Romance scam letter(s) from Bruce Rivera to Silvanira (Brasil)
Letter 1

Hello Honey,
I am writing this letter to you with tears in my eyes,I would confess that i regret the first ever step i take. I regret coming to Nigeria.On my way out to the airline office. Some 'gang' came across us fully equipped with different kinds of armed materials like Knife,sledge hammer and other things.They said to Us to bring all valuable things on us out and i was arguing and dragging with them,one of them pushed me on the floor and one placed a knife right to my neck and i was unable to even say a word,they took my credit card and all the cash i had on me ($6,000) The sledge hammer was hitted on my knee and on standing up to walk, I couldn't walk,I had to get a cab with some good sammaritans and get me to the hospital. The doctor told me that, It is a Tibia/Fibula Fracture of the leg.I'm really having alot of pain at the moment and this is killing me,I dont know what to do else than to come right back to a hotel close to the airport to inform you.I have no way of getting any cash and have no one to help out other than you,I was thinking if you would be such a darling as you've always been to me and continue to be by loaning me some money($6000) which will be paid back as soon as I get back to the state.I need to pay my hosital treatment bill and pay for my flight so I can leave here right away.I know it sounds blunt and plain but I feel behind every successful man there a woman to support.. Now is the time I need your support and I believe you'll give it to me right. I firmingly believe that you will never want any thing bad to happen to me as I will never want anything bad to happen to you too.I will have to eat and take my drugs now and come back on later to see if there is an email from you.I'm using the public computer of the hotel now baby. I really believe that you will do something about this ...' Thank you very much Honey' !!!
Letter 2

118-400 Chevron Drive, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria CONTRACT AWARD Date of Award: August 8th,2011 Contract Number: 11733 PR Number: 016377 Replaces Contract: 10709 Procurement Officer: Bruce Rivera
Telephone: 206-350-7071
Crown blocks, Drill pipes and casing,
Circulation heads, pumps, Drill bits, Coring,
Hydraulic clamps, Bailers. Period of Contract: August 9, 2011 through August 24, 2011 Contractor: Bruce Rivera. & Sons Limited Price: $350,000.00 Payment Terms: Advance Part Upfront payment and the remainder after delivery. Administrative Fee: $25000(Not incorporated into the contract fees) Conditions: Contract Price: Davechem contracts are awarded by the Division of Purchases to take advantage of volume discount pricing for goods and services that have a recurring demand. It is as stated above and a 60% advance fee would be paid after the administrative fees has been secured and the rest after the delivery has been fully made. Administrative Fee: Contractor(s) must pay the Administrative Fee made against this contract. The fee is not included in the cost (bid price) of the goods or services. The Administrative Fee is to be based upon the total dollars invoiced under the contract. The Administrative Fee shall be made in cash form, payable to the “Davechem Drills - Division of Purchases” and must be paid within 3days following the day of the award of this contract. Term of Contract: The term of this contract is from Date of Award through August 24, 2011 by written agreement of the parties. Packaging: All items shall be packaged in quantities known as "standard" to the industry, in chipboard boxes and corrugated or fiber shipping containers.
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