Romance scam letter(s) from David Trevor to Sandy (USA)
Letter 1

Hello sweet wonderful woman,
I hope you had a good night rest and a good day so far. My flights were long, I feel exhausted & grumpy after the long hours of travel. I wish you were here to hold me to let out some of the exhaustion and stress. I just settled in the apartment reserved for me here in Zongudak. It looks so old but It has a computer and internet. Yes, a computer because my laptop and cell phone got lost at the airport today.It was hell. I had the worst travel experience of my life today.

I had to clear my heavy duty equipment at the airport in Istanbul. I cleared them all successfully and they are on a truck on the way here now. It would get here by the morning.While I was going through the clearing process. It was really long, I had to go to different offices and I don't speak Turkish so it was pretty hard for me you know. The offices were extremely far apart from each other! I dropped my laptop and dead cell phone at one of the office reception because my hand was full with paperwork and files. Under 5 minutes it was gone! I thank my God I had all the files on my hand. It would have been a different situation now! The security camera caught the THIEF! But no id yet. So they promised to get back to me under 10 days. But my translator said its impossible to get it back. I need the same exact laptop because I got some information needed for work here and I have a backup disc. If I put the back up disc in the same exact laptop all my old information would come back so tomorrow I would going with my translator to the electronic stores around here to get a replacement for the laptop and cell phone. I arrived Istanbul on time but arrived in Zongudak 3 hours ago . I arrived here in Zongudak with a very small plane, about 12 passengers and it flies four times a week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.. I wanted to write you before calling you. I would try calling you from a prepaid phone given to me by my translator now. My translator is such a nice young man. He was already in Istanbul waiting for me and we fly back here together. I hope you have had a good day so far. I really could not stop thinking about you all through the flight and I printed some of our earlier mails and I read through them on the plane. Hope to speak soon, David.
Letter 2

Hello wonderful woman, It was really nice to connect with you over the phone from here. All my equipments already got here. Its about 1:30 PM now. My equipment arrived at about noon and they have all been taken to the mining site. I already went to mining association office here today and I selected 15 workers that would be working for me. I'm paying them daily wages in euros. You know the official currency here is Turkish Lira. I have no idea why the mining association wants workers paid in EUROS. I'm sure thats to rip me off. We finished all the papers works for the workers contract and mine lease, electricity for the high power drillers and other miscellaneous some hours back. It was all good and work would start tomorrow. We need to go about 800-1000 metres deep and the driller I am using can do that under 1 week. So we when get that deep, we would start the blasting process. The blasting would take about 3-5 days. I would be done by then because my buyers want the garnets in the raw stage. I am already in talks with some buyers in Saudi Arabia that want to buy everything I get at this mine site. It would be better for me because I would not have to sell them bits by bits which may hold me back a lot more longer on the other side of the world. I would give you the good news when I conclude with the Saudi Arabia buyers because we are still negotiating on the down payment. I could not find the devices at the store. We even called Istanbul and they said they have to order it from the states and it would take 2 weeks. I need a HUGE favor from you now my dearest wonderful woman. Can you help me to go to the closest apple store or bestbuy close to you and help me buy the devices and accessories and you can send it over here today or tomorrow. Let me know so I can send you the details of the devices and accessories. I will give you a call in a bit. Hope to speak to you soon! David.
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