Romance scam letter(s) from David Hartman to Patricia (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Patty, How are you ?
It was nice talking to you on Match and I must say you sound interesting and would like to get to know you. Sorry it took me quite sometime to write you. I had a very busy day today and i got home early but took a nap and ended up sleeping in deep. To tell you a little bit more about myself, i have a dog Boozy is a Shih Tzu I prefer to have him around me to help keep me from being lonely as well.Though I love kids but since I was not bless with any,does not mean I should dislike them,if in any case my soul mate should have any,no problem and in any case she would love we adopt one,no problem as well. What matters to me now ,is finding the right one no matter where she is ,if on these planet or not,I must surely find someone who will just put smiles on my face ,someone I can give her my all and someone who can fit my locks. My word matters and people matter! i classify what i do under construction because it involves my business and my late dads. he had a construction company i manage. i'm self employed, i supply excavators to some parts of the world also. i have partners from Japan and other Asian countries. Is a complex work but then very profitable .It has been an evolution to get to this point and a story that is best shared in person ~~I have been in this business for the past 25 years and I sure bet ~~ Its been one blessing to the other.ok enough about work. you really do have a nice smile. i would like to talk more to you and see how things go. i enjoy the little pleasures in life (walking on the beach, swimming, sporting events, going to the movies, candlelight dinners, etc..) as well as traveling and learning about different cultures. I'm sure of myself, and know what I want out of life. I live life very passionately and learn from all of life's experiences! I am quite active and enjoy all water activities and have many other varied interests ~ biking, horse back riding, music, theater, dancing, cards, board games, movies and on and on and on. I am very fair and giving - I see "The" relationship being a blend of "Her" and my strengths - each covering the others weaknesses with no one keeping score - I can do dress up and have all of the social skills, however, my preference is a relaxed environment with the people that matter to me - feet up - and always shared humor. At this point in my life I see a new relationship as the blending of two lives at the half way mark, "we" both need to be accepting and respectful of the others history but move swiftly in making "our" own history and memories ~ life is so precious and so short ~ I want "us" to consciously keep all things negative away from "us" ~ often easier said than done. I want to share in everything life brings "us" as "we" grow old together ~ all phases of life have joy and pain and how "we" share and support each other through those times is paramount. And laugh daily ~ to have the comfort and security of each others love that no matter what silly things "we" may say or do, there will be no judgment ~ only unconditional love by the biblical definition. The woman that God has for me will be one that understands and accepts me and the many aspects of my personality - there is the business man, the little boy, (playful, curious and yes, even sometimes naive), the Man (masculine with class in public and wanting to express the love God has placed in my heart for my woman) - and the helpmate - pretty traditional role and one that I would enjoy - supporting and nurturing my "Woman" and our relationship - I do not want front and center - never have - I want to be part of a couple - Most people assume (up front) that it is not in my personality because of my strengths. I don't want to have to make excuses - however, if I am without the "Woman" I refuse to do "pity party" and not enjoy life or not make use of all of my God given talents and opportunities - But it is probably because of that very trait, that this assumption is made. If given any amount of time, that is quickly dispelled. I want Her to be strong, make me feel safe, adore me and allow me to shower Her with love and adoration. I want God's blessing and guidance in every area of the relationship. The traits that I desire the "Woman" I am looking for to have include good character and handsome – to me, active in her interests, she will have voted in past elections, if she has children, she must be or have been a participating mother ~~ she will have the ability and desire to show affection openly ~ she will be able to communicate both the good and the bad ~ she will laugh and laugh and laugh at herself and at, and with me in the most loving of ways ~ we do all have our moments ~ she will know when to tease me, when to hold me, when to support me, when to love me, when to be my "biggest cheerleader" and should I express something that she feels needs adjustment she will discern the appropriate time to give the constructive feedback ~ I would welcome all of this and whatever else she chooses to give~! I will respect and admire "Her" and do all that I can to enhance and share "Her" life! And I want "Her" to cherish and adore me and have a desire to enhance and share my life and the many blessings that are a part of it! The last few years have been quite challenging and have returned me to God. I continually strive to be more sensitive to the leading of God. What a difference in the outcome, when I take the time to listen to Him. I so desire to find the Woman that God has for me and enjoy the balance of our lives in a God centered and blessed loving relationship. Past relationships have made me realize how important sincerity, loyalty, honesty, adoration, and respect are. The most important thing is to let God lead the relationship - I believe that I am through with unequally yoked relationships. God has prepared me and I am ready to enter into a serious relationship. I want to share everything I have and enjoy each day to its fullest in the relationship of His choosing. Wow,I almost wrote a book.LOL.. For the start ,I'm just mailing to let you know,I got your mail and for when we can chat,let me know what time you will be less busy. I would love to take time in getting to know you more but for now,I want to tell you,Life they say is touch and go. Some people you know may only be there for a time. Some may go away but people who find you special will always find ways to stay.Just a good afternoon message from me to you and to let you know ,every day has a new beginning, a new blessing, a new hope. It's a perfect day because it's God's gift. Have a great day. Hope you can also tell me something about yourself and with some pictures as well if you get any and what time you want us to chat . Sincerely, David
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