Romance scam letter(s) from John Harden to Rina (USA)
Letter 1

Sweetheart I've told you countless time that the companion I've always desire. It is rather simple. Race, ethnicity,religious believe, physical appearance and Age in general is not problems......Honey i don't know how to prove to you again that i truly love you and not lust my dear..honey I'm not going to be disappointed when we eventually meet in person because I'm deeply in love with you and i know you love me too and who said you're not beautiful and sexy?honey you're beautiful,caring and have a good heart that's what matter's to me my love..please don't ask me that question again because it will really get me upset,i love and miss you..kisses and hug
Letter 2

Sweetheart I'm proud to introduces you as my wife anywhere,anytime and above all i already told my friends,coulee and my team so much about you and they cant wait to see you,i told them I've found a wife with a good heart,i even show them your pictures and they're happy for me,Sweet one you keep saying that you want to stop your work i will like to know why?honey i will advised you keep the job for now when i come over for a visit we will talk more about it and remember i told you I'm going to invest on oil and gas in other word I'm going to open an oil company which we will both manage and there after we will have allot of time for each other..kisses and hug
Letter 3

Sweetheart i saw the link you sent me,i advised you to disregard that link and don't ever respond to whatever message they will send to you because is all lie,I've encounter such link in the past only for me to find out that they're fake,honey don't be scared just wait till on the 17th and you will discover that nothing will happen,Sweet one don't worry about your friends and coulee that think you're nut and dreaming for loving me,Honey guess what?i will put them to shame and put a big smile on your face by surprising you in their present..honey don't worry i still have your work address..i love you so much my darling,kisses and hug
Letter 4

Big Smile honey one step at a time,just keep your figures cross my wife and patiently wait for the surprise.sweet one I've to go now I'm still at work i love u,kisses and hug
Letter 5

Sweetheart don't worry we will be together pretty soon and put your co-workers to shame but let's try to put deaf ear to what people will say about us because people must talk just to discourage you or me for getting to our goal in life,honey i advise we concentrate on building a family together, i miss and love you so much..kisses and hug
Letter 6

Sweetheart The only condition of my love for you is that there are, and will never be any conditions at all,My Life can never be complete without you. I love you from the bottom of my heart and i cant wait to start a family with you...kisses and hug
Letter 7

Sweetheart let me be sincere with you this relationship is in your hand,if you believe the gossip of people you will end up destroying the love that exist between us and we will not have the opportunity of meeting each other again,Honey I'm the type that doesn't listen to gossips,if i was the type that listen to gossips i don't think i will be in love with you and be where I'm today,listen honey I'm too busy for gossips,honey I've live and make decisions on what my instinct says and not what people say,because those are the same people that will wish they're in your shoes,Well the ball is in your court and is left for you to decide,take care of you..
Letter 8

Sweetheart it's okay,i love you more,please don't cry you will hurt me when you cry,you're my life,i love you so much my darling..kisses and hug
Letter 9

Sweetheart i love you more and i will never hurt you,my world don't worry we are going to be together pretty soon and live like one big happy family,i miss you..kisses and hug
Letter 10

Sweetheart i don't have time to party,i can only party when I'm on vacation not during work season because I'm always very tired whenever i get back home from work,Honey I'm planning on coming down November end before my birthday because i will like to spend my birthday with you..i love you my darling,kisses and hug

Letter 11

Sweetheart is Sunday morning here I'm dress and i will be driving to church any moment from now,i just want to quickly send my wife message before going to church and to let her know she will be prayed for by me the husband,Honey i don't flirt I'm contented with just you and you keep saying that i shouldn't be disappointed if i see you in person,Baby listen I've already falling so deeply in love with the woman on my profile picture on fb which is you so you've nothing to be scared off,Honey they're some of my vital information's i will share with you tomorrow,Note this are the information I've never share with anybody all my life not even to my ex-wife but i will share it with you just to prove to you that I'm madly in love with you and nothing can separate us if you ignored gossips and believe in me..kisses and hug
Letter 12

I am writing you this letter once more to tell you how much you mean to me, and to thank you for coming into my life. You are something I never thought could exist for me. You are one of the best things that has happened in my life, and I don't regret being with you.
Honey I'm so happy that you feel the same way and i will like to prove my feelings for you,okay am still thinking of what to do to prove this to you...... well i think of you day and night,I also want to use this medium to give you some of my vital information's because i trust you and I'm madly in love with you,I'm giving you my account information,i have allot of contract at hand right now so i will not be having time to attend to some of my transactions i will employ you to do most of my transactions on my behalf and always keep me updated,In this regard I will ordained a power of attorney to send to bank informing them of this new development...The information are as follow Bank Name: Cadence Bank
Bank Website:
Account Type: Business
Account Number: 0383527326
Account pass-code: 76567
TRANSFER CODE: CB21rbs67 Well,i cant wait to hear from you soonest.
Hope you are thinking about me ? As much as i am .
Hope to hear from you soonest Love Always,
John Harden
Letter 13

