation by tomorrow and i want you to please add me in your prayers so i can get this contract whenever you pray. It is my last job before i retire and i want it. Warm regards,
Letter 10

Dear Renee,

Often in life we come across many people who have helped us, made our lives better and taught us good lessons. They may or may not be family but are truly cherished. On Thanksgiving Day we express our gratitude towards them. Let people know how much they mean to you. Pen down what your heart says here are some thanksgiving wishes wording. Thanksgiving is more than the festivities, it gives us time ponder upon what lessons we have learnt and how we can spread happiness around, to look back at all the great memories and good people who came in our lives. Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and your loved ones!


Letter 11

Good morning dear Renee, Know that there is nothing better than waking up and getting a mail from you to start my day. I really had to write this letter today because I can't stop thinking about you, even if I try my hardest not to. Much as I know there isn't much we can do against the distance between us, you still don't seem to leave my thoughts. I think we should make a plan to get together this weekend, what do you think?
You are my most constant memory; you are the consolidate passion in my heart, and i bless the day we made contact.
Thanks a lot for the well wishes on my contract presentation and i must say i enjoyed reading a lot about you and getting to know more of you. I was with a lot of other engineers and we had a lovely time together. I will be flying back home today from Washington DC where I went for the presentation.
This project is awarded by C&N Petroleum company and i have been making researches on it for the past 3 month. I am repairing an Oil rig, building a new storage facility, and also maintaining oil spillage. It is a seven week job and i am so looking forward to it. They are awarding five projects, all in different countries and i hope to get one of it. They are giving in Mexico, Canada, South Africa, Luxembourg and Netherlands. I do hope i get the one in Canada as i will love to be close to home. They are a new oil company and are just starting to build oil wells.
As a civil engineer, i am going to be the owner of the contract if it is awarded to me and i will be paid when i am done with the job. I will be the one to get workers that will work for me and will be responsible for any issues that may arise on the project site during the time of the project. It is a very interesting project and i hope to get it. We are done with presentation of our researches and the company will contact us to let us know if we get it. They will send us a contract agreement and all we need do is sign if we are interested in which ever project that is giving to us among the five.
Now and forever, all I wish is to feel your head on my shoulder your bright eyes smile at me. You, my beloved friend, will always have the loveliest and most beautiful face and I will always see in your smile the silver lining of my dreams. Am i the only man you are communicating with? I will want you to quit the dating site as i like you all to myself and i am a monogamous person. Please let me know if there is anything i say that you don't understand and if i miss any question. With a kiss from yours,
Letter 12

