Scam Email(s) from David J. Miller to Kathryn (USA)


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Letter 1

Hope all is well with you. My full name is Miller Duncan but you can call me miller. I start by telling you more about me, like i said. here is a little history about me. I was born on the 14th Feb, 1965 at Baptist Hospital of Miami. I started A & A Children Academy at 6 and later on continued from Calvary Baptist Church Schools. I was very playful at school and it affected my academic works. I joined the Military academy at the age of 16.

I was in the boarding school so my parents visit me once in a while. I didn't spend much time at home. My mom was a head teacher and dad was in the medical field. I fought in the Gulf war in 1990 to 1991. The gulf war was fought to liberate Kuwait from autocratic rule of the late Saddam. I had a pretty bad experience.I am an E-6 Staff Sergeant (SSG). I also act as a platoon sergeant in the absence of the Sergeant First Class. I am the leader of my squad.

I am a non commission officer and I work in the senior management of the military.I am currently stationed in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. tell me have you ever been in the army? or have any experience? I have to let you know that I am on my first mission to Afghanistan and I have already spent 10 months here in Afghanistan but will be home very soon after my mission here is complete.

My first mission to Iraq was in 2003. My mission ended in 2005. When back to the States, I found out that my ex betrayed my love by going in for another woman. She cost me a lost. She misused my properties so I paid her off. I was in love with her with all my heart but she let me down.. I was with her for 14 years. I was married only once. I am now looking for another woman to involve myself with. like i said' I will be going home soon after my mission here is complete. and if this works for us then i meet with you soon. Actually, we are not allowed to communicate with outsiders because of security reasons but I need a woman for myself . I think i like you and will like to be close to you, A woman that will be there for me and I will be there for her too. I will not be able to call you because we are not allowed to communicate with outsiders on phone for now. Everything is monitored.

My relationship with my ex was like this. I loved her with all my heart. In fact it is true. I wasn't thinking she can do such a thing. I helped her in his work, support her family, spending much time with her as much as I could. Going with her to the beaches, The movies and a lot of interesting places just trying to make her the happiest woman in life.I do not get angry. It happens once in a while but I know how to control myself. In the army, if you can't control your anger, you gonna end up fighting all the time.As you read from me i also want to know more about you,your work/occupation and your family background.
Am stopping here and now and i hope to hear from you soon.

kisses and huggs




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