Romance scam letter(s) from David Wales to Renee (USA)
Letter 1

Hi , IS this Renee ? I believe my email has gotten to the right place . Well just to let you know who's writing , Mom is Katie , one of David's daughter waiting for you in here in Dallas . Is really my pleasure to know i have you in my life , I mean myself , Sarah and Daddy ,is so bless to have you and we can't wait to meet you and have you here with us .. hope you're getting your stuffs together Mom? and also believe you're coming with daddy like he has said to me in our last conversation ... Well i just want you to know i am a simple girl , and also Sarah too . We are both very close to each other , we study together , play together , eat together and pray together , I mean we were raised from a strong Christian background , so i want to say thanks to our beloved Daddy who has always been there to support us in all that we do , love us just right , and be that dad we've always wanted him to be .. So for all i felt for him , knowing we have been without a mother for years, I realize what that feels like and couldn't wait to have someone i can see , share and love , the same way i do love my late mom, so my little sister and I had to find for ourselves happiness , and so by doing that i suggested Mingles for Daddy ..All we needed was a God fearing woman who will love Daddy and as well love us , take us like hers , treat us with equal love and be there for us and with us as family forever .. I am going to say thank you sweet mom , for bringing all that happiness , love and joy to our lives , knowing my sister and I could enjoy that which we 've missed from our late mom .. I wish she didn't have to go . But i know she's safe where ever she's , because i always prayed for her , and ask the Lord to guide her and receive her into his Heavenly kingdom ..I miss all that beautiful , wonderful and fabulous time we all had as family while she was still alive , even if i know i was still a little girl growing up , i still could remember most of the good times we had as family.. I could remember how fun it was , but after mom past away everything changed , We didn't have all that moment like we did when she was there, we use to have so much then as one big family ..when Sarah and I use to play , and assist mom , study with her , go do all that beautiful outdoors , shopping , going to the parks , to the Zoo , cooking and baking together , I mean do all that ladies do if you know what am talking about , lol.. Mom I just can't wait , I mean anticipating on my new family and knowing that soon i will be meeting you and i you will be happy to have Us as yours, love is equally , same way you love daddy , and knowing we have you we will as well love you just right .. I think i just have to admit , ever since you and Daddy met , a whole lot has changed , His life , our lives , i men everything has really changed , and just knowing we have you , is beautiful and i could see a lot of difference in me , and could feel that presence of motherly love again just knowing that soon we will be together .. I will always respect you as Daddy has thought us , i will share with you anything and would like you to please give me the best advise on how to go about anything and seeing us be a lot better girls in the future .. I am glad my account now works fine now , Lately have had issues with it , trying to sign in , but now i could . Right now my sister and I , with the Nanny all alone at home , Been indoors all day and is been cold since the past days, studying also, baked some cakes together , and now everyone is sitting together watching a movie called Here on Earth , is a lovely movie and it talks about some High school lovers ,true love , hurts and so much more .. I would say it's a fun and interesting movie , so maybe we can both see it together when you're here .. Mom i want to be able to know more about you , and what your expectations of me are and of us .. Mine is simple , just be good to us , love my Daddy , stay with us , lets always pray together as family , eat together and always share with me what you don't like of me and the things you like .. I just want to be a good girl to you and to Daddy and also will make sure i teach my little Sister Sarah how she can also be a good girl too .. We are always good , so you don't have a problem with that .Now before i stop , I am going to ask God to continue to bless us as family , give us more of his love and unite us as one , this i pray in Jesus Name Amen .. Yours Faithfully , Kate .