Dear Renee, It is so lovely to know you woke up thinking about me this morning. I will have goose bumps all day. I am sorry to hear about your sister loss. Please accept my condolence. She most have loved the cat so much. I also had a dog before and since she died, i have not been able to have another. I know that is her best friend as they have been together for a long time, I only had mine for 11years.
Your son looked very happy in the photo, i see you you are both having lots of fun. I attached a photo of my garden.
I do think omitting an important information is a lie, and i told you that i relocated to Florida from Australia with my family and my works takes me around. You never read my mails with attention if not you would have asked about Florida as i told you it was my first home.
I am always in Brighton and i plan to relocate to Brighton when i retire. It is a better place for me to do my research.
I have told you everything you need to know about me and anything i have not talked to you about, you can bring my attention to it. I did not omit this, you just never asked about it. I do not stay in Jacksonville a lot of times as i am either in Brighton making researches or working at the field.I can fly down to come see you by nest weekend if that is okay with you. I will be in Brighton and we can meet up. Coming to see you is not an issue for me. If things work out well with us, i can move to Brighton and we will work it out from there. I enjoy our chats very much as well. Yes, We do seem to be so very well suited but this distance thing is not an issue as i am willing to relocate for us to work. I do not think you are nuts, it's just your virtues as a lady. I am okay with the change of date, you are lucky to have a mum and i am glad you still spend sometime with her. I will love to meet her someday. I am sure i am going to like her.
I am also replying to your remaining question and he it is below. 51. Do you consider yourself neat or sloppy? Yes i consider myself a very neat person as in my religion, cleanliness is nest to Godliness. 52. Have you ever told a white lie to spare someone's feelings? Yes i have told a white lie before and it didn't hurt 53. Favorite city and why Carmel water front, California is my best city as it reminds me of home. It looks a lot like my home town because of the beach and tourist always coming in. You meet new people everyday in Carmel same as my home town. 54. Complete this sentence: It bugs me when people think they have the power or money to oppress others. 55. The first thing people notice about me is: I would say it is my smile and calm nature. 56. The most important things you are looking for in a suitable mate Just a lady that will love me for who i am and not what i have. A woman who will be honest with me in all aspect of life and i can always count on her trust and loyalty' 57. Name 3 things you can't live without My daughter, Kitchen and a good woman. 58. How do you keep a relationship alive and romantic? I try to always be willing to serve my partner, put her first before anything and always compliment her everyday. 59. Are you an introvert or extrovert? You should be able to tell this because of the way i write. Tell me what you think about me on this. I want to know if you are truly getting to me. 60. Are you a morning or night person? I am a morning person. 61. Are you a fast driver or cautious and stick to the slow lane? I am a cautious driver but i am a fast one. I never exceed 120km/hr though 62. Do you currently or have you had any pets? Yes i have had a pet 63. How do you feel about cats? I think cats are great and i love them. I have never had them but my neighbor does. 64. How will you make friends with my son? I think i will need to meet him and get to understand him. I will be soft and friendly with him. I know he will see me as a rival but i will take my time with him and am sure he will come around an we will best of friends. 65. Do oil rigs have internet or telephones? How will we keep in touch when you're out at sea? I have had internet access in some oil rig, it all depends on the management but phone networks are always available. 66. What's is it like being out at sea far away from land? It is nice and lovely out there. You get to experience nature in a different form. I do miss it sometimes and to be honest i am going to miss my job when i retire but it's not always all about the money. 67. Have you ever seen whales? Sharks, manta rays or flying fish? Yes i have seen lots of sea animals and sometimes we go fishing as well. I will send you photos if i get this new job. 68. What did Joey say when you told her about your new online relationship? Honestly. Did she tell you to take it slow because she doesn’t want you to get hurt? Yes she did say that but she also said she trust my decisions as i have never told her about a lady before. I hope my profile percentage have increased and i look forward to the rest of the questions. I like what we are doing and i thank you for opening a dating site for us. Enjoy your day and have a great time with your family. I wish i have mine close. I will be in my study all day and listen to some music. I might go out later tonight to an Italian restaurant not far from me. I always order lasagna but i think i am going to have some sea food tonight. I am getting a bit nervous as i have not heard anything from the company.
I wish you joy and success in your new project as well. I will add you in my prayers and i look forward to us getting along. Warm regards,
Letter 13

Hello Sweetie, Good morning to you from a happy heart, How are you doing my love? How was your night, Fine I know? I woke up this morning with thoughts of you in my heart and I decided to go to my computer and see if I got an email from you and probably right you one back and I saw something and I can't believe this my love, I'm so happy, and I feel so blessed. I just can't believe this. The announcement was made and I was selected among the lucky five....My dear, I'm so happy. I was so nervous and scared, but I still had my hopes high because of my prayers and your prayers and words of confidence. When I got to my computer to check my email, I found that I got a message in there from the contract. firm... You brought so much happiness and good luck into my life... THANK YOU. You are a sweet heart. I will have to fax down some additional information that is needed from me..... Love, the document backing this project has been faxed to me for signature but the agreement with the contract firm states that all contractors should be willing and able to handle everything for the finalization of the project, and they will be paid after completion of the project. Therefore, I have read and understood the agreement. Hence, I will sign the contract letter and fax down to them. The project value is worth $8,500,000.00 and the duration to complete the project is Six weeks (excluding a one week off after the first 3 weeks from now. Meanwhile, I'm so glad I could email you, at least just to let you know I care about you and cherish you. I do appreciate your care too, and I will let you know what ever happens. However, I was referred to the project site in South Africa.... I thought it would be Canada, but all the same, thanks be to God almighty that it wasn't Mexico... The Contract states that I have to start work immediately as my contract duration has already started counting from today. I called the agent in Washington D.C immediately before writing this email and he informed me that I have to proceed immediately with the project and I need to get all the funds and the investors ready to carry this out as soon as possible. Apparently, I'll have to leave to South Africa by Monday, so that, I can start work without delays so as to meet with the deadline given as the time has already started counting because it counts from yesterday that the announcement was made. I'll give you a call after getting everything sent over to them, I'm just so happy. With joy in me, Before my retirement to bed last night,little did I know i will wake up to this surprise.
I put this down just for you.... Your friendship and love,
And all the wonderful things
That they bring into my life,
Are like nothing else
I have ever known.
My heart is complete
With the friendship we share,
And our love grows more
Beautiful each day.
I love us,
And as long as we are together,
I have everything I need.
You are with me always...
In a smile, a memory, a feeling
Or a moment we share.
You will always be
My Forever friend. My Joy, I cherish you and I'm so happy. GOOD MORNING TO YOU MY DEAR FROM A WARM HEART Your Man.
Letter 14

