Romance scam letter(s) from Frey Waltraud to Lethi (Vietnam)
Letter 1

Hello my dear friend Hanh,
How are you today? Hope all is well with you. Its Thursday Morning here in Manchester; how is your family? I hope they are all fine… I am glad to know you through this dating site and I am happy you are interested in a serious relationship… Please pardon my late response, I have been busy with work…

This is my first time on the net and i am glad to have met someone like you. My instinct compels me to write you in the dating site and i did and i am glad you replied. I am new on this online dating issue. I am a simple guy by nature who loves exploring new things. I am not perfect, I have a friend here in the United Kingdom who was blessed with the help of the site and he found a partner and they are married now. He introduced the site to me, though i was reluctant initially but later on, i decided to give it a try; and I will be glad if you can give me your time and attention.
I have read some testimonies in the site about people who found their partners through this site and i pray that God will grant us favor so we can have a good story to tell concerning this dating site. I have strong belief in God and i know that whatever he wants must happen, and will also accept and respect my partner's religious believe. I believe that if God wants us to be together, nothing under the surface of the earth can stop it. I just want us to be sincere to each other so God can grant our heart desire.

I think the best way to start is to tell you about myself and my family. As I have stated before, my name is Waltraud Frey (just call me Walt). I was born in Switzerland but lives here in Manchester City. I am the only child of my family... I have a degree and a Master's degree in Marine engineering, and my work is all about building, maintaining, servicing and repairing of engines, as well as mechanical and electronic equipment on yachts, boats and ships; and most of the time i am offshore…... My birthday is on 7th of December, and born in the year 1966... I am 6ft1 tall and i weigh 79kg; I am a widower for 4&1/2yrs now; I have a daughter and her name is Annelise (7yrs)... My hobbies are playing football, cooking, shopping, watching movies or going to cinema, reading and golf with friends but mostly when i am less busy with work or during my holidays...I put God first in everything i do…

About me Family:
My late father is from Switzerland. Dad is an honest and a courageous man that i have ever known. He is a philanthropist and has had the opportunity of working in big conglomerates in the past. He has also assisted many institutions especially the less privileged and i am taking on him. He used to be a consultant in the field of Marine Engineering and have worked both in Europe and Asia. In fact, he is my “ROLE MODEL” and I'm so very proud of him…
Mom lived back home in Switzerland with her sister. She is happy there and I do fly back sometimes to visit her. Mom is a very nice and kind Mother. She sometimes also comes over to visit me. I hope you will have the opportunity of meeting her one day.

Finally, I would like to state that language, age, culture and distance cannot be a barrier between us as i am ready to come over to visit you in your country or invite you over here in Manchester when the chemistry of our relationship sets in. Please feel free to ask me anything you may like to know about me and i will quite glad to answer you. I then throw the ball at you to tell me comprehensively all about you as i need to know. Send my regards to your family.
I wish you a lovely day...
Yours Sincerely,
Letter 2

Hello My Dear Hanh,
How are you? Hope all is well with you? Thanks for telling me about you. I give thanks to God for making me know a person like you. Please pardon me for my late response…
I can feel your love and the seriousness in your words. Thanks for the pics, i love them and you are looking pretty...

My dear, I am a very open and honest person and I feel that you are the same from what you have written to me about yourself. I pray that we will meet soon and I am sure that you will be even more than what I imagine to be and I will be more than you ever dreamt of (smile). It's all up to us to make this great decision. Although, it may please you to know that I am very happy by the level of our communication with each other. I will as well want our love to show in our everyday life.

I pray that this relationship will work out for us. Let us be serious and honest with each other, and develop a pure love and trust on each other. .

I am happy with you and hope this relationship will bear a good fruit. What else should i say than to thank you dear for choosing me to be with you. Truly I am excited to know someone like you. That is all for now my dear, till I hear from you again. Let us keep in touch believing that the future has a lot in stock for us. May God continue to guide and protect you and your family.
Take good care of you for me please remain a good girl. (Somethings i work 3months or more, depending on the cargo)
Have a lovely day
Yours Sincerely,
Letter 3

