Romance scam letter(s) from Brandon Frank Benjamin to Monica (Chile)
Letter 1

Good Morning Honey... All my Life i have never fall in Love with any woman the way i Love you. my heart beat every second of the day that i could not even sleep at night. Honey., tell me you Love me. i want to hear that from your mouth before i be with i said..i have a Big Contract in west Africa Nigeria.. i have been working on it for so many years..and now i got it..i will be living to Nigeria on Sunday..and it only gonna take one week and 2 days..and from Nigeria am flying to meet with you in Chile. as i told you..i have been in Chile few months ago to look around where i can build my Real Estate... i want you by my side..and i promise to give you everything you want. m going crazy in Love with you... Give to me your mobile i can always call to hear your voice even when i do not understand the Spanish very well. and please also tell me from your Mouth you Love me...Kiss,..Brandon
Letter 2

Yes my dear... Am Brandon Frank Benjamin... please my dear. i want to Love you not because of your beauty.. not because you are rich or poor..i want to love you because you are that woman i always wanted all my life.
Letter 3

My dear..Love is very hard to say..ensure it comes from your not from everyone to say it.. in me i know i truly Love you and i wanna love you everyday for the rest of my life....i send some photo now.
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