Letter 2

Hello Sweetie cake, You are such a queen for loving me so right and letting me have you as my Queen , i fall for you more and more with every moment of my life and would say you mean a lot to me and i need you to know that i felt your love in me even while i was leaving the states ,with tears for you , and it was tears of love and happiness ..Sweetie you are so sweet, and i will always continue to adore you my love . I am happy i had a safe trip to Scotland ,and also happy to know my computer network was able to send email ..Sweetie Queen no day passes now that i don?t think about you , even while i was on the plane, my thoughts where of you and how sweet it will be when am back to meet you ....Sweetie am so sorry for taking so long to write you all through yesterday , My trip was cool and ok , but my mind wasn't with me, thinking about when am going to get done with the heavy load of job have got ...I wanna start my life with you while we pave way for the future .I was reading a book by Gray Harm while in the Air plane ,and must say it was a fun and interesting book, talking about how to achieve a great and happy family . And while reading ,i slept off with a vision of you in my heart ,knowing that soon we will be together as one big family ..So happy and feel blessed to have such a special lady like you to own my heart , Sweetie Cake you wouldn't know how much you mean to me till i get back to meet you my sweet love ...I need a better and happy life with you and the family, and i picture that now , I feel so glad to know i will be the man to complete you and let you see they still could be real men out there willing to love forever and adore that special lovely woman like you , I know you want the same thing as i do ..So i believe in you now because i have started to feel that strong sensation that we were really meant to be together ,i could feel it even why i write you now .So i think is time to share our love for each other and learn to live in harmony and in peace ... Sweetheart am now on the Oil Rig , on the Platform with my team and some more engineers ,It's so cold over here that i even shake why i write you because i know i want this forever in my life with you , and with happiness in my heart always ..It's beautiful knowing all i could think about now is the movie ( Titanic )..I believe we all know that movie ? that's how i feel seeing myself surrounded by water and am in love , with such powerful feelings of love i get inside my body knowing i finally met you . I believe keeping in touch and be counting the days as it moves until we're together will be one of my greatest routine for now . Right now have got my computer ,so i think this is the only way i have to keep communicating with you, Right now you are the light in my life , and have become part of my life already .I will be writing you always and making sure i get in touch with you every single day of my life .Angel we need to be good to each other understand each other , be honest to each other ,and most of all get established more now we're getting together . Have always wanted this day to come when i will have the lady to spark up the love in me like you did , someone to share excited times and happy moment with me and the family , someone i can always kiss and say the word I love you , Every single day and time we are together ...I want you in my life sweetie Queen ,My beloved your heart is safer with me and i will always make sure i stay cool and good to you now i know you and me are now getting too close ..I want take my time to understand you very well and love you so right ,and no matter the situation we find our selves , you will always be my Queen forever .. Sweetie i will make sure i treat you so good like i have in my heart to do ,to have you in my arms always ,, cuddle with you and always feel your body next to mine,, Hold hands together with you , go shopping with you and the family and do a lot more too .So please my love just let this love flow because you have a man who's willing to sacrifice his love, heart and time for you , and to always be by you and for you and the family . I can't wait till my very last day here, when i will be coming back to meet my adorable newly found Queen ( YOU) ..Sweetie Queen i wanna hold you in the bed and say some sweet words to you right now , and as every beautiful day and night comes and goes away ,to share with you and feel that sweetest love that you have for me , because i know you deserve it,and deserve to be love by me are so special in my eyes and i will say you're that charming Queen i will always adore .. Sweetie Queen i will learn to show you some more lovely ways to have all the beautiful time we both missed , and will be willing to see more of yours too . Just thinking about your love and how you brought light to my heart again , makes me have watering eyes for you ,so you need to know no one has ever made me feel this way .. Sweetie there are times when you find the one you love and you don't see , and i have always prayed to have someone willing to settle down like me and face the future together with a good family planning while we achieve our goals and dreams , Angel am not that man who will claim to love you ,but later compromise , i don't compromise my love , i am a straight forward man , when am in love i don't ever cheat or play games and will never do that when i know your love for me is true ..Well right now am alone here in my office Cabin , thought i should take another lovely time to write to you, letting you know your man is in Beijing China right now ... So darling i believe in your love and promising not let you down my love because have fallen so deeply for you , and i promise forever is gonna be . Sweetheart i don't want you to ever let me down someday , please my love i wouldn't want to get hurt again but would rather be happy now i have your sweet love in my life ... Baby i promise i will be there once am done with this job , am a man of my word , and besides i think am ready for this and really want a life with you . Am using this opportunity to say thanks to you for letting this flow .I love you with the deepest passion of my love for you .. It hurts me to know how i sometimes can be a little