Scam Email(s) from David J. Miller to Tina (USA)


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Letter 1

Good dam madam ,i got you mail concerning your fiance leaving camp and coming to you,i must inform you that what you asking me to do for you is a very hard thing to do and it will take me some process for me to be able to do such .And i must tell you that you don't have to inform this to anyone as this has to be between you, me and your fiance. for your fiance to be able to leave camp we will have to replace him with another soldier and i have already started contacting other soldiers to know if any of them will accept to come and replace your fiance so that he can be out from camp and come to all you both have to do now is to be praying there is a soldier willing to come and replace soon as i get any good news message reply from any of the soldiers i have contacted i will inform you madam.

Letter 2

Madam if you have made the payment you send us a scan copy of your payment slip so that we can see and i will ask the soldier to confirm as i do not understand what you sent to me.

Letter 3

Good day Tina, how are you doing.

mum you are the bust in the word but despite i have not see you face to face but with the photo that my dad sent to me it you are kind and loving and caring.mum the day that we meet meet face to face will be the happiest day of my life and i hope to met you soon.
Tina word can not really express how happy to have you as my mum,but i have to say is that i love you very much i so much bless God in heaven for this wonderful moment and i pray that this moment will last forever.
Please take good care of yourself you really welcome to my life and i promise to be good child to always hug.

Yours son

Letter 4

Hello Tina how are you doing hope you are fine and the family
sorry i reply late because i was very busy i love you mom my dad told a lot about you and the promise you both share
I pray all this come true as soon as possible i can not wait to have a home to call my own again
My school is good and i'm fine too and how is my brother and sister over there please send me kiss to them
Please take good care of yourself and my dad i can promise you with me life my father he is going to show you love you never had before believe he is good man i love him and that i will love you and my brother and sisters also kiss
And mom i would like to know your hobbies and personalities and also my brother and sister what they do at their leisure time?
I have so much to share with you mom i love you take care i want to go bed now it late over here i just finished reading my books now
God bless and guide us every day and night i just love to be home i wait to that day to see you and my dad together i love mom
Hope to hear from you soon.

Letter 5

Good day madam, i want to inform you that i finally have a way out for your fiance to leave camp as i have discussed with 3 soldiers from different countries and they are all willing to come and replace your fiance and he will be out from camp. But firstly am going to send you our military replacement form for you to fill and send back to me and i will inform you on what to do then .if you do not understand how to fill the form you can ask your fiance to help you out and once that is done you send me back the replacement form and i will inform you on what to do next.

You will find the replacement form attached to this mail

Letter 6

Good day madam i got your message am sorry i have been busy this has been why i have not been able to reply your messages . i have contacted the soldiers and they said you will have to pay the amount of money into there own account which have been given to me. and once the soldier gets the payment he will come to camp at once and your faince will be out from camp .
Madam you have to be fast about the payment as we have wasted much time on this and the soldier who is coming to replace your faince have been waiting .so once you get the account you go and make the payment into the account and send me the payment slip for verification.this is the account below

Account name:: MIHAELA..SPATARU.
Iban: GB04NWBK01093159374187.
Sort code. 01-09-31.
Account Num : 59374187.

Letter 7

Good day madam , i want to inform you that i do not have time for such nonsense ,how can you ever think i will want to scam you of your money you think i have such time i wanted to help you and your fiance out from all this and this might even put me in problem,but i just wanted to help you both out.

If there was a problem in the account all you have to do is to inform me and i will ask the soldier why is this so and he will explain to me rather than you calling me names.




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