Romance scam letter(s) from Lewis Lucas Foote to Shalom (UK)
Letter 1

Good Evening My Love .. How are you doing? I didn't have a good day at all .. Today I was meant to sign the contract papers with the contract issuer and the agency. In this case the Agency is a third party and they require their payment upfront as they have completed their task which was to recommend me and be my guarantor. They give me recommendation letters to any company I am applying to because I am a one man business.......... Actually to my surprise the agency demands that they receive their percentage of the payment upfront after signing the contract which I was not aware of. Honey I am currently unable to pay them in full although I have managed to come up with some of the money......... Unfortunately they have had bad experiences with their previous clients who won the contracts and never returned to make the payment........I have invested all my savings on this project and some part of my investment right now am trapped.
I need some documents from them to go sign this papers which when I sign, the project is completely mine....... Dishonest people have really spoilted the opportunity for the rest of us.........Am just fed up right now ..I already called my daughter to get me some cash through the investments I have in her account hopefully that will cover it .. She will be doing that tomorrow.. I wish I knew this upfront I would have been so prepared right now am scared all that I have invested will be wasted .. 125000$ investment .. I felt like crying this afternoon crossing my fingers .. I also called a old client that is indebted to me and said tomorrow will try to send part of the money so far I see the mercy of God showering on us .......
If I sign the papers and the project gets in my hands I will be seeing 3 times of what I have invested........That is why the agency always wants their cut because in the end all the money is paid only directly to me. Its just like hiring a lawyer and you didn't pay till after case is won then only will the lawyer gets his money even if the person is not willing to pay....... And when the lawyer has another client willing to pay but may only do so at the end of the case, he wont want to because of his past experiences.
Well I am just rumbling … I love you baby and will let you know how it goes tomorrow I pray my daughter and client are able to get what is needed because if any differences I don't know where to run to ..
Hugs and Kisses
I Will call you to let you know how things go.
Hugs and Kisses Lewis
Letter 2

Good Evening To You My Princess. I still have to pinch myself each morning to see if this is reality. How does this happen? I go to sleep wishing you were holding me. I wake up with you on my mind. I re-read your emails and text so that I can feel you close to me, how did we get to this place almost immediately? I to pray that God is watching out for both of us. I feel he is. I agree with you that he has a plan for our lives, I just hope his plan for us includes each other, at this point it would hurt to much if it did not. Its a busy week. The big project I told you am bidding working on the presentation is coming up soon .. Pray for me sweetie .. I will attach some pictures of the model am working on .. Its a conference center, hotel , shopping mall and offices in it..
I just wanted to let you know how I feel and for you to have the most wonderful evening. I will talk to you soon!
Hugs and kisses
Letter 3

Hi my baby Celine Dion The Power Of Love Lyrics Darling I love how we talk and can fool around and joke and tease each other. Its going to be even more fun when we are together doing it. I cant wait to hold each other, caress each other kiss each other........Oh baby I still find it so hard to believe that the days are counting down that we can be together. In few more days. Look into each others eyes and not just through a picture, I press my finger to your lips of your picture and give you my soft touch every morning. I think you have the sexist eyes and such a loving smile. You are a very beautiful woman that I'm so intrigued to get to more and more everyday. This is beyond crazing how we have been so blessed to find each other, this all started from the internet because I know I never thought of myself that I would ever do that but I guess it all happened for a reason because it wasn't in either one of our characteristics to do something like that but look where it brought us. I can't wait to semi retire but I know I couldn't do it completely as I love to work but would like to work on my terms so we could do everything together that we want to do. Love I can't see either one of ever breaking each others hearts, from all the conversations we have had I do not think that it is either one of us to mean or judgmental of each other or to anyone else.I see you as the type of woman that would do anything to help or assist anyone and just be a good friend. Some people like us just don't have it in our moral fiber to be mean. Do until others as you would have them do unto you. Everyday I wonder what we will talk about, will we be tongue tied just glancing into each other eyes. I guess the best thing is to just let our love for each other take over and let us sail into our journey together. I find as each day comes I get to know you that I wake up happier and happier so ready to jump out of bed and see the beautiful day, and I always have a smile on my face.I always tried to face the day but most days I was just going through the motions because that is what you have to do. I always made sure no matter what I took care of my daughter and not let her hurt, but I was hurting in my lonely little private world. My daughter is so happy to see that real smile back and as she say daddy I love the glow you have back. Hope you have a great day my love me text me when you can. Remember I love you and again if you want to call me I would love to hear your sweet sweet voice.
Hope you enjoy your song
Your every loving baby xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo.
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