Romance scam letter(s) from Martin James to Leony (Philippines)
Letter 1

This for your mail...This is a photo of me...I hope you will like me...Send me yours.....Am new on this online dating thing looking for a serious relationship that can lead me into marriage...Waiting for your reply soon...
Letter 2

Hi there Leony,
Thanks for your mail and also your compliments....You look beautiful...I like your photos and will like to get to know you...Do you have kids and also have you ever been married before? For how long have you been single? What kind of work do you do for your living? What are you looking for in a relationship with your partner? Where do you live? Am half Italian and American...I live in New York City Manhattan.. I have one son.. Lost my wife 5 years ago....Feel free to ask me questions and i will answer them for you...That is the best way for us to learn more from each other...Have a good weekends..
Letter 3

Good Morning Leony,
Thanks very much for your quick reply to me and am interested in getting to know you much better and see how it goes from there..How are you doing today and also how was your sleep last night? I hope you doing great and also had a sound sleep..Am fine here...Am half Italian and American and i work in the u.s army..We currently in Kabul for a peace keeping...I have less done 3 weeks to retire from the army and be back home from here...I do own apartment in Manhattan New York City and my son is even in the state schooling...He has a care-taker who is taking care of him for me till me back home safely.
I think i can trust you so please take a good care of my photos for me...Because am not allowed in the army to be on a dating site...I will be deleting my account or my photo from the dating site on Monday..Am Staff Sergent in the army. I have been working in the u.s army more done 23 years now...And please don't tell any body you are in communication with an army officer from Kabul...Let get to know more from each other and will be meeting you in person from here if things work for us in our new relationship..
Life is good at this point.. I feel I'm very blessed person. . family values are very important to me. I been very blessed with loving parents and i lost them long time ago. I hope some day I'll be able to give the love to someone as they gave to each other & to me. I'm in good health.. I enjoy traveling and learning different cultures. I been to many places in this world.
I am shy but outgoing, timid but strong, a loner but loves to be around people. It all depends on who I am with and how familiar or comfortable that I am with them. I am very educated, not necessarily from a collegiate accomplishment level as I am street wise and in tune with my surroundings, making me more often comfortable than anxious. I have one Son,who is 16yrs old and called Dave,He was the only product of my marriage.He is now my life and i don't know what i would do without him.He is in 11th grade and i always encourages Him to study hard,as his dream is to become a lawyer in the future. Dave is a smart,obedient and respectful little boy. He is really missing that part of motherly love and i hope and pray that one day,I will soon find that special woman of my dreams,who will love and appreciate him as i will also take her kids as mine and give them the fatherly Love too.I have spent a lot of time alone for being widowed for 5 years and because I took a good look and did not like who I saw anymore so I took the time out to get to know myself and change those values and attitudes I did not like and made sure the change was what is me now. I have lived a very full life, lived or visited almost every country in the world, had more adventures than I sometimes can remember, but they have all been educational and I am glad they happened and I experienced them..
I think confidence is the greatest asset a person can have, both in themselves and in the environment around them. I like a woman who has achieved self actualization, that is not dwelling on what happened way back when but what could happen today or tomorrow. Those that dwell in the past are not around me very long, I spot them from miles and run fast. I enjoy dancing, great conversation, intelligence, not necessarily from the academic side, but common sense and the ability to think through things. I like a woman that can carry a conversation and is not afraid to learn or to teach for that matter. I want it all and will not settle for less, but at the same time, want that person that can stop and smell the roses and appreciate the time she has on this earth, knowing it is not forever.
I am imaginative, intelligent, and kind-hearted.I enjoy listening to music, playing music, reading, exploring the city, and watching movies.My musical tastes have broadened over the years, although I still have difficulty appreciating opera. Perhaps because my father used to blast it from the car radio when I was a kid. The radio was always "too loud" if my station was playing Eric Clapton, but it was okay to listen to "Der Fliegende Hollaender" at 110 decibels.
I enjoy conversation over coffee or tea; and I like dining out. I also enjoy cooking, but my culinary skills max out at two pans and five ingredients. In addition to NYC, I like Paris, San Francisco,Hawaii,Australia,Germany(Berlin) and London. (Where would be your favorite place to go for Vacation?)Communication and loyalty are very important to me in a relationship. I value kids' fresh outlook on the world and the unconditional affection of pets.
I had a great romance in the past so I know it is within me to express love and passion. Will you share the adventure of life as we help one another become happier, better people along the way? If you are sincere, smart, and special.
Well I'm so much interested in getting to know you better and i hope i don't overwhelmed you with too much questions.Have you meet someone in person so far, How many men do you communicate with,outside the site? What is your favorite color,Music,Food,Drink,Book and Movie? Do you like dinning out? When is your birthday? What is your greatest wish for this year? What are you looking for in a relationship with your partner? What is your greatest fear in Life? Tell me more about your last relationship? What type of relationship are you looking forward for? I think I'm asking too much. Smile
I would like to someone who's as warm on the inside as they are on the outside.. Someone to laugh and cry with..And share what's in your heart..To be my friend, then become my best friend and possible become my life. Someone to watch sunsets with..walk along beaches with..Who will be there for good, bad,happy,sad,laugh,cry and even share a smile with.. My life is bright now..But with you maybe it'll be brighter.. Thanks for your time!
Fondly, James...
Letter 4

Hello Leony,
How are you doing today and also how has your day been so far? What did you do today? I hope you doing great out there and also having a good day...Am fine here in Kabul..My Day has been very hectic with much work to do since am retiring from the army very soon..
Is been nice hearing back from you once again and thanks a lot for your mails to me..Am looking forward to your mail all the time.. Yes i will be retiring very soon from the army...I have less done 3 weeks to retire from the army...So that i can have a good time with my future wife and also my son...I was born in 20-12-1961..So my birthday is coming very soon and i wish to celebrate it with you smile...
I have never had a relationship with any woman since the death of my wife..I have been single for the past 5 years now since she past way...And she has also been the only woman in my life....We started dating at early age..She was very loving and supporting woman...I always miss her but she is dead and gone so life must still goes on since we all going to die one day...Life is very precious for it to be spend alone...So we all need someone loving and also caring in our life..
I have not decided to have kids again...No am not ready to give birthday again...God has blessed me with a loving boy so i think am okay with him..Yes i have been to Asia country before..Japan,Korea and China..I will love to visit Philips one day so let get knowing each other to see what the future hold for us...I think am done with your answers now...Am very busy at the moments working with my boys here in Kabul...So am going to end here for now...I will give you all the up date on my retirement because i will love to meet you in person from here...
Try to send me some photos of you to me...The once you send the other time are not clear for me to see you well..As time goes on we can also plan to meet online one day on skype so that we can have a live chat...Am also planing to delete my self from the dating site since am interested in getting to know you....Have a great day and also let me read back from you soon..Kisses and warmly hugs from my heart to you..
Letter 5

Good Morning Leony,
How are you doing today? I hope you good...Did you get my last message ? Am looking forward to your reply soon....Stay blessed..
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