Romance scam letter(s) from Patrick Chandler to Vivienne (Scotland)
Letter 1

My Dear, I'm so happy to read your message. Age is nothing but number, Life is not easy in general but we have to appreciate our self for wonders of our being. What a happy moment to found you in my life? You are perfect for me. My heart has already found it's way to you and I will give you my unconditional love . I want you and no one else. I think we should try and make this relationship work beyond imagination. Attached are my pictures. With love, Thomas
Letter 2

My Angel, I am happy to hear from you. My life really change the first day you replied to my request. As I said, I want a woman that will love and cherish me for who I am, I am happy because I have a woman of my choice, woman with love, caring and open minded. A woman that knows what it takes to make his man happy. You have filled my emptiness and my broken heart, I can say now that I am in love. In relationship, I want a Kind constant and honest communication.The willingness to work through difficulties and disagreements. Love, intimacy, romance and sex , Compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness Being able to admit mistakes and to talk about them. As I told you, Age is nothing but number, what matters is love. Most importantly, if you and I feel we are right for each other, age will not matter. I am 6ft 3 ins tall. I am a Sergeant in the Canadian Forces stationed in Afghanistan under NATO. NCO for Atomic, Biological and Chemical Warfare/Defending in charge of the of the Battalion, 31 years in the Army. I am a Baptist by faith.

I will visit you once my mission . I play golf but I have not been playing since I am here in Afghanistan. I like cool music and R&B.

My favorite color is pink and blue. I like hunting even fishing. I love Hibiscus and orchids. I like playing scrabble. hope we can play together? I like black coffee and tea and also I like having pets around especially cat and dog. Have a lovely day my Angel and thanks for being there for me. Love,
Letter 3

My Angel, I am sorry for not be in contact with you for days . After recent killing of the 4 NATO soldiers and some individuals, we were sent to the western Afghanistan stronghold of the Taliban to launch an attack to the insurgents. It is a great fight with the Taliban. I'm back safely and God save me because of you but I sustained minor injury on my left leg. Our aim was achieved, we killed and arrested most of the drug barons and terrorists in the western part of the Afghanistan. A drug baron, Usman Dan Gaba who is the head of the Taliban and also responsible for all the suicide bombings going on here in Afghanistan was also killed. we lost Two NATO soldier and one US soldier . Darling during this fighting, we discovered a large sum of money left in the house of Usman Dan Gaba . He used this money to campaign against U.S. Military and NATO peacekeeping force. My Angel, I safeguard and keep the money under my custody because I intended to keep that money because you and I will use it for good purpose and take care of our families. Angel, you should keep this discussion confidential because this is my last military mission, this money is fruit of my work in military thinking that I really deserve it. I have decided and made an arrangement to send the money to you through Diplomatic means to keep till I come to you because there is no way I can transfer this money in a bank here in Afghanistan without being questioned and we are not allow to make financial transaction from here. I think it's a great opportunity for me and you. Please do not be afraid or scared about anything because everything is under control and I promise you we will rejoice and be happy forever and forever. If you have any suggestions, advice or questions? Let me know what you think. I really appreciate your coming in my life. I love you so much and I can not stop loving you, You completely changed my life and I always thank God Almighty for you in my life. I'll stop here and hope to hear from you. Love and Kissss.
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