Romance scam letter(s) from Donato John Azzo to Jadwiga (Poland)
Letter 1

With Jadwiga for news and for the kind gesture to me. I'm sorry that intrusion into your profile first. Actually, I was looking at the search for an engineer friend of my former colleagues that he had lost contact with for a very long time and accidentally saw your mature looking beautiful photo from the profile. He attracted me and I thought, hello to you. I have no bad intentions, and I mean no harm. I hope that we can learn a lot of new things from each other and become close friends.

I am an independent contractor and consultant with oil and gas companies. Still attached to the shell company as an independent contractor, and not receive the draft agreements with the company on a regular basis. Nature of the contract that I do service for the company Shell and other oil companies are mainly for the construction and laying of oil and gas pipelines and drainage solutions oil spill, deep water repair and maintenance of the oil pipeline, both at sea and land operations.

I am currently handling a project contractual Oil Company ADNOC here in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates over the past two months. I am going through deep waters repair and maintenance for the company's oil pipelines there on the sea.
Actually my stay here in Abu Dhabi owning is only temporary for the current contract runs that I use for the company.

About my family, I have an Italian father and my mother is from the United States. My parents are dead, and I'm the only child.I born in the United States, and my parents lived in the states also afterwards. Then, when I was 9 years old, my dad got a new job in Italy, in Florence, his hometown, everyone moved to Italy with my dad and mostly lived all my life in both science. I was also visiting the states regularly in those days with my mother to visit her siblings in the states. I also work in the states for years. Actually, I had to move to Ohio, where my mother was permanently originally came because I love this place and this is where I was born.

About my state of life, my late wife was an Italian, have been married for years without a child, later doctors discovered that she had complications in her womb, and he could not imagine we planed to adopt a girl, but suddenly develop breast cancer and died a few months later. She died 5yrs ago to this deadly breast cancer and has since been one and lonely man.

Do you have WhatsApp on your phone? you can download it to your phone if you do not. I think it will be much easier for us to keep in touch through this way. It's my phone number +4915216390419, you can add me on Whatsapp we always talk.

Have you ever been to Italy or to the United States before? Can you tell me more about yourself, career and family.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.
I hope you like my photos? I look forward to some photos too.

Do you have a nice day.

With love,
Letter 2

My dear somewhere in your heart try to find a place for me, I don't care where it might be. I do not care about the age different, what matters most is love and affections. I know you senior with 19 years, and what is 19 years? Just a number in years. It might be one little corner which may not mean so much to you but one little corner would be enough to see me through. There are no words to express the gratitude I feel in my heart that our hearts have come to dwell together as one. You are my life, my heart, my soul. You are my best wife. You are my one true love. The day we met was faith. Our lives intertwining was faith. You are my destiny. I love you more today than I did yesterday, and I'll love you more tomorrow than I do today. Love is the only thing that makes life worth living. Your love, with all my heart I am forever yours. I will be coming to meet you as we get to know each other better. I have never fall in love this way, after the death of my wife i have never been in love again. But i have chosen you to be my love forever. I only asked if your daughter is married to know more about the family, you are the one i love and no one else. I used Germany number because i visit there often, it is the head office of the company that awarded my current contract project. The line network reception is most favorable here.
Yours forever,
Letter 3

Dear beautiful Jadwiga,
How are you doing? It was so nice reading your letter. I have taken note of all you said concerning our relationship, i understood that you must to see me first before taking a decision over our relationship. I welcome all you said and i want to respect your decision for the time being. But i believe age cannot hinder us from this relationship.
Actually I have always wanted to discuss with you about my plans to buy a house in your city. I hope this will be a secret between you and. I will be receiving my contract payment fund from the Shell UK Limited for the contract I did for them last year. It's a big fund and I want to use part of it to buy a house in your city just to be close to you. I will need your help to do that by assisting me look for a good building with well equipped facilities and security. We will have to talk more on that on that in my next mail.
Wishing you a lovely day ahead as I look forward to hearing from you soon.
With Love, hugs and kisses,
Yours Donato.
Letter 4

Hi Jadwiga,
how are you doing? I have a good news for you. This afternoon I receive from the DHL my contract payment approval letter from the Shell UK Limited. I am so happ that finally they gonna pay me for the contract I did for them last year, I have attached a copy of the payment letter to you for your view. Please dear, you have to keep this as a secret between us. Do not share this document with any one.
They ask me to come to the UK for the signing of some documents or provide a lawyer who can help me to do that.
Unfortunately I can not travel to the UK now because of the project I am handling here, so I have to hire a lawyer to assist me do that.
They will pay the money in installment because of the amount invloved.
According to their payment instructions, i will be entitled to receive first installment of Five Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds. (?500.000.00)
Let's the celebration begins, please get yourself a bottle of champagne and celebrate with me for a job well done. I can't wait to be with you soon.
Kiss and hug.
Yours Donato.
Letter 5

Thanks for everything, I am so happy that you came into my life. Though it has not been long we met but, still we seems to be so close to each other in just a short span of time. I feel more happy each time I receive a message from you. For me love is life and love is you. There is always a new emotional feelings to write to you, and I mean every word of it.

We may not have known each other for long yet my feelings for you is strong and it means everything to me. You are the one who has now made me feel better about myself and makes me laugh at all the lovely words we talk about through mails.

I am here pondering what life will be with you beside me. Sharing our thoughts and ideas towards what the future holds. You and I are hundreds of miles apart right now. Yet I feel as if you are here right beside me. Your passion spans distances unforeseen by the naked eye, reaching me in ways I never thought possible.

I hereby commit all my love and life to you. I will love and adore you. I long to hold you in my arms, kiss your lips and hug you one day. You are everything to me now. I promise to bring you the joy you dream of and would strive to bring you all happiness of life. Your lovely messages has added the spice in my life which has been tasteless all the while.

I know I have made the right choice in proclaiming my love for you. I have no fears and no regrets and I live for the day we'll be together for the first time. I'm glad I found you and I hope we spend a lot more happy times together. Please take good care of yourself for me baby. I love you so much.

With love, hugs and kisses,
Yours Donato
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