Romance scam letter(s) from Uriah Thompson to Raisa (USA)
Letter 1

This is the ISAF Agent, Robert Hannen as subjected on this email, I'm writing to put forth an apology to you about my inconsistency lately which by virtue has caused a lot of shenanigans, qualms, and commotion to you, your boyfriend, Captain Thompson James Uriah and the whole Command Centre where he is deployed. I want in a nut shell dispensed and voice out our procedures regarding Leave of Absence from respective duty; Military is different from any another institution and in light of that whoever that is replacing a respective staff has to be competent to aid the effectiveness of that particular designation just as in a soccer or any recreation of games you may like or know of, if a position has to be substituted, the returning player has to be sound and competent of that position otherwise the team will result in a fallen disgrace. Furthermore, you have to be aware that I have received several correspondences both from Command Centre in Afghanistan as well as Headquarters faulting and probing me for making a paved way problematic. Initially, I have been so much sick which has to do with my gall bladder and several treatments have to be stepped upon before I can gain my full consciousness which I have notified the respective authority about to avoid infringement to the Order of the British Army Empire (OBE). I heard at the death time yesterday that there were some misunderstanding between you and Captain Thompson Uriah regarding the billing you were placed on. Basically, I was to call and explain it to you directly and why you need to pay, alongside with an assurance that if you deem to get reimbursed you'll certainly be respected for that. Like I explained above, the replacement officer is something we take firmly to avoid destruction to the base camp or unnecessary annihilation or mutilation of any of our properties or lives as stake so we can't just jeopardise the life of hundreds for the happiness of one. Let it be known that your boyfriend is holding a very eminent and strong position so the staff that is competent like him who would be covering for him whilst he is gone is already stationed in Africa and he needs to come here so another person will replace him in Africa since the mess going on in Afghanistan is quite execrable than that of Africa. You have to further entrench your understanding that whether money goes to Africa or to anywhere in the world there is still possibility of break of trust and honesty since bad people are also created and live in the midst of good people. I'm encouraging you out of the goodness of my heart and being a real citizen of the United State to trend and linger the trust you've had for send the first payment out, to further send this next billing to where ever you're expected to send your payment of Five Thousand United State Dollars which is this current billing but if you're still in doubt as I was told you were, I want you to send the money to me as you did the first time and I would help you as I have been, to distribute the money to its respective places. Nevertheless, be acquainted with the fact that this isn't a personal observation it is an Order I was given, and out of my messy illness I had to stand up to write this to you as I couldn't hear what you were saying over the phone when I called, either you're just waking up or an erroneous from the reception transmition. Ma'am, for efficiency and rapidity of what is necessary to be taken care of, I advice you to talk to your boyfriend to generate the info where money goes in Africa but if you insist and to avoid further distrust or lividity you can proceed immediately this morning 7th of November, 2015 as soon as possible since financial institutions work at limited time on weekends, to send your due payment to my regular info and I'll set things right for you to bring back your joyful day and slay off your heart the distrust you've had and the emotional chaos that was about to begin.
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