Romance scam letter(s) from Mark Bradford to Tammy (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Tammy,

This is Aaron. How are you doing this evening? I hope had a wonderful day! I'm anxious to get to know more about you & plan to meet sometime soon if we ignite a spark.

I'm new to online dating, i really don't know how it works but I believe I will with time. I assume the first thing to do is to tell you more about me. I'm 55 years old and I currently work freelance as a VOIP Engineer. That makes my job more fun for me to be able to make my schedules. My son lives with my dad in Sweden. I miss my son a whole lot you can't imagine. As soon as I'm settled in with a good woman hopefully, I will move him here. I'm originally from Gothenburg, Sweden. I was on scholarship to study at Leeds University in England where I received a degree in Computer Engineering. I met my late wife in my third year, she was from England and at the time, i was helping her with school work when we grew on each other. We got married after she graduated and we both moved to Washington DC to go to graduate school at Georgetown Unversity. I eventually settled for a job at IBM's global headquarters in New York and from there, it took us to so many countries. I will tell you more as we get to know each other better. Anyway, we both decided to move back to England so she could be closer to her mom after the passing on of her father and after my wife's passed on 5 years ago, I moved back to Sweden. I recently relocated from Sweden back to the States Last month. I am from a family of 4. My mom, dad, my late brother & I. I lost my brother to leukemia at a very young age.

Also, I am 5'8" tall, brown eyes and brown hair. I'm very passionate, stable & the photo on the site is current. I'm well read, intelligent and have common sense, Ha! English is not my first language, Swedish is so i have an accent although i do speak English fluently. I hope my accent won't be a problem. I have learned to take one moment at a time but being one that is goal oriented and looking forward I seem to take big steps. I try to look for fun in all that I do as i do like to laugh. I read a lot and I do like to be around intelligent people. I love listening to music and writing. I like football, golf & soccer. I played football in college but not anymore. I still play soccer and golf sometimes. I like swimming, love hanging out at the bar for few drinks but not to get drunk. I like going to the movies too. I just want to find someone to spend my life with & be happy. We can both share everything in our lives & just make each other happy.

My passions includes reading inspirational books and clever mysteries. The most touching book I have ever read is the one by John Mason, really inspirational. Would push you from where you are to where you should be. I don't like to be the center of attraction, I love to lay low. I'm a movie lover and I love the cinemas. I'm the comedy type and I also watch some actions packed thriller, adventures & some decent erotica. I love to cook & love Mexican dishes because they are quite spicy as we all know. Love making is an essential part of a relationship as it's keeps the fire burning. I love to travel for fun but haven't had the time to travel much recently. If I'm to go on a vacation, I'd love to go to Paris again. I love the museums & art galleries. Concerning pets, I'm a dog lover. Well all I seek here is true love and happiness, I really want to settle down & be happy. All I want in a relationship is honesty, meaning- to be up front with each other & open our hearts out to each other without the lies. Loving - meaning "loving yourself & your partner & never letting the music in your heart stop" being kind to others. These two things are more important to me than all of the rest.

I'm a multi-talented man who love traveling, sometimes for work & some times just for the fun of it.. I'm a passionate man, honest & very loyal & humble to everyone that comes my way. I am looking for a woman to spend the rest of my life with. The potential pain of truth is minimal to the pain caused by not telling it!. I'm looking for a partner to share every aspect of my life, someone to sleep & wake up everyday of my life. Someone to kiss good night & start the morning with. Someone who's passionate, positive always because I'm always positive about things too. Someone who's honest & loving, someone I can always call after work to let her know how anxious I am to get back home only to be in her arms! I eat cake but I prefer cookies better. My favorite flavor for cake would be chocolate. I also like pizza. I like eating all kinds of food, anything made of chicken, pork & when I eat out I like Chinese. I like candle light dinner with someone special. I like to cuddle on the bed while its raining outside and I love cool music very much. I will say I am extremely romantic cause I like making love while the slow music is playing! lol

Life should be "balanced" with plenty of time to relax, think, and have fun! I exercise 4 days a week to stay in physical & mental shape. I love off-beat / foreign movies very partial to science-fiction / romantic , comedy ,fantasy and thrillers movies. Even-tempered, masculine and dependable. Creative and artistic. I feel it is important to be active intellectually as well as physically. I have many diverse interests and passions. Some would describe me as a liberal type, however I am closer to libertarian. I am open to everything but a closed mind. Patience is my most obvious virtue..

