Romance scam letter(s) from Claudio Graziano to Nelida (Argentina)
Letter 1

Hello dear, i read your letters i understand all you have went through in life, but i thank God today you are here strong and healthy,i also have a similar situasion like you, but God fought for me and i stood up to become who i am today. now i know it was God that is prepering this promising meeting for us to make our future generation great, good relationship is not how long they have been together, but is about care, understanding and love they share the few time they have been together. when i met you yesterday and we were chating i was able to see how happy you were,the joy,gladness and the smile in your face. i thank God for Hicham who brought us to meet. in four months time my contract with the u.n will be completed and i will resign and be with you. i'll send to you some of my pictures for you to know me better. thank you for the opportunity you have given me to have you as my wife, i believe, together we'll have a great and a happy family. Goodbye hear from you soon I LOVE YOU.
Letter 2

Every moment i spent with you the world seems absolutely perfect. I am so lucky to be with you, every time i think of you i have to do a double take to make sure it is true, but is always the same, you know why, because i ADORE you so much, words alone could never express my love for you more than you ever imagine,all i ever wanted is to see you everyday, to wake up every morning by your side, and to able to tell you i love you every hour of the day, I am really glad to have you as my wife,
Maybe i'm too late to be your first man, but right now i am ready to be your last .today Lili you mark the beggining of greater love for me since five years after my divorce and i promise, i'll never do anything to hurt your feelings for me.
i thank God for hicham who make this happen in our lives. honey you are the best thing that had ever happen to me, I LOVE YOU and I'LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.kiss
Letter 3

Hello My love, how are you doing Today, and how was your night? i hope you are doing wonderful honey, well as for me i am not, i am very sad right now my love, because i got a very sad message yesterday that really makes me so sad, i have a big problem my love, and you are all I have in My life That I Could Share with all My Secret, honey i really need you right now before i loose all i have Suffered for all My life. Honey this is A top Secret That you must not Tell anybody if you really love me, i receive a mail yesterday from the security company where i deposited two of my metallic boxes, the boxes contains funds and this funds is what i have acquired all my life, i deposited it in a security company because i am always from one peacekeeping mission to another, right now the security company send me a mail yesterday that they have some problems with their Government and as a result of that, they want to fold up any moment from now that i should come clear my boxes else i Will loose it if i don't Come to Clear it as soon as Possible, honey this is all i have worked for,and i don't want anything to happen to My Box My love, Please help me
What I want you to do for me My love, is to help me contact the diplomat which the security company has assigned to deliver the boxes to you as my wife in your country through their delivery agent, so that you will keep it safe for me till i come to you, honey nobody knows whats inside the boxes, you are the only one i am telling,even the Security company don't know whats Inside the boxes, I deposited it as a Family belongings. My love Please do this for me, you are the Only one I have gotten and trusted in my life That can keep this for me and not to tell anybody, I have already told the Security company about you as my wife, that i will ask you to write them for them to start delivery processes, please honey this is my whole life and i really needs your help.
Letter 4

my love all i want you to do for me is to help me receive my boxes till i will come to you.
The diplomat wrote to me and said they will need 850 Usd for the delivery and is all they need, so my love i want you to help me send to them the money to enable them make the delivery to you
Letter 5


Complement of the day to you, with reference to the e-mail we received from Gen. Claudio Graziano, to release his safe trunk, serial number 150222UIXX/Ref number 00021190, belonging to United Nations, who is there serving in Lebanon as force commander,International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), that you are his wife who will clear and receive his safe boxes there in your Country and as the said receiver of his safe boxes. Your parcel is protected by a hardcover United Nations insurance policy, which makes it impossible for any Airport authority to intercept the trunk box during the delivery,
i also hereby inform you about the delivery charges that will cost you 850 Usd which is all we need for the delivery. I hereby inform you that the money also covers the International Clearance Certificate (ICC) form that will bear your name as the receiver of the boxes,
please try your possible best and send the money as soon as possible so i can get the certificate and carry out the delivery to you safely.
Also forward to me your home address where i will deliver the boxes to. I hereby send you a copy of my Identification card for you to know me very well and Identify me when i arrive, Best Regards,
Diplomat Kelly Bruce,
United Nations head office
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