Romance scam letter(s) from Daniel Raymond to Angel (USA)
Letter 1

Thank you so very much for taking your time to chat with me , I really appreciate the time invested in keeping this conversation. and I will be delighted to get to know you more better than this and see where us too....This are my recent pictures about couples of weeks ago before my camera got damage.. I really do not know where to start answering your question but I guess anywhere is a beginning , lol . A lot has happened to my family and I just do not know which to say because most are very complicated issue which might even scare you that you won't wanna know more about me anymore . I want to believe that is not gonna be true on your own part so I am giving this a trial by telling you all about myself which will answer your questions and even more that you ought to know if you really want to know me and hope that you do the same in return , be plain open minded to me and tell me all about yourself in general. Where are you from? How old are you? what is your real name? what did you do for a living? To tell you about myself, I am James Harper by name..I am 60yrs old widow...I'm from Morrisville, PA but presently living with my cousin here in Smyrna, FL due to a little problem i had in my last relationship and I has 1 son who's my life and my reason of being alive,He's 16 yrs old and is name is Nicholas ,I am a single widower and Works as Sub-contractor for Gems company and i do make research on Gold and Diamond,I travel due to my work ,I get job contracts from Global Gems Limited and do them myself to get cover payment back in return , I have worked for so many companies in Germany etc.. have been doing this for 15yrs now and i really love doing it ,I move to Italy when i get married to my late wife , I love it here so much though i like to see new places and enjoy other enviroments , I am a huge country fan and loves all kinds of music. Are you single? and how long have you been single? why are you single? I am a single widower ,I lost my ex wife 4years ago,she dead when she was about to delievery the second baby and she dead with the baby ,I am single not beacuse i dont see good ladies around me or because i dont meet beautiful ladies but because i have a tase for women and i am being very pickycuz i will never settle for less what i deserve,I am a very honest and out going man who loves to have fun and enjoy lifes to the fullest,I am very seriouse and dedicated in everything i do ,I will never take any person feelings for granted,I hate games, lies and will never tolerate it , I have been single for 4yrs now and my last relationship was a real heart break , I got screwed by the one whom i thought loved me with all her heart just because i trusted her with all my heart , She ran away with my car my bank account and my dog but lets just take that as the past and lets face the future., I never know why because she kept coming up with all sorta excuses, but I guess I do know why now that she has showed me by running away with my car, my dog and wipped off my bank account when I was in Spain working for Siemens, she left my son all alone at home and that was 2 days before I was supposed to be back home. I was so shocked, hurt, heart broken and so confused because I never believe she could do such a thing to me ,I did pleased her with all that I am and all that I will ever be , that was why she was able to run away with my car, my dog and wipe my account , because I added her to my account and gave her full acess so she doesn't have to lack or have to ask me before she gets anything , I did all that because I truly loved her and trusted her , and that is just one fact about me , I never hold back when am in love but I have been proven wrong that its a very bad idea and decision to trust a woman and loving em without holding back , I am still looking for that woman to prove me wrong again and made me believe all women are not the same. ,I am new to this online dating thing and hope to find my heart desire on here as well ,And i hope you are the One?I am a lonely man in a lonely world, I lost the mother of my only son 4yrs ago and since then i have only been into one relationship which ended up as a heart break, I have no family ,I am the only child of my parents , I lost my father 15yrs ago ,He was a Construction Engineer and lost my mom 10 yrs later ,It was a very painful experience and since then i have choose to live my life as alonely man since i am in a lonely world , So i have no friends anymore and dont know if i have any one cuz i am just being myself, I am just back into the dating world and hoping to find that special person who's gonna care for me real deep just for who i am and not for anything else I am still having problem trusting anyone due to my last relationship cuz i don't wanna get hurt anymore in my life, I would love to meet a woman who's very honest and open , who knows what she's looking for in life and in a man ,Who's gonna take good care of me and my son just because he see him as a part of herself, Who don't have problems with another man's kids, Who's ready to get committed and has a lot of respect for her man , Are you this woman i have been looking for ??,Cuz i got some kind a new and strong feelings when i came across your page ,You're a very beautiful woman and you posses both inner and outter beauty,I would really like to get to know ya real deeper as time goes by .. I am sure you must be so tired of my boring story but there is just a lot to a person than just what we see in the outside, there still more to tell about me but not sure you will get to know them now , but you will as we get to know each other much more better , though its not a sad story but the sweet and good side of me which I do believe that you will figure out yourself. I want you to know that I am being honest to you to the core with telling you all about me without any string attached to it . So what do you do for fun?
I like to listen to cool music, I enjoy taking a walk, or just sitting at the rver bank watching the sunset or prolly throwing stones into the river to watch the fishes play. I like to go camping, hiking, a beer or two can be cool too with good music in the air. I like being around people making them laugh or just discussing a very interestng issue, I enjoy swimming a lot and like to visit the beach. I also love to watch and do sports as well as I enjoy cooking and spending time with my son I am looking forward to hear back from you If you are truly interested in me.. Thanks James
Letter 2

