Romance scam letter(s) from Harry Johnson to Bente (Sweden)
Letter 1

how is everything going with you, honey i want to buy a house there in your city, so that we can be staying there when i come and also buy a car, that we can use when i come, i want to send you the money so that you can buy them for me, because they want to transfer me to the city of Kandahar,for my last mission after that i will come over to you at once my queen i can not carry my money along with me, because its a dangerous place, that is why i want to send you the money so that you can buy a house, a car, and i will give you some money to take care of your self till i come over and you can put the balance in your bank account, so when i come, we can start a very good business with the rest of the money, honey over here in Afghanistan, we cannot send money through bank, so i have to seal the money and send it through a courier company as a gift, and they will deliver it to you at your address, please send me your full name, home address and telephone number,so the company will take note of were they are to make delivery they deliver it to you in a diplomatic way they will contact you when coming my queen and i will send it to you tomorrow or next, hope you are having a great time over there, i just want to let you know that i love and miss you, i am waiting for your information. Long distance relationship will work if two people in love are strong in faith,love and respect for each other. I love you and i miss you honey.Do take good care of yourself for me..
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