Romance scam letter(s) from Albert Schimek to Jane (USA)
Letter 1

Thanks for your message off the site..I am so happy i came in contact with you.You are extremely beautiful.I pray you will be the answer to my prayer.I will be willing to start out as friend with you and see where it goes.Let's share some vital information about each other.
Well my Name is Albert Schimek I am 60 yrs old and am Originally from Oslo Norway,I've an European Accent, I move to the state 15yrs ago, Presently am living in kokomo Indiana ,I have 1 Child and she is called Lisa 22 years old who schools in University of Dundee Scotland in United Kingdom .i was Once married to a Loving and caring woman until the untimely death took her away from me and now intending to move on with my life with that lovely,honest,faithful woman with so much love to give because I am tired of public settings with dishonest,unfaithful women.i hear that dating site is very boring as many women are not honest. I am not looking for someone to replace my wife but someone to be herself,know what she wants out of life and someone willing to forget the past and intending to move on for a better future..
I am now willing to enjoy life,spend,share time together with that lovely woman that could make things right between us.. Being single has been a challenge for me.. Having a very strong faith really helps to get one through the hard times and I thank God for everything..God is a big part of my life.I don?t know what I would do without him.He is my rock" Occupation:I am into ( Building & Constructing Engineering )..I deal with building and renovating of roads and construction of bridges and borehole excavation..I worked hand in hand with Engineer's and Land surveyors in other to make a good job and equipment's needed to get my job done such as Crude Oil, Bitumen and Graphite.I am a happy man with so much love to give but take honesty as the first step in doing anything and also friends first,we could take it from there and see what develops. I am a good Christian with a sincere,caring,loving heart and hope of a better tomorrow because when there is life our hope should always be high and we should never give up until we finally make our dreams come true and this is the reason why I am taking this chance because we aren't meant to be alone forever. I am a very honest,caring,family oriented,Independent,loving,romantic man with a nice sincere heart of taking care of my own woman,home,respect her and giving her all the love she deserves because I want a woman that I can't live without and same in return.

I am a very optimistic man and love to meet new people with my smile,I am very easygoing,non smoker and Social drinker. I have a great sense of humor,love to laugh,tease jokes,cuddle,swimming,camping.. I would love to know more about you. I hope we can become close friends and perhaps even more. All good things,great relationships take time to develop.. I will be waiting to hear from you.Distance isn't an issue when there is an honest communication.I am a good writer and i hope you too.We have to be committed to build a long term relationship..
Cutie i want you to know to know i don't like doing much on the site because i don't want to be disturb or stress, I rather relate through my e-mail.. I think i will hide my profile in the dating site for a couple of time to see where this we lead us to, I am one woman man, I don't like talking to Several people at once lol, I talk to one woman and try to be sincere with whom i am with,Please write me back to tell me full details about yourself. Albert.
Letter 2