To my dear friend Renee, Good morning dear, I hope you had a good night rest and you are having a lovely Sunday morning? What are you doing today? I am going shopping today as i have to get new boots for my workers. I am employing over 70 workers, so i have to get them fresh boots, work overall and some protective gear.
My days are happier just because I have a friend like you. You make my world happier and more complete. Feel great to be able to count on your unsuspected affection and friendship. I enjoyed reading all your emails and you made me feel so special.
You’re the type of friend that everyone should have, a friend like you makes everything easier! Your friendship brings me nothing but joy and satisfaction. Having you close by makes my days more pleasant and there’s nothing better than to always enjoy your happiness and good sense of humor!
You know I’m not into fighting, don’t you? But I would go to war with the entire Evil Empire they talk so much in the papers and on television, just to keep your friendship. You can’t imagine how good it makes me feel to know that I have in you the best of friends!
For all of the above, I want you to know that in the moments of joy or when you are a bit sadder, in health or during flu, you can always count on my friendship and my affection! I am sorry i could not reply to your mails yesterday as i had a very busy day and went straight to bed when i got home. I will call you tonight so we can talk more. I will want to talk to you always and not have to pick time to talk to you. Your kitchen is very beautiful and i like it, i see you are a free spirited lady and i like that about you. I would say i am an Ambivert as i have the traits of both an extrovert and an introvert. I would want to plan Christmas with you and get to spend sometime knowing each other during the holiday when i return. You should also take your time to talk to your son about us as i do not want you dong what you are not comfortable with. I know i can easily express my feelings to you but i don't want you to ever feel the pressure that you have to do same for me. You mum is a very lovely woman and it will be an honor to meet the lady who brought you up and gave you life and thought you family ethics.
Don’t ever forget that, OK? I will do my best to always keep contact with you everyday when i travel and i will love to call you everyday if you will create time for us to talk daily. Enjoy your day and i look forward to us talking tonight. A kiss from yours,
Letter 15

My Sweet Renee, We are now many miles away from each other and I just miss you so much. I am always longing to see you, so that I can touch you and see you smile.
I want to hug you. I want to feel your sweet embraces but how can I possibly do that when you are so far away. How I wish you were here with me now. I could have hold tight, but all I can do as of this moment in order to be near you, is to keep hold in my heart all the lovely things we have been sharing since the day we fell in met and until now. I promise you, no one can come between us. I will always stay faithful to us. I know that I am your one and only man as you are my only woman. That is why my trust to you is as big as my love for you.
Though we maybe far from each other, we may not be able hold each other for now, we are still together, we are so near because of the love that we both have in our hearts. You are very special and that’s why I feel honored to be your friend. I know life wouldn’t be this easy if I didn’t’ have a friend like you… Thank you for all you have done for me, for all the support and help!
To have you as my friend is one of the major reasons for my happiness. You are great! With you near by I hardly need anything else. I know I could travel the entire world but I would never find a friend as faithful and loyal as you.
What thrills me the most about this friendship we have is the over flooding loyalty and honesty, your willingness to dedicate the best of your soul to someone else, your unique altruism and your catching good humor…
I trust in that brotherly feeling so much that I don’t even feel like I owe you anything, although I probably do, considering how much you have helped me and how good you make me feel!
My darling, you are a great friend, the best I have ever met and the best I have! If you ever need something, don’t hesitate to call me: I want you to know that you have in a true friend, a friend who would never avoid from any sacrifices to help you! I have arrived safely to South Africa and i am screaning my workers today. Work will start tomorrow and i will be going offshore tonight as we have lots of work to do and less time at hand. Thanks for wishing me lots of luck on my job and i hope you have same good luck in everything you do this christmas. Hugs and kisses,
Letter 16

