Romance scam letter(s) from Antonio Armani to Candy (USA)
Letter 1

Thanks for your thoughtfulness Candy, I never wanted to discuss this with you earlier. Antonio is a shy person and will hardly discuss his problems with people. Here's the issue, he was hired and paid a part of the money meant for the project and they promised him the rest of the money when work is done. He has invested a lot of his own funds into this and I have also borrowed from my bank and Kenneth to assist him, this has affected my business but I am hoping he would return back the money as soon as possible. I sent him 5thousand usd, said he needs about 7thousand, that was all I was able to send him, he needs more money to get some payment made to enable him access to a grant he's planning to get, I guess he really might not want to discuss this with you, I am so worried for him too, I was wondering if you could loan him and maybe when money is released to him, he will send back to you whatever you borrow him. I have borrowed him more than 250thousand and I am hoping things will go well for him and that he can return back home to start a new life with you. This is between you and me, I am only confiding in you as a friend only because you asked. Let me know what you think about this. Have a great rest of your day. Naomi
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