Romance scam letter(s) from Martin James to Tommy (New Zealand)
Letter 1

Hello Dear,
How are you doing over there, Sammy has gone and he said the Attorney told him before she will sign the endorsement you have to come down to Ghana because Sammy has already put your name down as his mother and put you as a signatory, so she said that you will have to be present and sign as his mother
Letter 2

Tatiana, I just know it will be perfect for both of us and the kids, I know why you are so hard on me, it will be different when we are together, you think is just money, but you are failing to realize that I am heel over the hill in love with you, just know that I can not die with out you giving me my child.
So, I am hopeful, very hopeful Tatiana
Letter 3

Tatiana, if one of your kid, is out there, no good food, no good treatment from people around him, can not even complain because he is a debtor, and you are in a war environment, your safety is not even guarantee if you try to make a move and the only man that is in your life and in a position to help you is giving you outrageous conditions, I love you Tatiana.
what will Sammy say when I even tell him this is what you require before you can help him, don't you think I am the one begging you for love right now, come to think of it, you love me right? and I am in a mess, am in a problem and I am asking you to help me, not because I just know you is because we have a chemistry, is because you are the woman for me, Tatiana please just stop being selfish and remove every doubts from your head and really see me as a desperate man who wants everything from you.
I love you, and I love my kids
Letter 4

Hello Tatiana, Heaven and earth knows I want you in my life more than you need me, but you judging me and calling me all sorts of names is hurting me, I do not want to lose you, I came back to life from the day I know I am in love with you, everything I do then is all about you, the work I so enjoy doing became so boring to me, all I look forward to is coming to you and starting a life with you, the life I have always dreamed of, the kind and number of family I have always wanted, everything was going smoothly until all these doubts crept in, ever since you have become a thorn in my flesh, my words mean nothing to you again, my problems means nothing to you, I think today makes it one week that Sammy as be waiting for you to send him the money to sort the problem we have at hand, but that is not your priority, because you so do not trust and believe in me anymore.
Tatiana, I will always love you and nothing on earth will deny me of coming to meet you, you cannot see me on cam again, at least not for now, but be rest assure immediately I am out of here we can make our video calls for as long as we want. I am not in a good state of mind at this moment, yes I am stressed out I am strong in health but I am very depressed right now. I am sorry to say but you are the cause of my depression for now.
Tatiana, just send the money to Sammy by Monday morning let him sort out this then we can talk on myself, now nothing mean anything to me, Sammy is in shit, you are treating me like shit, so, what am I living for. Tatiana, in short I want your love, I want you in my life, I want you to come fix me up I am going, I am declining.
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