I think I shared so much already, I just wanted to take my time to write you something to read & get to know more about me, I hope you'd get to do the same too because I really want to get to know you! So I'd stop for now.. Would be waiting for a reply from you!

Letter 2


Thanks for the reply. I am happy you took time to write me back, it was wonderful to learn about you. I am sorry the past two days has been overly hectic for you! I understand that your job as a litigation/trial paralegal requires that you do a lot of paper work involving preparing and filing necessary court documents before trial so that must have you pretty occupied. I know about the basics of what you do because my Uncle was also a Litigation Paralegal before he passed on and i admired him as he was highly organized and payed close attention to details. Also, having to raise two boys of the same age is not business as usual and i admire you for raising them on your own since they were 2. Well, we are about to start a new chapter in our lives and i think this is a great start as we share a lot in common and i would love to explore the possiblilities of starting a wonderful relationship with you; Hopefully, i could help out in raising your boys. You and your sister must admire your dad so much as you all seem to be in the same line of work. hahahahaha! Indeed, he is your hero! and i am such you make him proud everyday.

Well Tammy, I’m an open book and a down to earth man. I do have a good sense of humor and I like to joke a lot even though i can be very serious when needed. I’m the kind of man you'll look at with crossed eyes and say Hey! Aaron, be serious for once lol.

I love my Job as a freelance VOIP Engineer and I am blessed to have passion for the career I have chosen. As a freelance VoIP Engineer, I bid for contracts from agencies. If i am lucky to be awarded the contract, I move down to the site, hire a team of workers, rent machinery and then execute the project.

I’m here for a long term committed relationship hopeful it leads to marriage. I don’t play games and not ready to be played. Life is too short to play games. I am a very busy one but not too busy to those i care about. My ambition is to inspire my beloved woman constantly, to help her to keep the balance between career and private life just as she would also inspire me to do good. Love is most paramount for me. I need a companion to share my life with, a woman who wants to create a strong family. I want to take long walks with her and share what life has in stall for us both joy and sorrow. I'd like to look up to her as an authority for me, be proud of her, adore her and be supportive. She would have my devotion, understanding, kindness, care, calmness, cheerfulness, soul support and my great love. I expect to get all these traits from her too in return. Everyone wants something good for themselves, or don’t you wish yourself well? Lol.

I thought it will be easier if i come up with some questions for you to answer and i will answer too. Here are the questions for you and i hope you don’t mind taking some time to answer them *smiles*.

What is your birth date?
What are your favorites? Food, drink, color, ice-cream flavor?
What are your likes and dislike?
Do you have a favorite song?
What do you enjoy cooking?
Do you exercise regularly or work out?
Are you religious?
Are you patient?
Are you romantic?
Do you love unconditionally?
Have you ever been unfaithful to your mate?
Do you like public intimacy?
How often do you lose your temper?
How often do you like to go out?
Have you had any bad experience while you dated someone online before?

You asked a questions asking why does bringing my son here depend on a permanent relationship. No, it doesn't. I plan to bring him here in January to start a new school year although i would love to have a wonderful relationship in place before then as it gives myself and my partner time alone to know each other more. I attached some pictures of me to this email so look out for them and I also hope to see some of yours too.

Hope to read from you soon.

Letter 3

Hi Tammy,

Thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions, it really made me smile and i feel special getting to read from you. I haven't met your in person or heard your voice yet i am falling so cautiously for you already. I can't wait to meet you sometime soon dear. I pray things work out perfectly and i get you to love me unconditionally. Needless to say we have a good thing going here and don't wish to rush you into something you are not comfortable with at the moment. I just wanted you to know what my intentions are.