Oh Lord, this morning I pray that you keep my family safe from all distress and pain. Protect us from falling into sin or wrong. Bless us so that we may glorify you all day and tell others about how great you are! Good morning dear
Letter 3

Thanks for taking your time to write me back...I lost my late wife at the age of 54 years...I do understand how you feel and how you want to be loved by the right man of yours, i want you to know that past is past and we have to move on and i want you to know that everything happen for a reason in this life and we have to forget about the past so that we can have a way to move forward cus this life is too short to live and life goes on...I know you can understand that distance is not a problem cus i do believe that if we have been open minded and straight forward with each other we can work things out better..I want you to know that i haven't see any good women around me here and i am a shy type...It's a church member that meet her soulmate that introduce me to it and i decided to give it a try and see where it leads too...God as been so wonderful for me to let me meet someone special like you in my life...I am looking for someone that we can share everything together and have faith in God...I am ready to devote all my time for you cus you seems like a special gift from God to me...You really sound pretty good true..I am looking for the right woman to settle down with...I want you to know that distance is not the matter cus i do believe that if we have been honest and sincere each other we can work things out better and see where it leads too..I am 5ft:10inch .I am extraordinarily unique but with some average facets. I am a hopeless romantic. Not sure about "love at first sight", but I believe in instinctive reactions to first meetings, I would enjoy watching while cuddled up on a couch with someone(especially if a cracking fire could be included). I am sensitive, sentimental, compassionate, and caring, and can be moved to tears by something highly emotional. Life has thought me some hard lesson. Take the knowledge and wisdom I've gained and combine them with my personal qualities, and you have somebody who will someday be the best thing that ever happened to someone.The one who gains my affection will find me loyal, sincere and honest. Honesty is something I value highly, and when I have met people this way before, things have not gone beyond the first meeting if they turn out to have misrepresented them self in any way. I am here to broaden my opportunities to meet someone, but at the same time I am very content with where my life is now. I am not troubled by my past life.i hope to be in a good relationship would be icing on the cake....I love easy-going, pacific and quiet people who are not full of themselves.I even like people who Are a bit clumsy and unsure... it reveals a genuine human side. I believe that perfection does not exist and I am not expecting it. Life has toughen me a little and made me realize the importance of the essential and simple things in this life. I am a bit on the marginal side with my own different idealistic and romantic views and beliefs about this life, this world. My soul sees the world the way it could be, the way it should be (equal & fair) so it makes it hard to keep faith in better days... No, I am not a pessimist, just an idealist who is being misunderstood. I believe in love, peace, harmony, tolerance, kindness, humility, understanding,fairness, justice, equality for all mankind but I am afraid I won't witness that in my lifetime. My eyes are open and they don't always like what they see.. I am an observer, philosopher, dreamer,lover whose heart is broken on a daily basis by all the worries, struggle, violence, corruption,greed, hostility, hate, injustices, destruction, indifference...I get along fine in any social settings but since I am shy and tend to be uncomfortable around most people, I tend to prefer the comfort of my own little space where I evolve freely and don't have to prove myself to people who are usually judgmental and who don't really care. I am getting tired of trying to "fit in". I am a man of few words and often prefer silence to words and noises (unless it's Mother Nature's noises). What I like: * Nature (explore National Parks, Beaches, Conservation areas, Lakes, etc..) * Walking, biking, hiking, swimming, camping, canoing, etc... * Country drives *Photography (amateur) * Movies * Music * Browsing the World Wide Web (searching interesting and educational information) * Flea Markets...I.......have the following interests.... playing cards, going for walks, spending quiet time at home and also fishing and camping. I am an honest, trustworthy and kindhearted person and looking for someone that has the same values. I believe to build a relationship it takes a lot of work and I believe you cannot do that seeing someone just once or twice a week and I like to spend a lot of time with the special person in my life. I do not play games and I am looking for someone with the same values and goals as myself. I have a saying and that is....Life Is What You Make Of It.I will give it a shot! I am genius, passionate person, who tends to wear his heart on his shelve. I am romantic at heart, I believe that it is possible to have strong believes, and stay to true to yourself and still have fun and live life. I try to live my life being the best "me" I can be, improving as I go. I thing one of the biggest gifts we are giving besides life itself is the gift of love and laughter and the biggest blessing we can find is someone who we can share our dreams with as friends, lovers, and partner in life together...Do you text with your cell and let chat more better there..what is your cell phone number?...i will be looking forward to hear from you soonest....Yours James
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