selfish when it comes to you, So Darling Queen, I'm in the deepest love for you're such a beautiful Angel , So feel me and find this in your heart to know this man has already fallen for you. . We really need to talk and chat , but then again I don't know when i will be chance . I can't help this feelings right now because i have never felt this way before ,and even my ex didn't make me feel the way am feeling now knowing you are mine ,, I want you and it's from the dept of my heart . Here is a link to a song i have for you , copy this link ,i want you to listen to that song on the internet and feel how much i miss you.. Sweetie cake i believe in life we all have goals and dream ? i believe it's time for us to have a great relationship for our tomorrow to be better and happy , i just meant that when you have discover the true man for you , just like i have you , and discover what might be of us , then we need to see it through , i mean painting a mental picture concerning the future together according to God's words ,then setting a pace for an experience of a better life ..I miss you very badly daring , i wanna see you and look in your beautiful sweet and charming sexy eyes always, my beautiful angel , hold you and always say sweet things to you because you are sweet and i want to always say that to you, and love you forever while we continue to grow grey hair together because i know time flies and i need that moment in my life with you , and forever.. Above is a picture of my contract certificate ,as well as a picture of the oil rig and some more recent pics of me also ,so if you don't mind you can have a copy of yours ,, right now i have no one but you close to my heart , so i thought is best i share with you by letting you see what is looks like ..I hope you're okay with me sharing things with you ? may the song i sent you put lovely sparkling smiles on your face because i always want you happy ? well Sweetheart always feel free to write me . Have a lovely day ,have got to leave now ,so i can get some work done right now..We're in a different time zone now , so please know that. Darling always remember your man cares about you the way you are , And i believe only the lord knows why he brought us together,but one promise is that i will never let you down . I will leave now and hope to read from my pretty angel soon, Angel have fallen for you, thanks for the pictures and the email you sent me ,I CARE SO MUCH SWEETIE CAKE and will always do ,Good day to you my adorable Queen,and remain bless ... Thank you. What more can a man say to the woman who opened her heart to him, allowing him to feel the warmth of her love across the great distance that separates them? You truly have no idea what I feel for you..This feeling of being both scared and at peace, of having both butterflies and a sense of calm, is a feeling that I have only dreamed about. As the days continue to pass, my love for you continues to grow. I never thought I had the capacity to love anybody as much as do now . Yet, my love for you continues to mature, growing beyond the realm of my heart. It seems that you have become the fiber of my soul, the very reason for my existence.You have completely taken my heart. It's funny, because I told myself I would never fall in love again. Yet when I least expected , I fell the hardest. I have finally found my partner (you). No matter what we may face, I will NEVER give up on our love. I know that God brought us together for a reason . No doubt about it, we were just meant to be. My love as you come to the end of my letter , just know that this man is a true man of God , and has come to stay , so please try and agree with my love ,and that of God, concerning our destiny, knowing that i will never let you down, and i believe you won't either , declaring what you see in the future and agreeing with God that there is glory in your future when you get to be with the man who truly adores you ..So sweetie queen i need you to know the picture in your mind determines your future , so if you picture me as that man for you ,just like i do then so be it , because it makes a brighter future , thanks .. Yours lovely , David
Letter 3

Hello Angel , Dearest of my heart , sweetest of my soul here I sit and write to you from the deepest of my heart to you . I want to believe this meets your heart with lots of butterflies .. I love you sweetheart .. Baby I believe that our love is (blessed/ordained) by God. It is a union of two spirits destined for everlasting happiness. Thus, you have truly become the star of my life which brings me light in this dark world, and warmth when I need it. You offer me the promise of renewal, the joy of living, the peace of mind that comes from sharing and caring, and that shoulder to lean on in times of stress which is what i always take with me as everyday goes by , knowing i will be with you . You are my precious True Love , and I will cherish you and love you forever if only you won't hurt me someday . Loving you feels so right,but at the same time,knowing I can't have you keeps me awake even at my night time .I just want this to be simple,I just want you here with me,to look into your eyes,be held in your arms adore you , respect you , listen to you when ever you speak to me and will make you see reasons to love me ...Then I'd truly be happy.You know how I feel about you,and I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you,but it's so hard to do when I can't even be next to you at this time . Just as the Bible says , Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word. That is just how i want to love you . So know that Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends. As for prophecies, they will pass away,as for tongues, they will cease, as for knowledge, it will pass away ..But my love is here for you until death .. Life is so unpredictable. Changes always come along, in big or small ways. I don't know what happened that this sudden change has turned my world upside down. I don't know exactly what it is, it just hit me, but there is something really special about you. It might be all the things I see on the surface,the times we share chatting and all those wonderful times i cherish with you writing and your sweet