Thanks for your message and for telling me little about yourself..well,Here is some more about me that I feel that you should know as well... My wife was from the Caribbean (Cuba) , I married for love not tradition.I remember going out with her for 6 months before we made love. When the exciting day came,she asked me what took me so long, and i said i wanted to be sure that we were both ready for it at the same time and that no one would be hurt. i guess i made an impression because 1 year later we were married. The day that my wife was killed,In the morning it started to snow.. I had gone to work that day in the morning where i worked at a very prestigious firm.As the day was progressing the snow was falling harder. The firm decided to give everyone off, so I went to the train station to take the hour 15 minute ride home.. Before going home I stopped at the jewelers to pick up Janet present,a ring that i promised to myself that I would buy her. I came home to find the house empty, with a note stating that Janet was out doing some last minute shopping and that they would be home soon..About 3 in the afternoon, there was a knock on the door...I open the door to find two policemen standing outside. They asked if I would accompany them to the police station with me..When I asked what was going on, they said that at the moment they could not tell me. I went with them to the police station.Once inside the police station I saw a number of people including some doctors and a psychologist. They sat me in a room,,closed the door and the windows, and shut the drapes.. I had no idea what was going on or what was about to happen well i was in shock to say the least.. they escorted me to the hospital so that I can identify the bodies.. I identified Janet When asked what happened they told me everything that happened.. according to an eye witness Janet car was rammed in the side by another car with so much force that the van split in half.
The hardest part was trying to tell all the family members that i lost my wife.For about 1 year after i was a total mess.To forget My job was understanding about my situation, but i started coming to work either stoned or completely out of it. they finally let me go..which at that point was the downfall to my life or so i thought. it took me another 6 months to clean up my act.I was angry,mad,upset,it got to the point that i really did not care anymore..about 2 years after that i decided to work for myself. I still had contact with some of my clients and received numerous references from them.I decided start my own business to live my life because i had a client who was like a friend there.I decided that i was just going to work eat go to sleep and work. that was going to be my routine for the rest of my life. I felt that no one can get hurt..Back then i do have an occasional cigarette.
It took me 5 years of constant work 16 hours a day, 7 days a week to get to where i am. At the trial the judge (who happened to be a personal friend of my Old Boss) was ready to throw the book at him, when i asked to speak to the court. The drunk drivers wife and children were in the court room at the time and as unconventional as it was, i said to the court as i looked at his two young daughters, and said that his daughters needed him more then the court needed him in jail. Well due to my testimony even though i did mention that he destroyed my family, he received 5 years probation, 3 years suspended license, 5 years alcohol anonymous, and a few other fines. His wife thanked me, i said your welcome and walked out of the court.
Three years ago he came into my office not knowing it was me, and when he saw me, he was ready to walk out. I spoke with him for a while. When he asked me why i did not throw him out of my office, i said to him that he has to live with what he did for the rest of his life, and if he made amends that was great.
One day my friend who is an electrician introduced me to his cousin who was from Brazil.. a very attractive girl(not as attractive as you) . we began seeing each other off and on for about a year.then things started to become a little more serious. but i never was the pushy type, never forcing anyone to do anything they did not want to. perhaps that may have been my downfall.
See i never have nor will i ever force someone to do something, there was a time when we would go to bed, i am sleeping just in my under garments and she was in her thong or g-string. I was reading a magazine and she was reading a book. i rolled over and gave her a hug and kissed her good night, never touching any part of her body but her waist. well i think she was looking for more but i am the type of person that i do not have to make love or have sex every time i am in bed with someone (which is not very often). the next day she was gone and i received a call from my friend a few days later asking me what went wrong. he told me that in her country women are used to being rough handled by "their man" and well that is not me. so i maybe the best thing for me is to be a "Jewish monk" (which by the way there is no such thing as a Jewish monk). As business prospered, so did my lifestyle (remember i did not have a woman, how can i have a lifestyle). Unfortunately i start getting high blood pressure, went to see the doctor and the doctor told me that i should give up smoking..I gave up smoking and became healthy.Recently,i decided to join the dating website to meet more single mom and wipe out my loneliness because we aren't meant to be lonely forever.Destiny led me to you and here we are becoming friends.Hope you can tell me more about your past too.The only surviving family i have now is my daughter Lisa who means alot to me and sister ..Kimberly she is presently living in Norway but we hardly keep in touch, she got married to a black man who hails from Germany and i am pretty sure her husband is the bossy type who keep is woman away from is family...I hope u can tell me more about yourself too. Have a nice day. Albert
Letter 3

Hello Angel,
Thanks for your message and your sympathy.I am truly a magnanimous man.I treat others the way i wanted to be treated.Well,you have pass through some bad moments too.I am sure it makes you a stronger person.Well,i admit we all are human struggling to get to where we are today.I am Glad you trusted me enough by telling me all this.I feel sober for you.I love the part of being a hardworking woman,I am also a hardworking Man.Well,I can see the reason while you may not want to rush into any relationship.Sincerely,i pray God gives me the opportunity to win heart and to make you happy for the rest of your life.You deserve happiness .You need the hands that will pamper you and care for you.
Everything that happens in life is Destiny.We need to accept our destiny day by day. We need to forget the past in order to be able to move on to the future. Change is the only constant thing in this life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.The past is never where you think you left it.The future influences the present just as much as the past.So we have to move on with our life.
Well,I'm God's sent to wipe your tears away.True love is not easy to come about at our age.True love is what everyone talks about but only few has experience it.If we believe in this honest communication,we can be part of the few that will experience it.This is the best way to learn more about each other.I want to be your friend and let's see where it leads to.Every relationship starts with Friendship.
Honestly Love can sometimes be magic.But magic can sometimes... just be an illusion.Love is never lost. If not reciprocated, it will flow back and soften and purify the heart.Baby,clearly,Now i can tell much about you,your past and your life.I promise to care for you if given the chance.You will never have reason to regret being my friend.I will be glad if u can send me more pictures of yourself and i would love to tell you more about my girl Lisa Like I have told you earlier i have a 22yrs old daughter who study in the UK, ever since the death of my late wife, i haven't go on dated, i have been so busy raising Lisa all alone and am so happy to be a proud Dad today ,Lisa is now in 3rd year in University and she tends to be a very smarty pant girl with good heart, i will surely be writing her an email and tell her about me doing the internet dating of thing then i can share few details about you with her, at least she needs to know what dad is up to lol haha..i will stop writing now and i will be patiently waiting to read back from you.
Signing off for now. Hope to hear from you soon. Albert.
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