Romance scam letter(s) from Lewis Britz Kartel to Victoria (Peru)
Letter 1

Hello Victoria, thanks for your email address once again, Let me tell you more about myself, I am a Construction Engineer, I have my own private Company in California, where i do construction jobs and repairs, i do business with other local and foreign companies, i have been in this business for over 15 years now, it has not been easy for me anyway as a single contractor but i try to stay on the business as best as i can. i do most of my Contracts Abroad, so i mostly spend time away from home, sometimes i have to be out for months although i think this will be my last job as i have always wish to retire at the age of 56 and i just turned 56 three months ago (2nd of august). My Daughter is Shirley by name, my only kid and she is soon to be 13, she is schooling in a missionary school in London right now, the reason she has to school there is because her mum wanted her to go there, and i am just following her wish but she seems fine and ok with the idea so i am not that bothered about the situation, she comes home mostly when i am around, we love to spend all holidays together, we travel, play, eat and do everything together, we are like best of Friends, she means the world to me and i try to be there for her as much as i can as a father, since the death of my wife it has not been easy for the both of us, but i try as much as i can to be strong and to remain focused, as hard as this is i try not to allow the situation to get the better of me. I am a dedicated christian, i take my prayers seriously and i try my able best to teach Shirley same way of life. I'll stop here for now, kindly tell me more about yourself. I attached some pictures of myself and Shirley they are not much but i hope you like them. I hope to read from you soon. Remain blessed Victoria. James
Letter 2

Hell Vic, hope you don't mind me calling you Vic. Thanks for your reply and i must confess you are really a beautiful lady, as a matter of fact i do love you nose....very cute.. Thank God for your Dad for God has really given him long life and strength to go with it, he s really blessed and not only cos of that but cos he has you in his life, to be there for him as a daughter. Vic here are some of my interest and hobbies... here it goes! I love reading, as a matter of fact i read all kind of books i can get my hands on, love reading the bible too... i love adventures and international travel though i don't really have anywhere specific and of-course i do travel a lot. I like meeting people from other cultures and I enjoy many different kinds of ethnic foods. I am a pretty good cook and I enjoy entertaining friends by candlelight. I also enjoy cultural events like music or theater, I enjoy almost any sports outside and in nature. The ocean soothes and intoxicates me, Water sports are absolutely my favorite and I enjoy being with someone who is also active. I enjoy swimming, canoeing, cross country skiing, bicycling, walking and camping. I am a very affectionate and loving man who is looking for true love based on mutual respect, honesty, loyalty, trust, lots of fun and romance. I enjoy the comfort and stability of marriage long term relationships. My interests vary greatly and I do enjoy new experiences. I love nights on the town with lots of excitement but also treasure quiet, intimate evenings at home. I love to travel and hope to discover new places with someone who also enjoys or will love to travel and explore different cultures and i love to go fishing a lot. I'm looking for someone who is nice, caring, loving, honest and understanding. Someone who have inner beauty because inner beauty tells the true and real character of a lady cos it is not all about the physical appearance but the inner feelings which are the true feelings. I would like someone to enjoy all of my free time with. I want to find someone to make me smile, who is funny, easygoing, open, dependable and honest. I really do like you Vic and i hope we can make something meaningful out of this cos i know we did not cross paths by mistake. Tell me about your hobbies... Delfina is a very cute dog Hope to read from you soon James
Letter 3

wow! i really do feel insulted but i won't take it to heart. Why don't you come up on Skype so we can see and talk to each other? i attached my License and business card for your peruse and if you are not satisfied please give me your Skype name so we can talk. I do like you and i wont want this just to end just because you think i sound like something i am not. Like i said i won't take it to heart.
Letter 4

i Understand dear, i totally do. I will send you a request right away but we will talk tomorrow a its quite late over here, just finished some logging for the day's job so i am about going to bed cos am quite tired. Remain blessed. James
Letter 5

Hello Victoria, how was your night and i hope it was great. Well though the connection is quite back but i hopes we could Skype soon.
so kindly message when you are ready so we can talk better. James
Letter 6

Hello dear, how was your night? hope you slept well, you see i could hardly sleep last night because i was doing lots of thinking and right now i have come to a point where i have made up my mind to move on again and it means i have taken into consideration all this aspects in a relationship, so my heart is made up to find true happiness again and at any cost i am willing to pay dearly, its not easy when you make such a huge decision in your life, mostly when you are trying to come out of your old and dusty past but i believe it is worth the effort trying, believe me when you think about the positive side of life and the positive side of what we hope to achieve in the near future finding happiness and a lasting one at that then your body and soul is willing to go on no matter what. This for me is not easy but i think i will love to give it a try right now and be happy again, i feel like knowing you this past few days has made some few changes in my life because i now have feelings, i now have reason to think about someone, to know if you are ok and all that, this to me is strange because after this few years of being alone i thought it would be very difficult to love again but i think even my heart needs love right now and as a matter of fact you have shown me what is feels like to be cared for and i believe if we can try to understand and accept one another then things between us will be very nice. Please do not get me wrong, i will only like to share my opinion and thoughts with you about what i truly want in my life right now, i do not expect you to want the same thing as me because we have our different opinions and thoughts, i understand if this is not what you want right now, but i am only telling you what i am looking for in my life right now and for you to know i need someone i can call my own, someone i can give my heart to and be loved again. well to be frank my daughter actually wants me to get married again and move on, she said she understands and will accept whoever i get married to as her mom. What am I looking for...someone that will respect me and my daughter which i know you do , want to hold my hand at the end of a long day, someone to be there for me as I am for her, sharing our lives, to talk with, to laugh with and to love Someone that wants to be a part of the things I do & vise-versa, however also need to respect, trust and be supportive of each others individuality as well. I want to feel safe although i feel safe already, trusted, loved even with all my faults. Loving someone so much that I ache inside from missing her when she isn’t beside me. I want to be able to share openly about anything with that person and know that she won’t judge or criticize me. Someone who will be there to listen to me, no matter the time, and share/talk about her life with me, someone that I know that I can turn to when I’m alone, lonely, hurting, confused or sad. Trust & honesty are very important to me. I like being told the whole truth, even if it hurts. No exaggerations, stretching or own versions. It’s a gift that I give it freely and I expect the same in return. Without it there is no relationship or friendship. Someone who can put a smile on my face when I feel like crying or hold me and comfort me or just be there when I need Her the most; even if it means putting what you want to do aside to be there then. Someone that I can sit in silence with and be content. I think a good relationship requires being each other's best friend, and trusting one another. I think each should respect the other's opinion and that stupid arguments over stupid things are healthy, as long as they are not taken too far. what i am looking for is not just marriage but true friendship that will lead to marriage if God Permit,i believe in the powers of true friendship because i believe every true love starts with a good friendship and you are really a true friend. Well i really do not want to be saying too much as i must also give you the chance to tell me about your dreams and desires. James
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