Romance scam letter(s) from Sean Pederson to Tina (Canada)
Letter 1

How are you doing TINA..How are you and the family.I am Sean and we met on skout the last time.I am sending you and email for a short introduction about me to you.I am Sean Pederson and a British Army Lieutenant,I am now in Afghanistan,Basra as a military or criminal lawyer.I schooled in USA in Illinois,Rochester.I am 50 years old.I have a child in London and is with a nanny.Forgive me please for i cannot be talking to you on phone due to the nature of my work.Our enemies have I am retiring this December although the Army wants to give me another contract to serve them due to my competencies with work and defending the American constitution in all my dealings in the Army.I left home very long ago like about 9 years ago and i think this is time for me to make a family for myself.Age is just a number .Age cannot cross me from reaching my dreams or finding love.So you can send me an email too,Its 13:56 pm my time.This is why i will always send you pics of me to show you what i do day in day out.I let someone take a pic of me so that i can send to you anytime.My job has always been demanding and i dont intend working again.Hope to hear from you soon.Take care and have a nice day TINA.
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