Romance scam letter(s) from David Robert to Marita (Norway)
Letter 1

Hello honey, how are you today? I have been trying speak with you from QATAR here but your not picking , what is happening? I have been in the Hospital for months now...What is happening with my money in London? Have you been talking to my Agent? I love you...Misses hearing from you! Love From Collins!
Letter 2

Darling, you have shown me lots of Love and Trust and you will never know how much our telephone conversation made me to smile. You not only made my day but you gave us hope and a chance to build our Love upon a solid I love you with all my Life,thank you ones again in advance for accepting to help me out. The following details below is my drivers information that you will be using to send the money through Western Union Money Transfer. Please kindly make sure you spell his name correctly. Honey you have to go to any western union shop and make the payment with this name make sure they put all the foundation in us and I promise you that nothing is going to come between us and we will be together forever. Your such a sweet and Lovely lady, three names correct. RECEIVERS NAME: hidden
ADDRESS: hidden, Doha, Qatar.
Yours Loving Man,
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