Honey I'm sorry for the late respond to your email today i came home very tired and i slept off I'm just waking up now and i decided to come on line so that you will not be worried,i miss u hon,I'm glad you went out with your friend yesterday and you both had fun,we were still chatting yesterday but the network was so bad that was why i left online yesterday..Honey you ask for my personal bank acct when i gave you my company business account,Smile well i know you're just kidding,i love you so much my darling kisses and hug
Letter 14

Honey I get the best feelings in the world just reading your message. I also got a copy of the affirmation message from the bank, good to know my request was acknowledged. You are too intelligent to screw up, things can only get better with you at the herms of affairs. The bank will always maintain the account balance, you'll only have to ascertain it and transfer funds online when the need arise.

My love, you don't have to be surprised about this task I am putting before you, all my life, I've always work hard, and dreamt of a life partner who will appreciate me for who I am. When you came into my life, I have no doubt that you are the one I've been waiting for. You are so kind, gentle, understanding, patient and down to earth. My instincts accepted the whole of you at once. I know with you by my side, I can only aim higher.

Your willingness to be part of my business success has really endeared you more to my heart. I will do anything for you, make you happy at all time, treat you like a lady and spend the rest of my life loving only you.To be in a relationship where there is no mine or yours...only ours. To me this means family. making life worth living." This is just the beginning my love. All I ask for, is your trust, love and support because I am giving you all of mine as it is now. Please, do not let me down!

Below is the instruction on how to access my online bank account.
Account pass-code: 76567

copy the website into your browser, once it open, on the left side, you will find login center for personal banking, type in the user ID: KENO CONSTRUCTION and click on Go, it will take you to the secured online banking page. Again type in the User ID: SHARB ENGINEERING and Pass-code 76567 then click Log On. Thereafter, click continue.

You will Persona information and always check the account statement, transaction details, and balance for me. If I need to make any funds transfer, you will do that through Online Transfer from my account, that's when you will require the Transfer Code: CB21rbs67 to complete any funds transfer transaction from my account. Please baby, you have to keep all these information to yourself alone. This is my private and personal life, I trust you with the whole of my heart as my friend, lover, wife and partner whom I want to spend the rest of my life with, please do not betray the confidence am reposing in you. Do let me know you were able to access the account properly. If you have any difficulty, you can write to the bank on my behalf for assistance in-case am not available to handle the issue immediately.

Sweetie, your words speaks directly to my soul, you sound like, your living in the next room to mine, you read my thought and feelings,thanks for all the beautiful promises and support, you mean the world to me.

Sweetie, you made me blush whenever i read your message "WIFE"." Now am asking you WILL YOU MARRY ME? Though, in my heart, I already see you as my future, I am fantasizing about running my fingers through your hair.... I am so enthusiastic about our love and relationship!!! So hopeful for happy times to come... family moments, and personal moments.You certainly have rocked my life!!!One big hug for you my love.
I love you with all that I am.

With lots of love
Yours only
John Harden
Letter 15

yes hon,i want to come on Facebook so that we can chat
Letter 16

Contract Award Services
Bid writing, Bid research
Application Assistance
Government representative
154 - 162 City Road,
London, Greater London EC2V4NX
United Kingdom

Dear Engr John Harden


I am pleased to inform you of the decision of the board as regards the outcome of on friday 30th October presentation.
After a rigorous examination and cross pollination of idea, the final judgement of the panel is contained in the information below..

The board of directors and constituted panel of judges at the just concluded proposal presentation for the multi million dollars building contract in the South-South region of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, West Africa, by this letter recommends award of the contract to SHARB ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION SERVICES.
Your astute delivery of the proposal paper, articulate consistency, effective cost evaluation,charismatic and enthusiastic approach to answering questions during the cross examination of your submissions, above all, the lowest responsive and responsible bidder, in the amount of $262 641 755.89 gave you unparallel edge over other contenders.

The Work to be performed under this Contract shall commence immediately on 4th November,2015. A mobilization payment of 30% of the contract award sum $262 641 755.89 which is $79,892,426.5 will be transferred to your account today. Final payment shall be due thirty (30)days after substantial completion of the work,provided the work be then fully completed and the contract fully performed.

SHARB ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION SERVICES shall therefore, furnish all of the materials and perform all of the work shown on thedrawings and described in the specifications, provide all the construction and installation of required civil, structural, electrical, plumbing, environmental, mechanicals, fire suppression,and communication infrastructure, future utility system interconnection capability for the buildings.

Please, avail your presence at the earliest in our office to personally sign the contract agreement.

Yours faithfully
Danny Arnold
Willmar Int'l
154 - 162 City Road,
London, Greater London EC2V4NX
United Kingdom
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