Dear Renee, I hope you are having a lovely day? I am very happy to read to read from you this evening. It is 11:00pm here and i just finished taking my bath after a long day. I was supposed to go offshore tonight but i could not make it as the chopper left before i ended my day. I am working with 30 skilled workers and 40 unskilled workers. I had to go meet with the mayor of the town county today as he requested to meet with me. I was told by him that i will have to make a donation to the town. They are reviewing my contract and will let me know what i need to do for them by tomorrow. The kids in the photo are locals and i met them at my visit to the town hall yesterday when i met with the rig handler.
I like our infatuation friendship and i hope it grows into something meaningful and lasting. I had a very lovely flight, i slept most of the time and i don't feel so tired. I have a drive in me to get working as soon as possible as i already miss home. I did not get one of my luggage which had 8 pairs of shoes and the airline attendant said they check for it and it maybe they left it behind when in Netherlands where we changed plane.. The airport said they will get back to me and i signed an affidavit to that. The city is beautiful but the people are not very welcoming. The racism here is very high but i talked to my workers against such things and i hope to get a lovely period with them. The town is not a developed place and i am glad i got most of my apparatus before coming down here as i can't get a place to buy good boots to replace the lost ones. My equipment arrived today and i will be going to clear them tomorrow so work can start right away. I did not get your voicemail dear but i am glad you left me one.
What are you up to? I hope your son is great and you still have your movie time with him and he is having a nice holiday period? What are the things he like to do apart from swimming?
I can call you every morning before you go to work as it will be mid day for me. Is that okay with you? I do not want to wake your son up but your phone can be on silent or you can send me a message when you awake by morning so i can call you and get to hear your morning voice. I hope you sound awful when you wake up....
Enjoy the rest of your day while i go to bed. Warm regards,
Letter 17

Dear Renee, I hope you are having a lovely day and your night was great? I tried to call you when i woke up this morning but i got your voicemail. What time did you go to bed last night and i hope your day was successful. I want to talk to you about something dear, and i don't have the courage to do so on the phone and thought i write you a mail. I just got back from the town hall with my lawyer and i went to talk to mayor about giving half of the money for the clinic and they have agreed to it. I told them i will start the project for them but i will complete it before the end of my job. The good news is that they agreed to it because of my lawyer presence and they bad news is i still do not have the complete money for this. My friend will be sending me some of the money today for the clinic.
Baby i know what am about to say is wrong as i do not expect you to do anything for me. I will like you to invest in my contract by helping me complete the money for clinic project. I will pay you back when i get back for Christmas. I know it is not a good idea to ask this from you but i don't have anyone else to ask and thought i ask a favor from you. I will understand if you don't want to get involved with this but i beg you dear in God name to please help me out if you can.
I hope you have a lovely day and good things come your way. I will be looking forward to reading a reply from you and thanks for always checking up on me as it means a lot to me and i hope our friendship only grows stronger and better. Kind regards,
Letter 18

Hi Renee, Thanks so much for your understanding and willing to help me. I hope you had a nice time with mum and your meeting went well? How is Mo today? What do you always do as a family on Sunday? Baby i am in need of $32,000.00 Do you think you can get that for me? I am sorry for my delay in replying to you as i have been so busy running around trying to make things work faster. I am sorry i have to worry you with this and i want you to know i totally appreciate you for giving me your audience and being a friend to me at this time of my life. Beautiful Thanks,
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