Its good we get to know as much as we can about each other and you'll get all my honest answers. I am a very honest man, i hate lies. Honesty is important because no matter how long it takes, the truth always comes out in the end. I lost my wife to child birth of our second child, they both make it out. After she died, its been me, my son and my job. I have shut my heart close since then but now i feel the sudden urge to open my heart to the special someone. One who I'll share waking moments with and explore the rest of life with. I have a large heart and i have so much love to give and most of all, I really hope that you are enjoying this communication.

As we get to know each other better, you would get to find out I'm a simple person. I'm a fun loving man and no doubt would love someone from that perspective and also a hard working woman too.. My life is based on the truth, trustworthiness and honesty of self personality.. I am straight forward and a God fearing man and not into playing games. I like dinner out and movies too. Other than that,i love to stay at home snuggled on the sofa for a long session of hugging and kissing with my partner. I'm a little bit country and a little bit rock-n-roll. I'm a romantic guy that you can be rest assured. I loves intimate evenings alone at home too.

Just before i answer the same questions, I want you to know i gave you an excellent score cuz i really enjoyed reading your answers and trust me my dear we have a lot in common.

Here are my own answers.
What is your birth date? 18th November 1960.

What are your favourites? ..Food, drink, color, ice cream flavor?.. I like seafood especially lobsters, i make good lobsters in pepper sauce. I like white wine, dislike red. It gives me a headache and don't take too much of it to get me tipsy. Color is Blue. and i like all flavors of ice cream, i have a sweet tooth.

What are your likes and dislike? Like laughter, cheerful people, dislike cheats and lies. I'd also rather work with the truth. I also dislike pride.

What kind of music do you listen to? ..Do you have a favorite song? I like all kinds of music apart from rap. My favorite song is "Would you go with me" by Josh Turner. Heard of it?

Do you enjoy cooking? Yes i do and if you let me, i could help you improve on that. I'll always help you in the kitchen too, that way, you won't burn down the whole house. lol. The only problem is we may get distracted kissing and end up burning the food lol.

Do you exercise regularly or work out? ..No, i used to go to the gym early last year but lost interest going alone so just like you, i need a push in the right direction. I am glad your bad knees has improved immensely.

Are you religious? I am a religious person, i was born a baptist but whatever religion my partner wishes to follow doesn't matter to me in a relationship. I respect every-ones beliefs and i think what is more important is to be a good person.

Are you patient? Yes to a good extent. My father is a true gentleman and my mother,a Kind hearted and loving woman. Luckily, I have gotten a fair share of these qualities from them.

Are you romantic? Yes i am. I think romance plays a very big role in a relationship.

Do you love unconditionally? I love unconditionally; i feel there's no other way to being true with your partner.

Have you ever been unfaithful to your mate? No i haven't.

Do you like public intimacy? Yes i do. Holding hands is nice, a light kiss in public too.. However I can't make love in public lol.

How often do you lose your temper? I don't loose my temper often but i totally dislike it when people tend to take advantage of that.

Have you had any bad experience while you dated someone online?No, i havent. You are the second person im talking to ever since i joined the site. The first wasn't communicating much and wasn't ready to invest time in getting to know one another.

I am optimistic about life Tammy, I choose to participate rather than watch from the side lines. I tend to choose my friends very carefully but to those that pass the test I'm loyal to a fault. I'm a Good listener and I live life to the fullest. I believe that it's important to treat others as you would like to be treated, for me that means with kindness and respect. That's Just me to you!!

I want a woman who I can call my best friend and companion, compassionate, honest, genuine, trustworthy, emotionally healthy, caring, understands how to balance life and work and ofcourse able to communicate honestly. I want someone who is ready for a committed relationship, someone I enjoy being with no matter what we are doing or not doing.

Anyway i hope you are having a wonderful evening winding down for the day and i really hope reading from me will put a smile on your face this evening. I hope to read from you more often. I attached some pictures of me to this email so find attached okay.

Warm regards,
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