Romance scam letter(s) from Chris Stanton to Nat (USA)
Letter 1

I'm catholic as well , nice to know that you cook i love eating home made dishes . I 'm a military officer currently in Afghanistan for UN peace keeping force, i lost my wife in a ghastly motor accident some years ago,i have a son he is 7 years old, his mom death was painful because i have to be the mom and dad same time it was not really a fun changing his diapers but i just have to cope with all that. I am a God fearing man and believe in the words of God that's what have been keeping me going,i found life boring for me without a woman by my side,life is meaningless without a woman life is too short to be alone i now know why after God created a man he created a woman to keep the man company because he knows the man would be lonely and boring.I would describe myself as happy, unpretentious,loyal, confident (but not arrogant), kind, fun, attractive (on the inside... the outside you'll have to judge for yourself), adventurous, optimistic, athletic, successful and well rounded with a good set of values.I believe in living life to its fullest...... I'm looking to meet that person that respects simplicity.The person that when I meet her... I will just know that she is the one. I have heard people that are happy say... YOU JUST KNOW. I like to keep my life uncomplicated and calm. My life is not about career or material things but who I am, and how I live each day.
I would like to meet someone that is *done experimenting* and is seriously wanting a 100% committed partner in life.
I am a giver and I do it well, but have come to expect it in return. Some of my favorite things are laughing, sharing, being outdoors, colors, music, dancing, fires in the back yard, deep conversation, spontaneous road trips, the smell of a fall morning, the smell of my special someone, reassuring looks, and touch... the touch that makes you feel so warm and content. I enjoy comedy clubs, theater, hiking, putting with home projects, gardening. I can enjoy a night out on the town, but don't like to frequent the bar scene. Coffee shops and lattes, music, intimacy, talking, shopping... , dancing, children, and just doing nothing together? Or something? I have made my share of mistakes, sometimes repeating them before learning the valuable lessons that have made me who I am. I know now that I am ready for an unconditional love relationship...a forever relationship.I also missed your chat on zoosk because i have blocked my account on there ever since i met you , but is all for security reasons hope to read back from you my Future wife in the making Kisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

Thanks and much happiness Chris.
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