Romance scam letter(s) from Todd Anthony to Sunita (USA)
Letter 1

Hello My Queen Wow, Words cant explain how much i have missed you my love. How are you? Its been a very long day, Reading your email has eased all my tension and i am all smiles now... You are the love of my life.. Thinking about you makes me smile... My body and soul craves for you... Thank you for coming into my life.. My Love, You and Alex are the most important people in my life.. God Bless the day i met you... I wish i could hold you in my arms right now... YOU MAKE MY HEART SMILE ... Everything i am having a down time here, Thinking of you changes that and i feel better automatically, This is the best feeling in the world.. Yes the Other Men are Well and All the remaining workers have also started contributing thier 2 cents into the relief fund... Gareths Wife, Danna was very suprised when we told her about our plan to raise more money for the future of the kids.. She really appreciated it, Its not enough to bring her husband back but she really appreciates the effort. My Love dont worry we would be perfectly fine on the rig, We just need to hire about 3-4 more men so we can finish the job in the scheduled time, We have also settled the medical bills of the workers in the hospital , We would also compensate them accordinlly, The Doctor ordered them to refrain from working for about a month as they need rest to ease the stress and get back to thier normal health conditions.. They cant earn money to feed thier families, Pay thier taxes and other bills if they do not work, So Myself and the boys have decided to compensate them so they wouldnt have any financial burden... Yes baby i would definately be home by the 15th of May for my Birthday, There is no better way to spend my Special day other than with my Special Woman, There no other place i would rather be... Yes Baby i would be turning 47. Baby your messages is a teraphy to my soul... They make me happy. How was your day at work? Did you Have fun.. Oh, I Almost Forgot :-
As for the donation, I Spoke with Danna and she would like Donations below $1000 to be sent to her through "Western Union" and donations above $1000 can be sent directly to her account... I do not know how western union works but i guess she does.. Apparently She worked at a western union outlet about 2 years ago.. Now,, Listen Honey i do not want you to go deep into your pocket because of this.. Remember no amount is too small and its completly voluntary so please take the first option She said you could walk into any Western Union Outlet and Transfer the Donation to this Information ;- Name :- Danna Bale
Address ;- 1382 Portland Street
City;- Manchester
Country :- England
Zip-code ;- M1 6DP
Test Question ;- First Daughters Name
Answer ;- Sarah I Do not know how it works but i am sure it is Quite simple, I Scribbled this down while she was explaining how it works to me, I Told her my Wife would like to donate into the future of her little angels and she was so happy and appreciative... She also said there is a unique '10 digit number code' you would be given at the western union outlet... Im Sure you would figure it out. Its 11;26pm i have to hit the sacks now, My appertite has been destructed, The unfortunate accident took its toll on me, I Would be fine my love.. Dont Worry your pretty head.. You KING is in good condition I LOVE YOU! 1,000,000 hugs and Kisses to you my Love
Stay Beautiful
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