Romance scam letter(s) from Michael Gilbert to Sherry (Canada)
Letter 1

hi Sherry,
Hope your weekend is going great. I had a lot today to do with my house and only got time to get on the computer now but I sure had your question in mind. I'm happy to find more now though.
Okay so here are the list of just as much activities that pleasure me and my favorite things to do.Going to the beach is number one on my list and then Swimming, Dancing, Writing Poems,I love Dinner out, I like to paintball, fly fishing, camping and hiking and of course traveling.
I'm to take my kids on a travel.Mom lives close to Disney land so it's more like a play ground for them. I love to cuddle up to a good movie Titanic got a tear from my eye. Yes I may appear hopeless romantic but trust me I am unapologetic about it.What kind of movie appeal to you? I also enjoy arts, Nature with Green my favorite color. I love lounging by a warm fire, finding the perfect sunset spot, slow and passionate kisses smiles. I like to hear a whisper in my ear, hot showers, a breath on my skin, getting a text from someone I want to hear from, long talks, You could find me playing music too loud in the car, sitting outside at midnight looking at the stars, crying because I am laughing so hard, I love holding hands, dark chocolate, French pastry, coffee black no sugar with extra creme is how I like it, I love rain and yes I love taking risks. I love to find a 100 dollar in my coat pocket from last winter, I enjoy being on vacation and forgetting what day it is because i'm in a different time zone, I like it when a random person smiles at me, I like living in the present and not the past, and of course shopping. I like to go out to eat and explore different cuisines! I take pleasure in Martini, Scotch, Cognac, wine ‘dry Red'.
Champagne for a celebration isn't far fetched either. I have an eclectic taste in music that changes with my mood and energy level. what genres of music appeal to you the most?
Where would my beach house be? I do not have answers yet. I have a couple places in mind but then I wish to put that on hold till the right woman comes along. I would want that to be a decision by two people who want the same thing. If you understand how I mean. Are you going to give me a reason to visit? I would love a pet but couldn't keep one with my Job demands. I'm planning to gift my twins a pet this Christmas well if they can decide on one soon enough.
hope to read from you soon
Letter 2

Good morning Sherry,
I'm settling in quite well. I only just got my email set up here . I miss you! I miss everything. You have become my first thought in the morning so I guess I take you with everywhere i go. I was so sure I was going to find emails waiting for me from you. Oh Mine. I have my favorite photo of you. If you don't mind I plan having a printed copy. I love the photo of you from when you woke up. It wasn't only pretty it made me feel a lot closer to you. It's a dream of mine to wake up next to you and that photo just makes that dream more vivid.. Your smile is priceless. Tell me I'm the reason for that and I will tell you how much it means to me.
I love that you let me in your daily activities.I love it even more that I could be here but yet know exactly what you're up to.I'm convinced you have found yourself a beautiful house. I can barely wait to know you have began writing.
Sherry I'm grateful for every minute you spend chatting with me. I love it and can only imagine us getting better. You're a nice and a wonderful woman. I have dreams of building a world around a woman with a heart full of love, care and understanding like you. You're one a kind Sherry. I will be happiest if you become that one woman.
I never knew there would be a better tomorrow.Sherry you've come into my life and taken away all my worries about the future. My days of emptiness are gone and I can only hope they are for good. You fill a void in my heart, You have opened a window and shown me light.
I wrote you a poem while on the plane for you.
I want to Stand by all the way.
Help you through your day.
Hold you up when you are weak,
Help you find what it is you seek.
Catch your tears when you cry.
Pull you through when the tide is high.
Just being there,
Through thick and thin,
I cherish our friendship and amazed by our bond.
ps: My phone isn't authorized here which is really sad. There is nothing I want more than the soothing tone of your voice. I couldn't imagine another day without speaking to you over the phone so I made a request for a phone connection for us.. I will need you to have me an alternative number and an address.I'm not allowed to make personal financial transactions but I think you should be able to take care of it from your end.
Letter 3

Good morning my sexiness.
Sherry I love you more and more with each day passing. I feel great about tomorrow cos I will love you even more. Sweetheart my feelings for you cannot be measured with words alone cos Love doesn't fully express my true feelings for you. Our love reminds of the beautiful sunsets and the sound of nature that soothe our hearts and it just gives me a strong belief of something bigger than we can ever imagine.
You and only you have given me so much hope and have made me realize the true meaning of love, How a man should treat his woman and the true wonders of why we are here. Sherry, please accept my heart as your own and listen to the rhythm of two hearts beating as one. This is my will and my reason to live, hunnie I couldn't do without you. I now know that dreams of that one true soul mate are real.
I can't give you the whole world right now but I can promise to love you more than anything in the world. My heart belongs to you. Baby I can't wait to be home to you. I want to to be right beside you as we chase our dreams. My mind is consumed with the thoughts of being closer to you. I want to be where my hands can reach you. Home! My happy place. Baby everything is my world seem to be falling into place since you came into my life. There isn't anything I want more than to spend the rest of time making you happy knowing you will be doing just the same.
Thank you for loving me like no-one has ever tried. Thank you for knowing all the little things that put smiles on my face. I can't wait to have fun with you my love.
Thank you so much baby for everything you mean to me.
Baby a replacement is set to fly in on Thursday. I have been sent his file and looking forward to getting transferring duties to him. I hope you woke up to this. I love you so much baby.Have a safe flight. I remember you mentioning you have the first 24hrs to yourself. well you won't have it to yourself. I will be back in time to hang out on google.
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