Good day my dearest Hanh,
Hope all is well with you? I am so happy to hear from you once again... I'm so sorry for replying late, I have been relatively busy with some unfinished assignments with some time frame but i must as well have time for a dearest friend like you. I like your kind of person. You are just a replica of the woman i need in my life and I really thank God for meeting you here. I am ready to be everything you want me to be for you if you can give me a little chance in your life.
My heart is full of joy knowing you. I pray that one day you can come over here or i can come over to your country and we will sit side by side and discuss extensively about our future. I have come to the realization that you are honest and sincere with this relationship. If God want us to be together, no matter how far we might be to each other, nothing can stop us from achieving the purpose of God in our life.
I am praying that you find peace as you are reading this mail. In fact am praying for us and this communication too. My heart is full of joy knowing you and I hope we can get to know each other better and see what the future has in stock for us. I am so glad and will always be here for you because am serious and looking forward to have a positive communication with you. I want us to trust each other in the course of our relationship for I believe that our future will be brighter than our today.
To tell you the truth my dear. I am highly stunned and do not know what to say than to keep going and see what the future may bring for us. I always pray that my communication with you will be fruitful. I will like us to empty our thoughts and allow our hearts and feelings to lead and direct our paths. Hope you understand what I mean?
Most times, we will wish to meet someone that is within our vicinity, but somehow, someone from different country shows up with a different dream and vision and all we can do is to accept them knowing fully well that there is a reason and such person might be a blessing for us. We got to bear it in mind that it may take time but surely the time will come when the two will be joined together and nothing can separate them. Like i always tell you that distance won't be a barrier at all. I will always try my possible best to express my feelings and thoughts through this internet communication and subsequently through the phone conversation.
My dream in this life is to have someone i can share my happiness and sorrows with. I take age as a number which doesn't matter at all when love is present.
I have always been hopeful and my instinct keeps telling me that one day, i will meet my other half ( partner) with whom it is destined that i will spend the rest of my life with. God has blessed me both financially and otherwise and i need not exaggerate over this but all this is not complete without a woman i can call my own and my love. I hope i am not being too fast for you. I will always try to take it easy and allow nature run its full course and bring about the chemistry of love in us. I will always express myself and disclose my heart desires to you.
Let me restate again that i am serious with you and i am not here for games and will ask you to quit this relationship if you are here for games but to give me all your attention and love if you are really here for a serious relationship. Some people are in the dating sites for fun but what gladdens me is that there are people like you who are still interested and ready for a serious relationship. I want you to do me a little favor which is to concentrate more on each other and we would get to our cherished destination of love.
I have to stop here. I think i got a lengthy message already. I hope my mail wasn't boring. I was just trying to express my feelings. Please take good care of yourself dear.
Here is my phone number (+447925375078 & +447031910444). I will be expecting yours as well; please feel free to call or text me anytime. My mom sent her regards to you and your family.
Letter 4

Hello dearest Hanh,
It's so nice to hear from you today. Thanks for your mail. I don't know what to say than to say THANK YOU for bringing out your time to keep in touch with me. Please bear it in my mind that my heart has accepted you right from the first day we met over the site.

Every time I think of you, I just know that you are the answer to my prayer. God has been so good to me; he lifts me up every time I have the feeling. I just cannot handle the situation anymore, and here you are dear to make my whole life complete. I can only but say that you are a blessing from God because i believe that no man is complete without a woman.
I was scared of meeting the wrong woman or pretenders when i first signed up the site but i later decided to hold my faith and carry on. I was only there for few days when you came on the scene and my instinct pinpointed you and when we started to communicate, although i knew God has brought us together. I feel so much at peace to know that you are seriously looking for a lifelong partner because I came to do just that too.

Our communication is going into something very nice and promising. I am so hopeful and happy about it. If you seriously want to know me more and share your life with me, I am much honored. I am serious about you, everything I express in our communication about you and me are true. I pray about us, I think about us and it make me smile. I got a really good feeling about us.

Thank you for being there for me. I am praying for your family there. And hope to meet you soon and share everything together. It's a honor dear.
Have a lovely day.
Yours Sincerely,
Letter 5

Good day my dearest Hanh, How are you, my dear? I was thinking about you last night and I couldn't sleep after reading your email again and again. I want you to know how much I sincerely appreciated you and have decided to spend the rest of my life with you. You mean so much to me and it truly seems like I have known you for a long period of time and I honestly can't imagine life without you now. There will be no looking back, no regrets. I want you and need only you ...and that our love will only grow stronger.

I have looked for all these years as I prayed for God to give me a soul mate for the rest of my life. You are beautiful dear, you are so kind and I am proud of you. I want to be yours now, than ever before. I want to fall on those great arms of yours dear, Oh I want to feel them around me. I'm blessed, I am feeling greatly humbled darling to think you are my future wife. I promise, you are the woman I want to love and serve until the rest of my life.
I can see God accomplishing His purpose through us. I am seeing the love of God for us and our relationship metamorphosing into marriage. I am overwhelmed darling. Thanks for everything. Thank you dear for being there for me. I know it is not easy to have distance relationship but our persistence and commitment should be our driver to better life ahead. It brings two people together in a strong way. The love we have for each other has made us strong.
To be honest with you, I found you to be a very interesting woman with a kind heart and that's the way I started to feel some affection towards you from the start. That feeling even grows stronger, until I found myself longing for you. I thought it was only a fling between two lonely people who longed for special affection, caring and attention. But it was becoming different as the days passed by. I started to fall in love with you!
You let me fall in love with you; your kindnesses, warmth, sweetness, respect, and trust in me. I really appreciate I have nothing much to say than to thank you for loving me, ... until we meet in person in no long time, what I know was that I just want to make you happy and be with you forever. I have no intention of playing words with you. I never forget to miss you because I know you are always with me, even in this situation and when we have many roads and miles between us. I can't thank fate enough for having found you. I only felt a bit sad because we are a bit far from each other. I am sad for not being with you now and always… But here's a little secret, which can also be a life motto: "happiness, even if late!” I pray that we shall meet soon in good condition and give testimony of the journey so far. God bless you my dear. See you soon.
Letter 6