voice talking on phone, the things that everyone notices and admires about you, qualities,opinions, capabilities and a wonderful smile obviously connected to a warm and loving heart; these things set you apart from everyone else. But it may also be the big things ... the person you really are that I hope to know completely someday. And it might also be the little things ... the way you have spoken and all your actions. I receive so much joy just being able to see a smile in your eyes. If I ever figure out the magic that makes you so special, I'd probably find out that it's a combination of all these things. You are a rare combination of so many special things. You are really amazing. Inside of me there is a place where my sweetest dreams reside, where my highest hopes are kept alive, where my deepest feelings are felt and where my favorite memories are safe and warm. I find that you're on my mind more often than any other thought. Sometimes i bring you there purposely just to make my day brighter. But more often, you surprise me and find your own ways into my thoughts. When I awaken this morning, I realize that you've been a part of my dreams. Then during the day, when my imagination is free to run, it takes me into your arms and allows me to linger there knowing there's nothing I'd rather do. I know my thoughts are only reflecting the loving hopes of my heart because whenever they wonder, they always take me to you. I believe someday you will come to realize what an amazing change such a short time shared with you have done to my world. Sweetheart i need you to know only the most special things in my world get to come inside my heart and stay. And now, i realize how deeply my life has been touched by you tell me most of those word you said in our last conversation and all you've always shared .. ? I left working running to my pc hoping to meet you online but wanted to share my deepest feelings to you, Hope to hear from you soon, and do hope you don't misinterpret my intentions towards you my love . have a lovely day starting over there as you get awake Happy and bless Sunday to you and the entire family , and always do remember that I care so much about you sweetie., can't wait for your love to set me free .. Stay bless and be safe. Lot of kisses and tight hugs to you sunshine... Yours Faithfully , David ..
Letter 4

Hi Renee , what a sweet and lovely message from you , and how touching your words are to me .. Am really glad to hear from such an adorable lady like you , and I believe you're a God fearing woman ? Well I just want you to look outside and see the birds trying to talk to you, The tree waving for you . The wind blowing for you . I sent them to deliver a message from me to you ? can you hear them, They are all saying happy sunday.. Sorry I forgot to ask , how's the family ? Hope they're all doing fine ? Well just to start your day I want to share a scripture with you , psalm 125 , am using that to brighten your day and I want you to know you're always in my thoughts .. David
Letter 5

Hello Renee got your email, i must confess you got me blushing reading those lines about when you got my message, you got a great family and whoa a golden lab that fantastic, i hope tsa is going love the training manual you wrote for them cause to me you sound like a big inspiration to them for you to be called back... I can imagine the trees and the breeze , the shining sun on your face , and how it would be on mine too ,lol.I really don't parties cause of the nature of my job but wouldn't mind to attend one with you and i always enjoy my vacations when it comes, am a very calm and quiet fella i love sea foods and i read a lot in my spear time cause knowledge is the best investment you could give to yourself, am also a basketball lover and a big fan of the la Lakers...I do movies too my favorite are comedy's,actions,romantic, and less i forget am a honest,trustworthy,down to a earth guy,fun to be with and am a man of integrity and i believe in my self too,that a little about me for now hope you find it interesting.....
Letter 6

Here is a little i would like to share with you ,don't know if have shared about myself to you , but if i haven't then maybe i should take that time and do it now .. I am an easy person to get along with, My dad is Greek and my mom is from California, I am from a strong christain background and am the only child of my parents , no siblings , just me alone here . my both parents have past away ..Long story , but maybe someday i will share that with you .. The only thing i have in this life , they're my most important treasures for now after God , they're my two daughters , Kate and Sarah , they are good little girls , they're fun to be with , they're God fearing and i spend my life wth them trying to show and share all my love and care to them also.I moved to Dallas 6 years ago and love it down here because it's just a cool enviroment i happen to find myself in , guess anyone who comes here would like it . I am a pipe engineer by profession and i work on contract bases, presently i work in an oil drilling company as a contract staff,i have being a practicing pipe engineer for 26 years now.I have a very strong faith in my religion and I know someday my wishes would be granted. I give thanks to God every day for what he has given me, and now am searching for the right one who would be best friends with me first and get to know me more.I think the first step to getting acquainted in terms of building a relationship, is good communication as I say the best is always yet come in life it actually takes a split second to meet that very special person in life that we have always prayed for and who knows what God has for us as humans I believe what would be would be. I could find fun in doing many things with my self as am a very lonely person. That's just a little about me I hope to get to hear more about you in your next mail okay.I could go on and on and on but I would stop here and wait for you to write back to me regards my interest in you as I would love for us to be good friends and see where it would take us too.You have a wonderful day as I would be glad to read from you again....
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