Greetings to you my Dearest Hanh,
How are you today? Hope all is well with you? Thank you for your mail. I am so much glad to know someone like you, who have willingly accepted me into her life. I can't stop thinking of you, even when i am in the office, i can't concentrate because I'm thinking about you. My Dear i am planning to travel to one of the Asian countries called Philippines very soon, but still waiting for the invitation letter from the agent company and that will determine when and the date of my departure. I would have traveled last year but things didn't work out; but i was informed that i might be traveling this month or next, but not sure of the exact date i will be leaving.
So my dear i thought its right to let you know my reason of traveling to Asia; because you are now more than a friend to me ,though it have been a confidential Issue for me and my mom. So you will do me favor if you will keep it confidential too.... My late father had a contract which was awarded to him in the Philippines before his death. And a few years after the contract are executed. They were not able to pay him fully before he died. Then after some prayers and petitions, the company made up their mind to get the money released to us; and i thank God for that. So for that i will be traveling to the Philippines soon as they need me as my father's next of kin (Beneficiary).
My Dear I'm happy because it will be an honor for me to use that opportunity to come over and meet you in person(in Vietnam) after i have concluded with my transactions in the Philippines... And with this opportunity, we can sit together, talk, know each other better, share our feelings, discuss about our future and above all meet with your family. No matter how long we have keep in contact, if is the will of God for us to be together as one, nothing can change it because i have come to understand that we are serious, sincere and honest with each other.. I am so much delighted, and i appreciate you more for being so open and serious with me dear. My dear I'm also praying for this communication and our future too. I want us to trust each other the more in all that we are doing. My heart is full of joy because i know we can make it.
It's a great joy knowing someone like you, and most importantly, let us open our mind, empty our thoughts and allow our feelings to lead and direct our paths. As i said early, please keep this information highly confidential to yourself.
Hope to hear from you soonest, I love you my dear...
Yours sincerely,
Letter 7

Hello My Dearest Hanh,
How was your day? Hope all is fine with you. My dear, i just want to let you know that you are an epitome of beauty and my future jewel of inestimable value and i cannot imagine life without you my love.... i am so happy to have you as part of my life. You have a place in my heart and i am really proud of you. I can't wait until i see you in person when i can be by your side and lean on your shoulders. So let's take it easy and be patient, for i believe that we know everything that is happening is God's plan for us.
I am so much happy because you have made my life so complete and i thank God for answering my prayers by bringing us together... My Dear, you are the valued treasure that i have been looking for and I'm very fortunate to have found you.
My Dear, the first day i wrote you were the happiest day in my life. You taught me how to share, care and how to love again; and you have brought so much love and happiness to my life. No matter what may happen, you will remain my one and only love, because no one will be like you and i cannot replace you with any other....
Thanks for caring and loving me and thanks once again for giving me the opportunity to show you how much i love you and how much you mean the whole world to me....
Though we are not close to each other right now, but i will be there with you in your country very soon...
May God guide, protect and bless you all the days of your life.
My Mom sent her greetings to you...
Yours forever
Letter 8

Was there ever a time that I did not know thee…
There must have been for we met on that beautiful day
At times it feels so long ago in the dim and distant past
For I feel that we have known each other all our lives….
Love has blossomed within my breast and I am happy

Your response lifts me up, soaring into the heavens
For in truth I dared not believe this could happen
Yet through the years I hoped and yearned for it…
My eyes have seen your glorious form before me
As my heart enjoys the brilliance of your soul

My soul is spellbound by the love within your heart
I am addicted to the radiance of your emotions….
Now I spend countless hours thinking only of you
Reliving all those joyous moments of our past
Imagining our future together in perfect happiness

There is no limit to what we can achieve if we wish
We need only to have the will and courage to live it
No matter what we do I know we will be happy
Providing we do everything together and with love
The future will be ours for we hold it in our hands

We must go forth with self assurance and confidence
Our love wills go life together giving and sharing our happiness
Then we will onerously bestow on us all we desire
Accomplish all that the gods intended...
My one and only, I love you.... See You Soon...
Letter 9

Darling how is your day. i just came back from the company it has been a busy day for me, i had a little delay regarding the charges i should pay before the money will be released to me. Meanwhile, I'm waiting to hear from my friend to send to me the remaining money. I was informed to pay a 5% contract agreement fees 30,513 Pounds which was signed by my late father and the contract agent here. I thought my father has settled with it but came to realize that the amount is pending for payment.
The total money to be released to me is 610,269 pounds which is the only money my late father hat with them. I have paid 17,400 pounds. And mom will send to me 5,000 pounds from the money i dropped for her before leaving. I'm waiting for my friend to help me with the balance of 8,113 pounds hopefully he will transfer the money to me so i will finish everything tomorrow and be with you. I'm missing you and i can't wait to be with you i love you Darling...
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